Over the knee boots…Are you in or out??
September 8, 2010

I really like both these boots...a lot...

OK, these have been around for a while, though I have never dabbled in over the knee boots….until now. I am reassured by fashion experts everywhere that these are a must buy for fall….that they work with skirts, leggings…even your pajamas(no, not really your jammies, that’s just silly). And while I know some of  you will say…for Pete’s sake, why would I want a layer of  leather slithering up my thigh…or something like that, let us just consider the options. Maybe you’ll find something that is just too fabulous to resist…

Seriously, these puppies could hurt you....

If you’re looking to drop some serious change and go for the edgy look, there’s Elizabeth and James version…with a 51/4 inch heel…ouch. I can see myself limping along at the end of the day….these are heels in which you sit , not walk. Oh, and they’re $625…. Too much heel and too much moola for most of us(though you can pay more-much more-I found some Burberry Thigh-high Python boots for $2495…yeah, you heard me).

Steve Madden riding boots...and they're on sale!!

You could go totally flat….the riding boot look is also popular  this fall.  I like these Steve Madden boots(on sale from $299 to $199), but I already have a couple of pair of  Bernado flat boots(that Kate Amara and I are both obsessed with-best boots ever, you can walk in them all day long and feel like you just put them on…they have tennis shoe technology in the footbed- so I got them in black and brown a couple of years ago). 

Nine West...love the bow at the ankle...

Or you could kick it up a notch with  the Nine West suede version… a cute little 2 inch kitten heel, so you’d still be standing at the end of the day…and the kitten heel is hot hot hot this fall, I’m given to understand. And imagine being able to walk in great boots all day, pain free(presumably).  I remember some years back, I bought some knee high Coach boots  on sale at Nordstrom’s. Great buy, and really great looking boots. But here’s the thing…they hurt so bad that after I wore them a few times, I couldn’t stand the idea of putting them on. That’s no bargain at all. Lisa Robinson said,  “Take them back.”…to which I replied..”I’ve already worn them…several times!”  She said(and correctly as it turned out), “Nordstrom’s will take back anything.” And they did take them back, no questions asked…I love that about Nordie’s. But I digress. OK, here’s my pick so far… 

I'm getting these for fall...love them...

I love grey anything(you may have noticed) and these Enzo  Angiolini ‘Irinna’ boots have it all….they have a 3-1/2 inch heel-wearable….and you can cuff the top down if you want…versatile. Price tag $179…not cheap but relatively affordable….all subject to a try-on of course. Done and done…too bad you never get to see my shoes on tv!

Wicked Shoe Torture Doesn’t Pay Off….
July 17, 2008

Bad shoe, Bad!

Bad shoe, Bad!

WICKED SHOE TORTURE DOESN’T PAY OFF“…..That would be my headline about the Olympic Zone promo that is currently running on WBAL-TV….it’s a program that will begin August 8th at 7:30 PM, with everything Olympics leading into NBC’s Olympic coverage at 8:00. Sooooooo, promos have to be shot for this.

Now, this wasn’t scheduled to shoot until 11 PM….they wanted the Clipper Mill condo pool just down the hill from the station, which is just across the street from Woodberry Kitchen restaurant. If you’ve never seen the pool…it is really gorgeous. And we have to wait for Gerry Sandusky who doesn’t get off until 11:30.  So I arrive around 10:30 PM….we’re doing some solo shots of me first….and I’ve decided to wear the pair of shoes I blogged about earlier this year….killer shoes, but not in a good way, in a bad they-torture-you way….If you’ve ever worn extremely painful high heels, you’ll know what I mean.

I know you’re thinking, “Well idiot, if they hurt, why on earth wear them?”…..good point, but here was my logic.  They may hurt to walk in, but maybe they’ll be just find to simply stand around in. And there’s no denying they look good….Makes sense, right? Alas, it made no sense at all. None whatsoever. Because they hurt just as bad standing in them.

a frame of shoe

a frame of shoe

And to add insult to injury….they barely show in the promo….you really can’t see them except in a frame or two, a brief millisecond on the screen. What a waste of foot pain.

Let that be a lesson to me. Never, ever wear these shoes again. Even though I took them off at every opportunity, each time I put them back on was increasingly awful. When the shoot was over around maybe 12:30 or 1 AM, I limped off into the night in my flip-flops….sadder but wiser. And my daughter is following  in my (limping) footsteps. Last spring she wore a pair of painful high heels all day at rush parties at school…and the ball of her foot was numb for a long time…as in weeks, not hours.  I told her never to wear those shoes again.  Though my Mom tells me that she used to do housework in high heels! Seriously, at least I never do that….but perhaps the high heel thing is genetic..who knows?

How do you walk in them shoes??
April 16, 2008

shoesThat’s what a nice man at the SuperFresh asked me today, as I was leaving with my daily salad…..”How do you walk in them shoes?” My reply…”Barely.”

And it’s true. It’s the first day I’ve worn these suckers…knew I wouldn’t have to walk around tons today…these are no walking shoes….as Oprah would call them, they’re sitting on the set shoes. However, I did have to walk from the car to Superfresh and back to the car, …ok, actually I wasn’t walking so much as limping. I felt like someone whose feet had been bound…only able to to take tiny mincing steps…and I found it was easiest to step with my knees always slightly bent. If you think it looked odd, I’m sure you are correct. 

shoesThey’re sitting on my desk right now, innocently thinking I will soon pop them on again. Not so fast, my little masochistic friends. Honestly I’m not sure I can. Anyone wear size 8?

Creeping through the snow…
January 18, 2008

0117081434.jpgPretty isn’t it? But yesterday turned out to be a bigger snow event than I was expecting. I had no snow boots with me, was wearing high heels, and was generally unprepared. The only positive thing I did was fill up my car. The always kind Tom Tasselmayer asked me, “Why were you surprised? We did forecast possibly several inches of snow.”
Ummmmmmm….I know, but it’s surprising how little attention you can pay to forecasts when you hear then constantly all day. As my Mother might say…”Not the sense God gave a goat.” She is blunt that way.
Anyway, I lah-tee-dahed off to a hair appointment yesterday at 1:00…not really thinking anything about it and had no trouble getting there. A quick trim, finished at 2:00, OK now the snow has really been coming down. But I tiptoe through the slush…in heels…to my car, and begin the drive up Charles Street. Again, slow but not terrible. Passing the JFX, it looks suspiciously like a parking lot, so I continue up Charles….so clever…I’ll just cut over on University BLVD, and across the 41st St. bridge.
Sounded good anyway. Took me 45 minutes to get to the turn off University to 41st St., and now there is no action at all. AT ALL. Hello, all my fellow drivers in agony. What the heck is going on up there??
I had plenty of time to take pictures with my cell phone of people waiting, possibly a very long time for the bus. God bless you all. And a happier sight…a little boy strolling along eating the world’s biggest snowball. 0117081503.jpg
BUT THIS REALLY GOT TO ME….. After spending a half hour moving about an inch every 15 minutes or so….the lady in the red SUV pulls past us all in the left hand turn lane.0117081513.jpg I thought, “Lady you BETTER be turning left into the Rotunda, or there will be war!!” And just as I thought, she simply used the clear lane to get as far forward as she could, AND THEN PUT ON HER RIGHT BLINKER!! Oh please, by all that is holy, do not let her in…do not let her in…oh great, someone let her in. And bad behavior is rewarded once again. I know, I know, you’re thinking, just let them in, be a good sport, do your good deed for the day. blah, blah, blah. And on any other day, I’d probably agree with you. But not yesterday my friend, not yesterday.

Cuffed Assassins replies…..
January 11, 2008

0109080925.jpgOK, it’s not just me. And I thought it might just be something odd about the way I walk or something….OR maybe these guys walk funny too. Whatever.

Donna, your blog brought back some old (I mean old) memories. Back in the ’70s, I fell down the back stairs (between the 2nd and 3rd floors) when my heel got caught in my pants cuff. Thankfully I was a lot younger and there was a lot less of me that fell, so I wasn’t badly hurt, but since then I have NEVER EVER bought a pair of cuffed pants. NEVER, EVER!

What a great entrance! LOL … I don’t wear cuffs anymore (legs too short, hips too wide) but when I did, I had the same problem … try stitching down the cuff (of course below the top of the cuff) to keep the cuff somewhat closed and not “flowy” … same look, less danger … good luck!


Hmmm, if only I were that handy with needle and thread.