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Well, let’s see….I was born and raised in Alabama…but have been a Baltimore girl since..well, a good while…I’m a news anchor, a foodie, I like to cook, I like to read good books, I love to travel and have visited many places around the world. Even better, most of that travel was on someone else’s dime(for work).  I really dislike rude people,(I won’t say hate because that would be rude), tardiness, inattention to detail and really cold weather.

I started writing Hamilton’s Habitat….because I was asked to by the folks here at WBAL-TV(I anchor the 5 pm newscast-we’re the NBC affiliate in Baltimore). And honestly, I wasn’t sure about it….people cautioned me, “What if you say something you shouldn’t…you can never take it back. It’s out there, forever!!”  I guess, but nothing terrible has happened…and in fact, it’s been a wonderful experience sharing things with readers.

People ask me, “How do you think of things to write about?” I did struggle with that for a bit, and then realized, readers aren’t really looking for the most part, for  broad sweeping pronouncements on the state of the world…not that I could do that anyway…but sometimes it’s just the little moments of life that we all share, that are the most important. And that’s what this blog is all about.  I may occasionally rant about this or that, but it won’t be too earth-shaking. I don’t think. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ll have to get it somewhere else. So, welcome to my habitat. It’s a pretty good place.

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  1. Donna, love the comments about Baby Girl. My daughter has a young cat (9 months) who goes from kitchen counters to top of fridge and then to top of cabinets. He is so lovable but also so bad about getting into everything. Her older cat is so sedate and never did these kinds of things and she is a little unsure about how to deal with this one. Good luck with Baby !

  2. Donna, so how did the fruit flush work for you all? Thanks.

  3. I need the website you mentioned in the story about the lost pet goat wandering on the bus. The goat was found because of this sight. You said you can really find anything on the site. Thank you

  4. Angela, I was talking about Craig’s List…there’s one for almost every big city, and it is fascinating to peruse….and evidently you can even find a lost goat!!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog!!! It’s so interesting and funny!!!

  6. Oh Robyn, I’m blushing…..and I am so glad you enjoy my meanderings. Welcome to my habitat!

  7. i hope to see you at artscape this year and since we last met i had tried acupuncture for my stuttering it work better than i or therapist thought. i would love to give more details about my experince about it. i have a totally different out look on life now. i don’t talk the way i used to or the way i would have hoped but its alot better than before i had it done. jim rader.

  8. Dear Donna, Sorry to hear about your mother. I am sure it is hard to be so far away. Hope she is doing better. Love your blog and you on the news. Sue

  9. If you go to google and type in feline vets only baltimore,
    it gives you a few choices.
    I don’t know how close to you they are.

  10. Dear Donna, I read your blog about looking for a new vet.
    I have been taking care of my Mother’s cat for the past 5
    years following her death. If you want one of the best and
    most respected Feline Vetenarians in the area, I suggest
    you contact Dr. Anne Sinclair at Cat Sense Feline Hospital
    and Boarding in Bel Air. Her office is located at 332 South
    Main Street, Bel Air, MD 21014. Her phone number is
    410-420-0535. The compassion and love that she and her
    staff have for cats is second to none. My cat recently went into congestive heart failure. I immediately took Buddy to her office for her assessment of him, and she sent me to the Towson ER Hospital off of Cromwell Bridge
    Road in Towson. We made it there with only minutes to spare, but the cardiologist there was able to treat Buddy, and fortunately he is doing very good at this time. Dr. Rosenthal stated that Dr. Sinclair is the very best at what
    she does.

  11. Donna Hamilton
    WBAL-TV 11
    3800 Hooper Avenue
    Baltimore, MD 21211

    Dear Ms. Hamilton,
    I am writing to you from Baltimore, MD. On the web pages of WBAL TV, I came across your blog entries under the title, “Hamilton’s Habitat” and surprisingly many were connected to food preparations. Considering your journalistic interests in matters connected with health, nutrition and diet, I should not have been surprised by your blog entries. Connected to the food theme, I wonder whether I can evoke your interest in a slightly unconventional, but entirely feasible idea of conducting experiments (please don’t worry – we are still on the subject of food!) in the kitchen. Interested? Please read on…

    I have self-published a book entitled, “A Short Course in Culinary Experiments,” about vegetarian Indian cooking. This book was written with the aim of preparing vegetarian Indian foods with readily available ingredients (most are available in a typical US supermarket) and uncomplicated cooking methods. The book format also encourages the readers to experiment with various spices/methods; thus the word, “Experiments,” on the title.

    I believe that this book will be of interest to those who desire to cook more healthy foods (no need to become a full vegetarian to enjoy vegetarian food!) and to those who desire a simplified way to cook tasty food. The book follows the dictum, “Simple is Tasty,” for the overall cooking philosophy. Since the viewers of WBAL in Baltimore are likely to benefit greatly, by following such a simple scheme for their diet, I felt that you could introduce this book to the viewers. The costs of foods have been on the rise, nation-wide, for the last few months. In this context, your viewers will also find that “Simple is Tasty” cooking theme will be friendly on the family grocery-budget as well. I would be pleased to mail you a copy of the book, if you would like to examine it. Please send a note about this to the e-mail address, mail@simpleistasty.com

    Feature articles about the book and book reviews have appeared different newspapers, the most recent ones in, “Salt Lake City Weekly,” and a radio interview I did on the local NPR station (WYPR, 88.1FM). You can access the connected files from the web page: http://www.simpleistasty.com/Testimonials.html

    I look forward to hear from you.

    S. Muralidharan

  12. If any of your visitors to your blog are stimulated by watching DancingWithThe Stars, I have my own column on a dance www. site. click on Elita’s Corner and you can read about 30 stories all mostly on ballroom dancing ( the normal way) not like on DancingWith The Stars which is a show to showcase these stars of various interests and how they learned to dance in 6 hours. Real ballroom dancers learn to dance one hour lesson at a time probably once or twice a week depending on how much money they have to spend.

    The real world of ballroom dancing is that way and then maybe one night a week at a social dance to practice and socialize with what they have learned.

    I have been dancing for 32 years now and have 58 trophies and medals from my competition days. No one dresses like they do on Dancing With The Stars, no one acts that way and no one studies dance for 6-7 hours a day, 3 days or 4 in a row.

    Let your readers go on my site and learn and enjoy the wonderful world of ballroom dance in the normal manner.

  13. website for dancing is



  15. Thanks for the neat pix of the Obama Watch at the Museum – I just bought a couple of really cool Obama watches from a website called http://www.obamawatches.com and they are truly stunning (my biggest problem was picking a favorite – they’ve got 10 different styles!).


  16. Ms. Hamilton,
    I look forward to your reporting on WBAL. There are some people that exude trust, honesty and courtesy. You are just one of a very few. Keep up the good work and let’s pray we all have a better New Year. Butch T

  17. Dear Donna, I don’t read your blog regularly but just happened to read your entry about moving your mother to assisted living. I know exactly how it is to have a life time’s accumulated souvenirs reduced to a few boxes. We moved my mother from her home of more than 50 years into our house three years ago. Now she is gone- She went to live with the angels on December 16th 2008. We miss her but now we have the task of once again going through her “stuff” and really narrowing it down to what is really important. The family pictures are all that we really want. All the other stuff is just that-Stuff! I hope your mom has a peaceful time in her new home. And God bless you and your sisters for caring for her this way.
    I have the awesome task of sorting through a lifetime’s memories in pictures- Many in Black and White!
    God Bless
    Michele Elder

  18. I have a question about the segment which aired Feb 19th regarding the woman who began a fortune cookie business. Was the business started in the home? Do you need special facilities when producing food products for sale? I have often thought of a similar venture but I was told foodhad to be produced in a commercial facility if you were going to sell to the public. I would appreciate some information.

    Thank you

  19. Hi Donna,

    Just wanted to say it was great meeting you and your husband and daughter at dinner Sat evening in Balt. Marilyn and I certainly enjoyed the conversation on family, careers, and education,…especially UAB! While the dinner was fantastic, we certainly enjoyed the 2+ hours we were able to share with you and your family!

    Best Regards,….Ron & Marilyn

  20. Hey Donna,
    Just wanted to say, I enjoy your blogs, although I don’t always comment on them. I have a question for you, and I thought you’d be the perfect one to ask. My wife and I are taking some friends, who are visiting from St. Louis to the Inner Harbor this weekend. We’re trying to figure on a good place to eat there, that is nice, but not too expensive. We have eaten at the Cheese Cake Factory already. We’d like to try something different this time. Any suggestions

  21. Hi, Donna! I like Alison love and truly look forward to your blog, I usually can’t get on it at work(blocked) so I figured I just missed something…and it was you! I think you seem like that totally cool friend that is always up for trying new things that I dont see very often….no I’m not a stalker, don’t worry, but keep up the blogging I truly look forward to it, it brightens my week and gives me new ideas of cool things to try!

    PS I LOVE CHEESE!!!! thanks for the tip:-) Have a great one!

  22. Thanx for the info about the B&B in NY. Sounds lovely and I imagine you could feel like a real NewYorker. One question – I read that the hotels in Manhattan have been having a problem with bed bugs. I’ve been afraid to spend a night in Manhattan since I read about this problem and really miss the shows. Was your B&B bed clean? Nothing like having accurate information.

  23. I love your site. Keep it up !

  24. Hey Donna
    This is my first time to look at this and I have to read more about some of the blog, so far it is really good. Keep the good work up.
    Mary-March 23, 2009 1:41pm

  25. Hi Donna,
    Oh, I can so relate to your surprise (anxiety?) about the wedding date moving closer. I came home from Italy last May and was surprised by my daughter’s announcement that she and her boyfriend of 5 years (not fiance!) were getting married in September. This was the daughter that insisted she was never going to get married! But I shouldn’t worry, she said, it was to be a very simple wedding at the courthouse and small reception at Pazo’s. Well, fiance (now!) did not like the courthouse decor when he went there to get their marriage license. SO.. to shorten the story, the small, simple wedding was held on my deck. (With a plan B – living room wedding if rain clouds arrived). I learned very quickly, where to rent chairs, engage a caterer for the “pre-reception” reception, order flowers, order champagne, find a dress. It did go very well all in all. It was a lovely day in May. I’ve learned that children, even 30+ ones, are always full of surprises.

  26. I would like to test your memory about a story you did in the late 70,s here in Birmingham It had to do with a baby great horned owl,and the WILDLIFE RESCUE SERVICE. Do you remember this? It was for PM Magazine if I remember correctly. Please reply

  27. Donna, it was interesting to see your son all grown up and getting married. He had swimming lessons with my daughter at the YMCA when they were toddlers.

  28. Useless local news. Useless national news. Useless international news. Amazingly useless editorials. Did I forget to say useless?

    Only broabcast news worth watching is Jim Lehrer and BBC on PBS. No good source for local news in Baltimore. Marc Stiener did a good job and look what happened. Daily Show is a good source of media commentary.

  29. Donna, How was the beef stew your daughter made. Would really like to hear if she used an actual pan this time. God bless her for making the attempt.

  30. Hi Donna,

    Keep up the good work on the NO CAFFEINE-I quit caffeine about 30 years ago, doctors advice, and now when I have any caffeine, I’m like a wind up doll-that dosen’t run down! But I also feel better. Good for you!!

  31. Mrs.Hamilton,
    How would a private citizen find out how much money, gifts, trips, etc. that a federal elected offical recieved from lobbiest, also who those lobbiest repasented at the time the “the gift” was made and what the lobbiest and there client intertest was at the time the gift was made. Also the same information for state and locoal officials.
    Thank you,
    David King

  32. Donna: I think you were very insensitive to have published the picture of Myrtle Corbin. How could this have made you so happy to receive it and how did it make your Mother’s day? If Myrtle were actually a close relative of yours, you would not have been so happy to print the picture. That picture was taken a long time ago and admittedly she was exploited because of her physical handicaps. You too have exploited her by printing the picture even though she has been dead for over 80 years. Look at the picture closely. Does she look happy to you? I’m glad you’re happy! BC

  33. Donna –
    Can you give me the name of the bus company you use to go to NY that is reasonable

  34. Hey Donna!

    Just typing some words to let you know how great of a job you’ve always done here in Baltimore. From Evening Magazine to your many projects now, you have been sincere, elegant, beautiful, and always professional. I especially appreciate your reporting and anchor work with WBAL. Best wishes to you and your family.


  35. Dear Donna: I just heard about your Mom. I read your blog from yesterday and today and it brought tears to my eyes. Please accept my sincere sympathy to you and your family. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Your line about your Mom saying hello to Daddy gave me chills. I wish I could give my Dad just one more hug, one more smile . . . one day. God Bless.

  36. Dear Donna,

    Please accept my sympathies for the loss of your mother. My prayers are with you and your family. On a more upbeat note, you and WBAL-TV are my go-to station for news. I appreciate your dedication and reliability in what you do, your passion shines through every broadcast.

    In regards to today’s post (Dec. 18, ’09), I can’t wait for the snow! I’ve always enjoyed it. Even though I was born here in Maryland, I still don’t get the absolute panic that appears at the mere mention of it. I lived in Wisconsin for a short time and the Mid-Atlantic doesn’t compare.

    Anyway, keep up the good work and enjoy the snow!

  37. Donna – welcome back! It was great reading what you are up to during the holidays. I guess your fans are just such a nosy bunch. So very sorry about your mother’s passing. You are so right – Mothers are always glad to hear from their children. (Hint to my Daughter, Chris) Keep the “adventures and recipes” of your life coming.

    Your nosy fan

  38. Today Big Bad Wolf’s House of Barbeque at 5713 Harford Rd. Baltimore, MD 21214 will give you a pulled pork sandwich as a thank you for a donation of $20.00 to Wings of Hope Orphanage in Haiti. Please come in and help support an orphanage for kids with disabilities.

  39. Dear Ms. Hamelton,

    It seems everybody and their brother and cousins are fronting a charity for Hati’s relief. I don’t want to donate $1.00, $5.00, or $100.00 to some rappers pocket while doctors, nurses, construction workers, et al work tirelessly in shifts, hot bunking, and taking Navy Showers when they’re available.. I’ve read of doctors and surgons donating their time, and performing thousands of dollars worth of surguries.

    Who’s who in the charity game. I hear the red cross has huge admin. costs, and I don’t care to pay a bunch of high dollar accountants and executives. I want most of it to get to the folks who need it.

    WBAL brags regularly about their “Kids Campaign” and their no admin. management.’ Now that’s what I’m talkin about!’ How can I maximize what I give even if it’s only a little bit.

    Where do I look?

    I’m not able to watch your news segmant every night, so an e-mail would be appreciated. I hope you answer will help lots of others.

    Thanks for any help,

  40. Donna,

    We’re making the best out of the storm. we’ve made love a dozen times and now we’re cooking up some pot brownies.

    It’s tough times out there.. But here in Dundalk we know how to make the best out of the worst situations.. I mean, Christ.. We live in Dundalk. Life sucks when it’s 80 and sunny.

    Love your coverage.

  41. Donna,

    We too always did it ourselves. And yes we ate Motrin like candy for days afterwards. Well, about 2 years ago we had a major addition put onto our house, and I decided to pay someone to dig out some more flower beds and edge all the beds and around all (18) of my spruce trees. We had neighbors rave to us about how beautiful it looked.
    Last year and this year we’re doing it ourselves, however next year our youngest daughter is getting married in August and WE WILL, be having it done professionally again! Every once in a while it’s nice to just pay someone to do the “back breaking” jobs!
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend, and looking forward to seeing pics of the “new” landscaping!


  42. Dear Donna,

    I wasn’t sure of any other way to reach you. In 1979 you did a segment on the TV Show” Evening Magizine”. At which time I was John’s Hopkins Hospital Neo Natal Care Unit. I don’t have the exact date it was around Easter that year. My Son was born April 7, 1979. During this segment you came into the baby unit doing a segment, and you videoed my son and I. I was in a rocking chair. And he was actually the largest baby in the nursery. Weighing in at 9 pounds 14 ounces. Now at the age of 31 he’s getting married May 29, 2010. My surprise to him I would love to present him the video of him and I.

    Or maybe you could show up with it for him. We will be at Kurtz’s Beach Hall on the Bay in Pasadena.

    Would you please respond to me via email or phone, please letting me know if at all possible this film could be found.

    Thanking you in advance for your assistance

  43. Sofa 911 ….an interesting read and perhaps frustrating for you ….. if you still have the sofa challenge call VVA, Vietnam Veterans of America located in Bethesda …. They offer pick up appointments within a week, are on time, efficient and leave receipts … Add the number to your resource file… good luck!

    Carolyn Nelka

  44. Is it a good or bad thing I guessed you worked for news station before I even read this?

  45. I don’t know Melanie…I just don’t know.

  46. Hi, nice to meet you !

  47. Hi Donna! Last weekend I was telling an old friend about some of my favorite recipes from your Gracious Country
    Inns book, which she loved! I decided to see if you had
    anything on the internet and found your blog. Loved it!!
    Your writing is the same as what I loved about your show,
    Great Country Inns. Gracious, warm, and full of interesting
    places, which my husband and I were able to check out! Such fun! Thank you so much for your fun take on life…loved your
    trip to Tiffany’s with your daughter! How much did that ‘rock’
    weigh? Thanks again!

  48. Ah Cathleen…those great county inn days….it was a fun gig…mostly anyway. Now I anchor in Baltimore….thanks for writing!! Hope you’ll stop by again!

  49. Dear Donna,
    I found your very interesting news about Worm therapy (http://www.wbaltv.com/video/22820045/detail.html#COMMENTTOP) This reportage is very positive and hopeful me, because I have also as Rob Dermody – Crohn’s disease.
    Do you have any news from further health circumstance of Rob? He is remission?


  50. I am new to your blog and I am looking forward to reading more.

    I just sent Cheryl’s cookies to someone at college, she loved them. There wonderful!!

  51. Welcome Jackie…glad to have you. I really do love those cookies….I like to squirrel them in the freezer and take one out at night for a special treat. Have the iced pumpkin ones being delivered this week…will keep some for Thanksgiving(and eat a few)!

  52. Donna,
    We met at Phillips for the blogger event! We are sending out evites to our next BlogLove~blogger networking event in Baltimore on Nov. 20 from 7-9.
    To register:
    We’d love to have you!

    At the Table,
    Kristin and Chris Ann

  53. Hi Donna!
    You are wonderful..I love your pics for your top five favs.Have you also tried Number four hair care?


  54. Thanks Brittany, I work on being wonderful every single day…:) But no I’ve never tried Number four…what is it and where do you get it and what do you like about it?????

  55. Donna, I have worked as a salon consultant in the Baltimore area for the last five years and have been fortunate enough to try variety of products. I stumbled upon the haircare line at LaClinque on York road and fell in love with the hydration line because I am so dry especially during the winter. They have a reconstructing masque that’s a amazing!
    There is a handful of salons in the Baltimore area that are carrying the line which is on their website! If you don’t have a problem receiving a gift from a Steeler fan I would love to hear what you think. I can send a gift pack out for you along with some extras for the staff.
    Fun girl stuff!!

  56. Hi Britttany…I’ve never heard of this line…is it expensive? I’m sure the ladies here at WBAL would love to sample it….we are the ultimate guinea pigs!

  57. Donna,
    Although I believe it’s on the upswing salon and spas have had a tough couple of years so I am always on the look out for smart beauty products.
    I am already a fan of Moroccan oil however I am looking forward to trying your other pics!
    Yes Number four is on the high end however it is extremely concentrated and one hundred percent vegan.
    I am sending out the package tonight!I look forward to your feedback.

  58. Donna,
    Just wanted you to know how great it was to view your home in last Sunday’s paper. My husband and I noticed similiar decos that we have and enjoy in our own home.
    The lanterns on your mantel, especially are a favorite of ours. We re-enact the 1700’s so wanted to tell you of 2 events that you may be interested in visiting. First is at Ft. Frederick in Big Pool, MD., this weekend. This is a market fair where you can buy items such as your lanterns and also see how people lived in the 1800’s. The second one, which we will be attending is being held at the Muddy Run State Park in Holtwood, PA., beginning next Wednesday. Only the area of ‘sutlers’/sellers is open at that time. On Saturday, the entire area is open to the public. The park is located off of Rt 272 & 372. This event is smaller than Ft. Frederick, but you are still able to come and visit and make purchases and also see how people lived in the 1700’s. We try to get the word out for people who may have never seen, heard or knew of this type of re-enacting and interested in something different. I just wanted to extend and invitation and let you know how I enjoyed the article. It would be great to see you at Muddy Run.

  59. Hi Donna –
    Love your blog, and have been reading for a long while! I know how you love cooking, natural foods, and local merchants – have you ever heard of Boordy Vineyards Good Life Thursdays? You can check it out here: http://www.boordy.com/events/events-at-boordy
    I know it goes on at the same time that you are on the air, but maybe one day you’ll be able to check it out 🙂 It seems to be right up your alley!

  60. Never heard of it but it sounds fabulous!! Thanks Kim…

  61. Donna, you said on tonight’s news…you’re a Ravens’ and an Auburn fan. War Eagle?? Ohhh No!!! I bleed Purple and Black… and Crimson and White! Lee Raskin, JD, Brooklandville, MD. University of Alabama / ZBT Alum. Go ‘Bama… Roll Tide Roll!

  62. Well Lee….I can’t change my orange and blue spots, but it looks like this could be Bama’s year(I know last year could have been but it turned out to be Auburn’s)….3 years of the national championship being in Alabama would be awesome.

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