A Dash of Paint…..

the fabulous Mr. Lawson...

the fabulous Mr. Lawson...

You know, there is nothing that a fresh coat of  paint won’t make better….and today, when I get home, lots of things that I’ve been noticing around my house…things that needed something, little nicks and chips and smudged woodwork….will be much, much better. That is because of the man you see in the picture. Mr. Lawson has been painting for me for, wow….at least 15 years, probably 20. 

I’ll admit to being extremely particular when it comes to who comes in my house….paranoid some might say.  Finding someone you like, and even more importantly, trust inside your home, is worth it’s weight in gold. That’s Mr. Lawson….and he’s funny. I was telling him this  morning about trying to help plan my son’s wedding in New York, and he said, ” I hate New York more than the Lord hates sin!” When I asked why, he said there were just too many people running around. Pretty accurate. And my partner Stan Stovall will get a chuckle out of this….Mr. Lawson said, “How’s old snowball doing?” I looked at him a little confused…”Snowball? I don’t know who you’re talking about“……Mr. Lawson said, “You know, the man who does the news cast with you? Stan…I can’t remember names, I just call him snowball.”  Now that gentle readers, is the making of a good nickname.

Shell White is Muffy approved....

Shell White is Muffy approved....

And he’s the man who introduced me to Shell White…I was dithering over a color for woodwork several years ago, and Mr. Lawson told me emphatically…” You should just get Shell White. Now that’s a pretty white.” I did, and all the woodwork in my house is now done in it….I always keep some on hand….you never wonder, now which white is that door? Baby, it is always Shell White..high gloss too.

And this you will find hard to believe….Mr. Lawson is 84 years old!! You would never know it to look at him….I was telling him how continuing what he was doing, was probably one reason why he still could….He said, “And it helps when you enjoy what you do…” and he clearly does.


2 Responses

  1. I know exactly what you mean about letting people you trust inside your home. My husband and I live in a condo with a 24-hr front desk. Our key was at the front desk in case of emergencies. A few months ago I noticed some cash missing. I chalked it up to a poor memory. Then a few weeks later I noticed that more cash was gone. We asked at the front desk whether someone had been in our condo, the front desk clerk replied, no because our key was missing– we quickly changed our locks. A few days later, our missing key “magically” reappeared. I will never give a stranger my key again.

  2. When you are ready to loan Mr. Lawson out, just let me know. I love freshly painted rooms, but don’t like painting.

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