My bowl’s better than your bowl….

Round? Square? Which one to paint?

Today was a day many of us here at WBAL looked forward to….it was almost like going back to kindegarten…craft time…a moment to stop thinking tv and start bringing out our inner artist…..painting bowls.

Black and white check....too ambitious?


Empty Bowls is a fundraiser for St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore-here….where you can eat lots of delicious soup from various vendors at the College of Notre Dame on March 12th….AND take home a beautiful hand crafted bowl….many crafted by talented people and some by people like me.  But it’s amazing, after the bowls are painted and fired, even the clumsiest effort looks like art.

Here’s the deal…you buy a ticket for $15(preferably in advance-no guarantee of tickets at the door)…come inside, try all the soups you like, and before you leave, pick out whichever bowl suits you to take home. The ones I chose last year, Muffy and Baby Girl eat fromevery day( they won’t take food from any other container)…that’s how partial they are to their  bowls. Here’s how my artiste co-workers did with their bowls…

Tony Pann's motif...

Here is Tony Pann’s effort. Very…nice. Very …weather related.

Sky blue and yellow from Mindy Basara...

And this is from Mindy Basara….and while there were decals available which made things easier and quicker….Mindy did this free hand. Lovely.

Hands around the bowl by Stan Stovall....

Here’s is Stan Stovall’s effort….very pretty, though I must add(for veracity’s sake and full disclosure) that he used decals. Still…very nice.

Black and white...always chic, right? Right?

And here’s mine….it didn’t turn out quite the way I had pictured it, but I think when it’s glazed and shiny, it will be nice( Jackson Pollock has nothing to worry about)…and black and white fits in anywhere. Though I may still go up today and add one single drop of red in the interior. Thoughts?

Hope to see you on the 12th….remember..”As our bowls are filled, let us remember those that remain empty“…..


3 Responses

  1. While you’re my favorite anchor at WBAL, and I think you did a very good job, I like Mindy’s the best.

  2. 😦

  3. Don’t forget .. “and come home safe, and don’t throw rocks, ’cause we miss you.” 🙂

    I like ceramic painting too… Lots of fun. I know there’s a place in Annapolis and Easton where you can do that.

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