My bowl’s better than your bowl….
February 24, 2011

Round? Square? Which one to paint?

Today was a day many of us here at WBAL looked forward to….it was almost like going back to kindegarten…craft time…a moment to stop thinking tv and start bringing out our inner artist…..painting bowls.

Black and white check....too ambitious?


Empty Bowls is a fundraiser for St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore-here….where you can eat lots of delicious soup from various vendors at the College of Notre Dame on March 12th….AND take home a beautiful hand crafted bowl….many crafted by talented people and some by people like me.  But it’s amazing, after the bowls are painted and fired, even the clumsiest effort looks like art.

Here’s the deal…you buy a ticket for $15(preferably in advance-no guarantee of tickets at the door)…come inside, try all the soups you like, and before you leave, pick out whichever bowl suits you to take home. The ones I chose last year, Muffy and Baby Girl eat fromevery day( they won’t take food from any other container)…that’s how partial they are to their  bowls. Here’s how my artiste co-workers did with their bowls…

Tony Pann's motif...

Here is Tony Pann’s effort. Very…nice. Very …weather related.

Sky blue and yellow from Mindy Basara...

And this is from Mindy Basara….and while there were decals available which made things easier and quicker….Mindy did this free hand. Lovely.

Hands around the bowl by Stan Stovall....

Here’s is Stan Stovall’s effort….very pretty, though I must add(for veracity’s sake and full disclosure) that he used decals. Still…very nice.

Black and white...always chic, right? Right?

And here’s mine….it didn’t turn out quite the way I had pictured it, but I think when it’s glazed and shiny, it will be nice( Jackson Pollock has nothing to worry about)…and black and white fits in anywhere. Though I may still go up today and add one single drop of red in the interior. Thoughts?

Hope to see you on the 12th….remember..”As our bowls are filled, let us remember those that remain empty“…..

Readers share their jury duty doodie…..
October 6, 2009

OK, I know I’m not the first person in the world to have served jury duty and ended up sitting in a room all day..and hey, there are worse fates, I get that. Here’s what some Habitat readers had to say….from Paul…

Hi Donna, The last time I had jury duty, it was a Monday and they said we would be busy all day. Well, not a single person was called all day long !! So I watched two movies in an uncomfortable, crowded and noisy jury waiting room. Then from the heavens above a voice came to say ,’Thank you for jury service you are excused for the day’. ”

And this from Ryan: “Sounds like a long day.”  Well, yes it was Ryan…succinctly put. But I look at it like I’m going on a long flight…You know you’re gonna be there hours and hours in a pretty small seat and in close proximity to others, who may or may not share your delicate sensibilities. So one must go prepared, with books, earphones, music, snacks, and preferably a laptop to which you have the power cord, and a movie that you can watch alone. Well, not alone exactly…but only you can hear it. And before you know it, your flight is over and you’re somewhere else, or in the case of jury duty, you’re in the same place, but it seems somehow better and fresher than when you went in!

This from Debbie: ” I hear you, Donna.  In my last two jury duty experiences, I was involved in a two day voir dire in an unventilated court room with low lighting, hard benches, etc. etc. etc. In the old courthouse, they have turned off the water fountains and have a water cooler — but alas — no cups! And you have to have a bailiff escort you to the restroom, harkening back to kindergarten days when the teacher had to take you. No Qrs, soft sofas, dvd’s or email for me.  And then you get to come back the next day and do it all over again. Sometimes I think the victims are treated better than jurors, and that’s why so many people are AWOL. Time for a WBAL expose!  PS loved Stan’s video. Tee Hee.”

I only have one question Debbie…what the heck is voir dire????  I will assume that it is some “dire” unpleasant, legal-eagle, lawyery kind of thing I shall hope  never to be involved in. Someone has to escort you to the bathroom? Girl, you neededthe QR! And for those who do not know…my co-anchor Stan Stovall did an introductory video for jurors years ago, and it is still played each and every day, I think. But having served jury duty countless times(ok, I could count them but I don’t want to), I kind of zoned out during the introductory things. So I’m not sure if I saw Stan or not. I did however, see him the following Monday on the set, so…it’s all good. And I shall pass you your suggestion along to the I-Team. Voir dire indeed….

A Dash of Paint…..
April 8, 2009

the fabulous Mr. Lawson...

the fabulous Mr. Lawson...

You know, there is nothing that a fresh coat of  paint won’t make better….and today, when I get home, lots of things that I’ve been noticing around my house…things that needed something, little nicks and chips and smudged woodwork….will be much, much better. That is because of the man you see in the picture. Mr. Lawson has been painting for me for, wow….at least 15 years, probably 20. 

I’ll admit to being extremely particular when it comes to who comes in my house….paranoid some might say.  Finding someone you like, and even more importantly, trust inside your home, is worth it’s weight in gold. That’s Mr. Lawson….and he’s funny. I was telling him this  morning about trying to help plan my son’s wedding in New York, and he said, ” I hate New York more than the Lord hates sin!” When I asked why, he said there were just too many people running around. Pretty accurate. And my partner Stan Stovall will get a chuckle out of this….Mr. Lawson said, “How’s old snowball doing?” I looked at him a little confused…”Snowball? I don’t know who you’re talking about“……Mr. Lawson said, “You know, the man who does the news cast with you? Stan…I can’t remember names, I just call him snowball.”  Now that gentle readers, is the making of a good nickname.

Shell White is Muffy approved....

Shell White is Muffy approved....

And he’s the man who introduced me to Shell White…I was dithering over a color for woodwork several years ago, and Mr. Lawson told me emphatically…” You should just get Shell White. Now that’s a pretty white.” I did, and all the woodwork in my house is now done in it….I always keep some on hand….you never wonder, now which white is that door? Baby, it is always Shell White..high gloss too.

And this you will find hard to believe….Mr. Lawson is 84 years old!! You would never know it to look at him….I was telling him how continuing what he was doing, was probably one reason why he still could….He said, “And it helps when you enjoy what you do…” and he clearly does.

What a day…what a day…
January 20, 2009

Are you watching with me right now? Barack Obama just became the 44th President of the United States. What a day my friends, what a day. The sight of all those flags waving on the mall, the beautiful music of composer John Williams and Aretha Franklin….just put a lump in my throat. A good one. OK, got to listen to the speech right now…..more later.

Comment:from 2twentythree3:
this speech is unbelievable, good for him, it’s what we have ALL been waiting to hear……GO Obama!”
Update: I have to say, today Barack Obama remembered who he is. Not that he has ever forgotten, but here’s what I mean. When my kids were growing up, every time they would leave the house, I would say to them….”remember who you are”. By that I meant don’t disgrace yourself or your family. Behave yourself. Play nice. Do what you’re supposed to do. Remember who you are.
And today it was crystal clear that Barack Obama was telling Americans…remember who you are. Be kind to others. Care for the dreams of others, not just your own. Have the courage of your convictions. Be ready to work hard. Be kind. Live your values. Help those who have less than you. Remember who you are. It is a message that will hopefully resonate with all of us as we begin rebuilding this country and embark on a new political era. Let’s remember who we are.

UPDATE TWO: My partner Stan Stovall got choked up tonight on the 6 PM News…explaining what the inauguration of President Barack Obama meant to him…that he never thought he would see this day in his lifetime. That was from the heart, and let me tell you, it’s not a good feeling when you get choked up on the air (I know)….but he simply was taken by the emotion that has been felt by so many today. It was real, and I like that.

Pegues in the house!!
August 24, 2007

Guess who came into town yesterday?? Yeah, that’s right, fresh from the Big Apple, Jeff Pegues was in the house! It wasn’t that he missed us after these few years, though I’m sure he does…at least a little…”Peanut” as he was nicknamed by the guys on staff, was in town working on a story.
I’ve been lucky to share the anchor desk with some really great guys…Virg Jacques(who now lives in Chicago), Jeff Pegues, and now Stan Stovall of course. All terrific men, and lots of fun to sit by for an hour or so.
Jeff is(as are Virg and Stan), a really sharp dresser…I remember a funny conversation with Jeff when he was rather new to Baltie. I think I complimented a tie, and he said “My clothier in Miami keeps an eye out for things I would like.”
“Clothier? What century are you from? Come on, no one says ‘clothier’!”
Actually I guess they do, but I don’t know them. We got a good laugh out of it, but I never heard him talk about his clothier again, though we do joke about it.
Having heard some horror stories from other in the biz who worked with people who would sabotage them at every turn, steal their lines or would sit by each other silently, not exchanging a word for an hour(can you imagine?), I know I’m lucky, lucky, lucky.
Jeff and his wife love Manhattan…their daughter is 6 now, and starting school…time flies. It was good to see you, my friend, I wish you all the best.