Cuffed Assassins replies…..
January 11, 2008

0109080925.jpgOK, it’s not just me. And I thought it might just be something odd about the way I walk or something….OR maybe these guys walk funny too. Whatever.

Donna, your blog brought back some old (I mean old) memories. Back in the ’70s, I fell down the back stairs (between the 2nd and 3rd floors) when my heel got caught in my pants cuff. Thankfully I was a lot younger and there was a lot less of me that fell, so I wasn’t badly hurt, but since then I have NEVER EVER bought a pair of cuffed pants. NEVER, EVER!

What a great entrance! LOL … I don’t wear cuffs anymore (legs too short, hips too wide) but when I did, I had the same problem … try stitching down the cuff (of course below the top of the cuff) to keep the cuff somewhat closed and not “flowy” … same look, less danger … good luck!


Hmmm, if only I were that handy with needle and thread.