Wicked Shoe Torture Doesn’t Pay Off….

Bad shoe, Bad!

Bad shoe, Bad!

WICKED SHOE TORTURE DOESN’T PAY OFF“…..That would be my headline about the Olympic Zone promo that is currently running on WBAL-TV….it’s a program that will begin August 8th at 7:30 PM, with everything Olympics leading into NBC’s Olympic coverage at 8:00. Sooooooo, promos have to be shot for this.

Now, this wasn’t scheduled to shoot until 11 PM….they wanted the Clipper Mill condo pool just down the hill from the station, which is just across the street from Woodberry Kitchen restaurant. If you’ve never seen the pool…it is really gorgeous. And we have to wait for Gerry Sandusky who doesn’t get off until 11:30.  So I arrive around 10:30 PM….we’re doing some solo shots of me first….and I’ve decided to wear the pair of shoes I blogged about earlier this year….killer shoes, but not in a good way, in a bad they-torture-you way….If you’ve ever worn extremely painful high heels, you’ll know what I mean.

I know you’re thinking, “Well idiot, if they hurt, why on earth wear them?”…..good point, but here was my logic.  They may hurt to walk in, but maybe they’ll be just find to simply stand around in. And there’s no denying they look good….Makes sense, right? Alas, it made no sense at all. None whatsoever. Because they hurt just as bad standing in them.

a frame of shoe

a frame of shoe

And to add insult to injury….they barely show in the promo….you really can’t see them except in a frame or two, a brief millisecond on the screen. What a waste of foot pain.

Let that be a lesson to me. Never, ever wear these shoes again. Even though I took them off at every opportunity, each time I put them back on was increasingly awful. When the shoot was over around maybe 12:30 or 1 AM, I limped off into the night in my flip-flops….sadder but wiser. And my daughter is following  in my (limping) footsteps. Last spring she wore a pair of painful high heels all day at rush parties at school…and the ball of her foot was numb for a long time…as in weeks, not hours.  I told her never to wear those shoes again.  Though my Mom tells me that she used to do housework in high heels! Seriously, at least I never do that….but perhaps the high heel thing is genetic..who knows?


3 Responses

  1. Yea, that’s too bad. Those shoes look great. And I bet they look even better strapped to your feet. But there is no use in wearing shoes that are not comfortable when there are far more that can be.

  2. They couldnt just send a camera guy out there and put you in via green screen, tough.

    Back on my HD bandwagon, will the Olympic Zone specials be aired in HD?

  3. there’s a great song called “In these shoes?”. A jazzy latino tune, I think you would like to help ease your sorrow. Bette Midler does a good rendition available on itunes.

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