Freecycling….Those vhs tapes are gone!!
March 15, 2011

Some really great films in here!!

Remember all those VHS movies that I was desperate to ditch, I mean… find a loving home for, last week? Many of you laughed at me, derisively asking on Facebook did I know what year it was….you know who you are. Well smarties, those tapes are now on their way to a new home!!

Waiting on the front steps of WBAL....

A lovely lady named Rosemarie on FB sent me a message, saying that she still used VHS…and how much did I want for them. (that’s right….dollah dollah bills ya’ll). I almost fell over  myself sending a hasty message back that they were free….but that I would need her to pick them up at the station. Rosemarie said that was fine….and yesterday was the day we chose to make the handover.

The tape collection's new owners....

As I was hauling them out of my car, a guy who works in sales came by and noticing what excellent taste I have in film, said, “Wow, you’re giving away Gettysburg? That just seems wrong.”  Thanks. Whatever.  But Rosemarie (on the left) was very happy to have them, and when I asked where they were headed…she said she and her Dad would split them up, and she was thrilled to get Miracle on 34th Street. So off you go, my little theatrical chiclets…off to give joy to someone else. And my entertainment cabinet now only contains another conveyor of entertainment that is no doubt, soon to be outdated…my dvds.

A Tardy(not tacky) Holiday Wrapup……
January 5, 2010

Mea culpa to those of you(probably very few) who have wondered what on earth happened to my blog….just this weekend my sweet daughter exclaimed, “You are  a crappy blogger. If you don’t post people will stop checking to see if you have anything new up.” And I know that’s true…the me being a crappy blogger part, anyway. Here’s the thing.…once you go for a little while without posting, it’s easier to continue doing  just that…nothing. It’s kind of like anything you stop doing for a while…exercising, going to church, calling your mom….once you don’t do it for a while, it’s gets easier and easier not to do it. But that all ends. Today. At least when it comes to blogging.  

I thought I’d do a little holiday mishmash, since I haven’t told you ANYTHING about what went on. My son and the lovely Jennifer came down for Christmas and spent 4 lovely days with us….it’s so much fun having them around, and seriously I dread the first year they won’t be here(and yes, I know the day will come)…because it will just be the three of us…two doddery old adults watching my daughter open her presents. She would be horrified. Maybe that will be the year we shake it up and go to Mexico or Spain for Christmas, thought honestly, it sounds a little depressing. But I digress.  

My new Manduka Yoga mat and bag.....

I got some good stuff…presents, you know….and the following are some of my faves. A Manduka yoga mat…..and a really great carrying bag, from my son and Jen…..they love yoga, and say all the cool kids at Kula Yoga in NYC use this kind of mat. I want to be one of the cool kids too! And this mat has a lot of support and good spring for the hands, and you don’t slip on it…love it, and love the bag too.  


New Uggs. My daughter gave me these, as she was disgusted by the fact I could stick my toes out of the side( yes really) of my old chestnut Uggs. I may still try to have them repaired…but they are really old. Oh, and tip for those of you who wear a size 8 or smaller…save yourself $40 and order kids Uggs. A child size 6 is an adult size 8….that’s what she got me…and with all the variations of Uggs out there today, I still love the Uggs classic Chestnut boot.   

play some new tunes....

Let’s see….I love, love, love  my new Bose sounddock speaker for my Ipod…this was from the hubby who gave me “portable speakers” a few years ago, but in truth, they’re not really portable. Nice smaller speakers but with a lot of wires and the plug is big, and they just don’t work for carting around. The Bose SoundDock is perfect…small, runs on battery or electric power, looks sleek, no wires….love it and have used it a lot already, after downloading free yoga classes from Itunes! There are some good ones…some that last 20 minutes, others a little over an hour, and for people who know something about yoga, it’s much better to hear the directions that watch it.  Saw some great films over the holiday…you probably did too. Avatar…I give an A-….and liked the 3D effect after I got used to it. Took me a few minutes of feeling a little disoriented though. Invictus….loved it…a solid A. Why this film starring Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman hasn’t created more buzz, I don’t know. Great story….go see it. Up in the Air with George Clooney…again, an A. Smart, smart writing, and it’s much more than just a romantic comedy….it is funny, but it’s also sad..and deals with the downsizing of many jobs. A multi-layered film.  And I tried a new fabulous dish, from the NFL of all places….a recipe for Pork Belly with Collard Green Risotto and Pickled Okra. It did have a few steps, and I cheated and didn’t “cure” the pork…I just roasted it with sea salt, and a little cinnamon and it was still fabulous. And I only put part of the collards into the risotto…if you put all that’s called for, I think the risotto would be overwhelmed….just serve the rest of the greens on the side.  (If it seems that I am addicted to pork belly…I am. It is just so delicious, and cheap.)  And just the recipe for the greens alone  is lovely, even if you don’t do the rest of it! 

 So there…gifts, movies, home cooking….that’s what the holidays should be about anyway, don’t you think? Many of you have asked how this Christmas was, the first without my Mom. It was…different. She was very much in my thoughts and memories of Christmas past, and I so miss talking to her. She is the one person in the world who was always, without exception, happy to hear from me. Always. Even other people who do love you, aren’t always glad to hear from you…they’re busy, have a lot going on, now’s not a good time…you know? She was always thrilled to talk to me. So I miss that. But I’m happy knowing she’s not struggling anymore, and my sister doesn’t have to race to the hospital all the time. But I miss her. A woman that I work with here  lost her Mom two years ago, and she told me, “It’s still hard for me, without her.” I think it’s the loss of the person who always  loved you( not necessarily approve…oh no, but love, yes)…no strings attached…that kind of love is hard to come by.

OK, I’m not a big believer in making resolutions for the New Year, because like many of you, I feel like I do the best I can, 24/7. Now that may not be good enough, and let me assure you it often is not…but still it’s the best I can do, ok? So why make some namby=amby “resolution” to do better when I’m not? So I’ve decided instead to to make some negative resolutions…things I will not worry about doing.  

1. Sto worrying one cat is too fat and one cat is too thin. It’s true of course, and I do what I can(my best already being done, remember?)…to make sure they eat the correct amountws, but there’s only so much one can do with cat and their eating habits. I’m letting it go.  

2. I’m gonna worry less about things I can do nothing about. My Mother, bless her, was the champion at this….I’m determined not to follow in her worrying footsteps. I can’t fix the middle east….I can’t do anything about the economy. Let it go.  

3. I’m going to sincerely try…really, really try…

Weekend Wrapup…pie verdict, flicks and red beans and rice…
November 30, 2009

My dough..made with my Grandmother's rolling pin!

Let’s see, let’s see….let us begin with the pie. You know…the apple pie I made from scratch…homemade crust and all( made with a rolling pin hand-carved by my great-grandfather for my grandmother as a wedding gift…so sweet). That sucker was kind of an all day affair. Apple pie is just…..laborious…I don’t know any other word for it. Peeling the apples, coring the apples, slicing the apples, mixing the dough, chilling the dough, rolling out the dough, rechilling the dough, don’t forget to put foil on the edges, make sure the pie is toward the bottom of the oven. Bottom line…it was a very nice pie(should be with two sticks of butter in the crust….Martha recipe), but it wasn’t good enough that I want to go through all that again. Seriously, I could have easily bought an apple pie that good, and enjoyed my day more. The nice gentleman who sat by me at Thanksgiving dinner  judged it for me….he said, “It’s pretty good but I kind of had to scoop it out, so it doesn’t look so good.” Or something like that. I didn’t hit him or even consider it….I graciously agreed, and silently made a pact with myself to never do that again. That was my last from scratch apple pie.

Caught a couple of good films over the weekend….The Blind Side starring Sandra Bullock is a winner…hands down, one of the best films I’ve seen in a while. And knowing the story of Michael Oher of the Ravens, made me admire him even more. See it if you had a chance. Also enjoyed Coco Before Chanel playing at the Charles Theatre. Oh so very French, very subtitled, lots of cigarette smoking, alors!! Interesting story about the woman who brought us the LBD(little black dress) and Chanel No. 5,  and the idea that clothing should be comfortable….bye-bye corsets. The film conveniently leaves out Coco’s affair with a German officer during WWII and the German occupation of France(it doesn’t really go that far timewise). Some say she was a collaborator, but she was never charged as one. Did Winston Churchill work behind the scenes in her behalf? Who knows, but she left Paris for Switzerland, as people didn’t feel so kindly towards her. Oh, Coco.

Also made some kicking Red Beans and Rice….made with real Camellia Red Beans, which people from Louisiana say are basic to the real thing(though I’ve used plain old kidney beans to pretty good effect). It’s a classic, that once you’ve made it, you really don’t need a recipe for…I just saute a couple of red and green peppers, lots of onion and garlic…put in a couple of ham hocks, bay leaves, Tabasco and your soaked red beans. Cover with water and simmer away. When the beans are tender, add some sautéed smoked sausage, or andouille  if you’re feeling authentic. Let it cook a little longer, season with salt and pepper to taste, and serve over rice. Yummo.

Weekend Wrapup….Jazz, Twilight and Pork Bellies
November 23, 2009

Darryl Harper playing smooth tunes onstage at Creative Alliance

Let’s see….did something I’ve never done before Friday night. Went to a jazz concert at the Creative Alliance, just east of Patterson Park on Eastern Avenue, to see jazz clarinetist Darryl Harper. What a talent he is….he had gathered some great local jazz guys in for a concert and the music was smooth, smokey…very blues. Darryl’s latest album is Stories in Real Time….you can hear  some selection by clicking here…and the Creative Alliance has many unique offerings… for music lovers, film lovers, classes for adults and children, including a 4 week Saturday session of running away to join the circus…”Admit it–your child is amazingly gifted and you’ve dreamt of creating a circus act together. Now’s your chance! Aerial superstar Lizzie Lyra introduces parents and kids to the circus arts: acrobatics, partner balancing, hooping, trapeze.” Come on people! You don’t see that everyday….

OK…saw Twilight…I’m in…all in.  And now I’m ready for New Moon….maybe over the holiday weekend. But I also want to see Precious….I’ve heard it is simply amazing….and Blind Side….also supposed to be just wonderful. It could be a good movie marathon weekend!  I love doing double features with a snack in between. Time to get my movie on. 

Oh, and I made some mean pork belly for dinner one night..(which is the new foie gras, or some people say). Not that I was  foie gras eater…I wasn’t, but I do love properly prepared pork belly. I used a variation of  Jamie Oliver recipe that I found on someone else’s blog….thank you very much….and it was luscious. Just absolutely fantastic. Still have some leftover in the frig. Wait for me…no matter where you are, I will find you!

Donna does jury duty…..
October 5, 2009

Your city needs you.....

Your city needs you.....

When I told those around me at work that I had jury duty on Friday, the response was unanimous…”Didn’t you just do that???”  Well, that depends on your definition of  “just”. The answer is, in Baltimore City….you can always count on them to call on you once a year to do your civic duty. I know people who live in the surrounding counties who have never been called. How does that happen??

Anyway, it was my turn in the barrel last week, so to speak, and my number was just low enough to be called….they wanted numbers 700 and under…mine was 653. Only 47 places away from not having to show up at 8 AM. 

I tried leaving the house at 7:30, but got out a little late….I wasn’t too worried because I know fro experience that NOTHING HAPPENS for the 1st hour or two, except them calling people down to get their jury form documented(“See boss? I really was on jury duty…”), and to claim their $15  pay. It used to be $10…cost of living increase I guess. They say if you don’t want the money you can refuse it. I felt kinda bad, because I know the city could use the money….on the other hand I’m having to pay for all day parking. I went down, had my form stamped, and when they offered me the money, in the words of Harry Chapin…”I stashed the bill in my shirt.” Yeah.

I made the mistake of not going immediately to the “quiet room”. And if you’re not in the quiet room, it seems to be just fine to talk in extremely loud tones to the person next to you as you fill out your forms. “Have I ever been convicted of a crime?? Hell no, isn’t that why I’m here, to convict someone else?” or “He did that? Oh no he didn’t!”  to much loud laughter. But this is all allowed in the not quiet room…even if everyone else is trying to listen to the announcements on the screen. No problemo.

So after catching up on this lady’s life for a while, I left for the QR… in sorority rush days, this meant questionable reputation…for our purposes today it means Quiet Room. And no doubt about it…a more civil crowd is here….there are actual tables! And two nice sofas! Rewards for being good, quiet people! And it was here that discovered that there is wifi at the City Courthouse. Yes, indeedy, if you are willing to pony up the $5.95(and I was more than willing, didn’t I just score $15??), you can have access on a day pass to Courtroom Connect wifi. Seriously I was so happy when I discovered this,(and no one tells you of course)…but there was a single one-winged fly in my iced tea…I didn’t bring a power cord for my computer. Hmmmmm. I had charged up the battery and taken a dvd, thinking, “OK, it’ll have enough juice to play a single dvd, surely.” I know… idiot-talk. So I sent out a couple distress emails, begging others to bring me a power cord….but noooooooooo. No one could(or would) help me. So I played around for a while online…checked my email…and the voice starts calling groups of jurors to actually do wht they’re there to do.

Jurors numbers one through 199 please proceed to Judge Picky’s (made up name)courtroom, down in the hall in room blah blah blah.” And then closer to lunch “Jurors numbers 200 to 399 please report to Judge Fussy’s(again made up) courtroom in room blah blah“…and then, silence  until lunch. “Jurors are free to leave for lunch, please be back by 1:45“….I took my  money, went to the garage down the street and paid the nice man who let me park there, even though I had no cash this morning…but I had promised to return at lunch with the moola. I did, and then trudged a few blocks to “Plates Cafe” on Charles Street…which is where the old Women’s Industrial Exchange Cafe used to be. Had a splendid grilled salmon BLT, made phone calls, and went back to court, stopping in a little shop to buy some $5.95 headphones to hear the movie I brought along. (Obviously I forgot a lot today…no power cord, no money, no earphones…)

I got about halfway through the movie “Katyn”, until ….lights out….that’s it for you baby. No power cord, no conclusion to your movie. It’s now about 3:00, very quiet and warm in the room, and there’s now room on the comfy sofa as the woman who was on it, gets the call…”Would jurors numbers 400 to 599 please report to Judge Tardy’s(yes-madeup) courtroom across the street.”  We all know for these jurors, this is bad news. When you are called at  3PM for cryingoutloud, you know you’re in for a repeat performance day, if you are actually one of the 12 selected to serve. Because what are the chances they can pick a jury, start and finish a trial by 5:00 today? Slim and none, that’s what.

However, when this unlucky QR lady leaves, I get the sofa. No computer, and I’ve finished my book, so what’s left? That’s right…sleep. So I have a delicious nap, until the voice breaks in one more time…it’s now about 4:30, maybe a little after….”Thank you for your service jurors, you are dismissed.” Even in the QR, a cheer breaks out among the 5 of us who are left. We’ve done our civic duty….had a great lunch, saw half a movie, and had a nice nap. See you back here next year!

A delicious ode to Julie and Julia
August 11, 2009

Meryl Streep doing a mean Julia Child...

Meryl Streep doing a mean Julia Child...

Yes, I was indeed part of the pack who made it to see Julie and Julia this weekend….Realizing the theatre at Harbor East would be packed with people just like me(Julia/food nuts), we got there just in time to find seats together. The audience was as expected, majority female, but there were plenty of guys there too for this new genre of film…the chick food flick. And we loved it. Meryl Streep pulls off the impossible…playing someone so much part of the public consciousness even as parody….and making the character plausible, and lovable. Just a word of advice…plan to eat something delicious afterward whether you’re eating out or in. Plan something nice. You will be ravenous for something with butter after seeing this ode to all cooking Julia Child. And sharing this movie with my daughter, who is just learning to cook, was such a special treat…I got tears in my eyes at one point….I know…so sentimental.

The ratatouille is coming together!

The ratatouille is coming together!

Our reward when we got home? Some amazing Ratatouille, (the dish, not the movie)compliments of my daughter who is a new convert to Julia Child’s legion of fans, now drawing a whole new generation of people learning the joys of slow food…actual cooking….in the kitchen..with real ingredients. Real butter. Real flour. Real vegetables! Now, there are as many recipes for ratatouille as there are restaurants in Provence, and they’re probably all delicious…here’s one from Epicurious, that uses copious amounts of garlic…(love it!)….but ratatouille is a forgiving recipe…adjust ingredients to your liking.

The ratatouille was finished before we made the afternoon movie…it sat happily on the stove with all it’s luscious ingredients(heirloom tomatoes that I got on sale from the farmer’s market…a large basket of “seconds” for $5 as they were racing decay, but perfect for cooking)melding blissfully into one another, and when we got home I quickly butterflied( not boned!) a chicken so that it would cook in half the time, roasted it  after rubbing it down with some butter mixed with Mediterranean sea salt, chopped some French Bread and put it all on the table with some real butter(Julia would want that). What a feast…I think we all channeled Julia that night as we savored the fresh tomatoey-garlic-eggplant-olive oily goodness…it was great plopped on top of the bread. Bon appetit!!

Do what you wanna do, this weekend…
June 12, 2009

Will you be wearing a wineglass necklace this weekend??

Will you be wearing a wineglass necklace this weekend??

What are you doing this weekend? here’s my plan….sleep as late as possible tomorrow morning, something crazy like 8:30 am… Maybe 9 if Muffy the cat doesn’t walk all over me. Next, something  fun and something I’m really looking forward to.  Not. Cleaning all my clothing out of my daughters closet and finding a place(?) to put them. Here’s what’s happened. As she as been at school(for years), and my closet is kinda small(miniscule)…not one of those palatial walk-ins…I have “expanded into her closet. And the guest room closet. Yeah. And now that she will be home next week for…ummm…until she finds a job, an apartment and starts her grownup life…the girl needs her closet. So, that will take some time.

I’m having dinner at a friends house Saturday(yipee no cooking), and while I will offer(sincerely) to bring a dessert, they may decline that offer…and then, what can I do? Insist on bringing something? That would be rude. Anyway, Marianne Banister gave me a lovely bottle of wine for my birthday…I found it on my desk yesterday,…with the funniest card. The front reads “I read about a woman who makes ice cubes from leftover wine…I didn’t know that was possible! (open the card)“..have leftover wine, that is.” I love it MB…maybe I’ll take the wine to dinner.

Ok, let’s see…what else. I also hope to get to a movie…maybe Pelham 123?  Didn’t get great reviews..from anyone… but still want to check it out. Maybe barbecue on Father’s Day…that is Sunday right?(I have subsequently learned it is not this Sunday but next) Which means the Father gets to show off their grill-skills(they can still be shown off). And less cooking for me. Just kidding…the side dishes are the hard part anyway.

And Sunday afternoon….a wine festival?  It’s called the  Great Grapes Wine Art and Food Festival, at Oregon Ridge…and you may not know there are quite a few wineries in the state these days making some very good wines. The most famous being Boordy Vineyards with Rob DeFord at the helm…he does  a lovely job on the seyval blanc there…and Basignani wines have gotten some great reviews. What’s not to like really, wandering around tasting wine and sampling food Sunday afternoon for a while, with a wine glass as your necklace for the day? Odd, but hey, it works. Oh, and they can make ice cubes from the leftover wine. Have a lovely weekend…play nice, and come home safe.

P.S. late add for weekend: in Leakin Park Saturday June 13th….Maryland jazz flutist Trey Eley and his band will perform FOR FREE  from 6:30 to 7:30 . It’s near the mansion at 1901 Eagle Drive, 21207  off 4800 Windsor Mill Road. Park in the tennis courts parking lot and walk to the center meadow…then enjoy.( you might want to take a blanket or lawn chairs…and a picnic.). The next day on Sunday from 11- 3, also at Leakin Park, if your kids have never ridden the model steam trains  run by retired engineers…it’s a real treat. My kids have gone on board many times when they were little..and the engineers still do it!!

Drag me to the bad place…
June 5, 2009

This is how I felt this morning....not good...

This is how I felt this morning....not good...

I’m not gonna lie to you, I am just plain old glad that the weekend is here. I’m getting highlights this morning, overdue as it happens. I should have had them done before the wedding but had to cancel the appointment, and then you have a beg to get back in the rotation. Which is …today….thank goodness.”

I wrote the above early this morning when the day was young and innocent. And all went well until 10 am…I was in the car getting ready to pull out when the phone rings. It’s the salon where I have my hair done. “Are you coming for your appointment this morning?”  (small clutch of panic in my chest)….”Yes, of course….”…but turns out I am inexplicably, leaving the house when my appointment was TO BEGIN.  I have no explanation for this.  I am not a person who is late…I cannot stand for someone to wait for me, drives me crazy. But somehow….I am now very late.  “I’ll be right there”, I blurt out, and set off in the rain, which of course makes traffic terrible, followed by a parking machine downtown which won’t give me a parking sticker and I have to trudge off to find another one, wet hem of slacks, searching for change in my purse….just a wretched start to the day.

Thankfully, a kind stylist does at least part of the highlights…the part that shows…it’s good you can’t see under the top layers…but that’s all people see anyway right? A fast cut later and I’m out the door. But it was just one of those bad, bad starts to the day, that make me even more anxious for a calm, relaxed weekend. Deep cleansing breath.

And I have movies to catch up on! Wedding/birthday/graduation business has kept me away from movies…I know, I take real life over an imagined one any day, but I do love films. So I’m thinking pizza and a movie….sound good?  I’m dying to see Drag Me to Hell at the Charles…seems a fitting ending for a day that started in a hellish sort of way. The picture above so captured my mood….. 

Pie Party, Mezza and wet basements…
September 29, 2008

Pie, pie... me oh my...

Pie, pie... me oh my...

Yeah, it was a busy weekend….Saturday night, a friend and neighbor had a 50th birthday pie party for her husband John….she provided bratwurst and fabulous potato salads( there were two…one made with mustard, olive oil and olives from Cafe Germaine -they are  such talented chefs-that was just about the best thing I ever ate…), and the beer, 3 on tap, and the guests brought pies….wow. I was telling my daughter about the pie party…she herself was set to go to a fraternity party at school…she said, “I’m jealous. I want to go to a pie party. And who wouldn’t? I had several people there ask for the recipe for the Tarte Tatin I made……so here it is, from French Cooking en Famille by Jaques Burdick….Don’t bother looking for this book that I’ve had for years…I found one used copy on Amazon for $104…and that’s not a typo. Anyway…

You need about 5 or 6 apples…granny smith, gala…both fine, peeled, quartered and cored. A 1 & 1/4 cup of sugar, 1 & 1/4 stick of butter, and one Pillsbury pie crust. That’s all! Cut the butter into thin pats and create a mosaic of them all over a 9-10 inch iron skillet, most of sugar over it, and then wedge apples in as best you can, rounded side down, rest of sugar on top.  Over medium low heat let the apples caramelize…this will take quite while…go do some chores and just keep an eye on it. When the apples finally begin to caramelize and turn brown, (I’m warning you , don’t start this too late), drape your refrigerated pie dough over the pan, tuck the overhanging crust  into the sides of the skillet with a wooden spoon, and prick all over so the steam can escape. Bake at 375 for about 20 minutes. Take out and let cool a few minutes, but while it is still warm, put a plate over the top, and holding the plate firmly to the skillet, flip it over. Wear oven mitts and be careful not to spill hot caramel on yourself…ouch. If a couple of apples stick to the pan, no matter. Just get them out with a spoon and put them where they belong. Voila….accept the compliments gracefully. It is luscious.

Pie-boy John...

Pie-boy John...

But the best pie I thought had the pie-boy’s name spelled out on top. How creative is that?

And there are other ways to make this…I found one using tomatoes!! More a savory tart I think, but this Tomate Tarte Tatin sounds like a terrific lunch dish, or maybe a starter?? 



After seeing Burn After Reading, which was pretty amusing…odd but amusing…strolled to Lebanese Taverna just down the street from the Harbor East Theatre for an early supper….what a lovely space it is, and I had no idea it was even there! Had Lebanese Mezza…small plates of Humus, fava beans with lemon juice and olive oil, fat little sausages, grilled eggplant salad, lamb schwarma…and a Lebanese sauvignon blanc that was super. Great supper…oh and the best part? The tab under 50 bucks. Nice.

I screened the movie Nanking this weekend from Netflix. Originally made for HBO, I  want you to see it, though be forewarned, it is not for children or the faint of heart. What a powerful film about the horrible things peope can do toone another, and the unbelieveably brave things we can do for one another.  And it is yet another reminder of the terrible, unspeakable things some people have had to endure, and what a great life we Americans have here, where there’s always food, and a supply of hot water at the turn of a tap. It’s a must watch.  

And what happened in my basement during the deluge Saturday? Let me just say this…there were shop vacs, mops, trash bags, and sweat equity involved. Yeah.

Labor Day weekend dos and don’ts….
August 29, 2008

First, my DON’T LIST…..

Hell, no....

Hell, no....

1. There is no way I’m crossing the Bay Bridge this weekend…not even for the J. Crew outlet. Not even for friends who live there…..not until the state reopens all the lanes. A four hour backup yesterday? What, the work on the guard rail couldn’t wait until after the holiday weekend? Maybe not, but seems like it just might have. Anyway, I’m not getting stuck in the mess I saw on 11 News at Five from Captain Roy Taylor’s chopper….awful. And for those of you who have no choice…you have my deepest  and most sincere sympathies.

Maybe Baby Girl can sweep!

Maybe Baby Girl can sweep!

2. I’m not doing any housework this weekend. If anything falls on the floor, it can just stay there, darn it. And that goes for gardening, too. Sure, things are a bit bedraggled by this time of year, but really there’s not much I can do about the inevitable decay of the garden at the end of the summer. Walk on by, baby…

3. I’m not gonna diet this weekend….not that I’m much of a weekend dieter, ever. It’s my time to eat what I want and drink what I want. So there. I’m dumping my lunchtime salad with canned salmon for something sinful. Tacos, maybe…from Taco Bell! But I’ll still take all my vitamins…they’re a meal in itself.


Ummmm...lets cook it up!

Ummmm...let's cook it up!

1. Cook something creative….I know, I know…doesn’t that fall under the purview of housework? Well yes, and no. Yes, if it’s just drudge cooking…no, if it’s creative, fun cooking, as any real foodie will tell you. And I got those creative juice flowing for some weekend creations on Chesapeake Foodie….(which is written by a friend of mine)..I get their monthly newsletter, and it is fullof good stuff…watermelon mojitos, heirloom tomato and spaghetti strata (how crazy is that?),  and how to store artisan bread (hey, after I’ve paid 5 bucks for a loaf, I don’t want it going stale.), and Deviled Eggs from the Executive Chef of the Government House. Yummy.

2.  Sleep Late. That doesn’t sound like such a big deal, except that I tend to wake up early, and just give up, and get on with the day. I hope to slumber like my daughter…zzzzzzzz……but that is a lofty, lofty goal.

3. See some movies. What I want to see…Man on a Wire (playing at The Charles Theatre downtown) and Vicky Cristina Barcelona  at Harbor East .  What others will twist my arm to see….Death Race.  No.

Sooooo, those all seem to be doable, don’t you think? Nothing too ambitious…and I all of you have a fabulous, fun safe holiday weekend….Don’t throw rocks, be nice, and come home safe…’cause we miss you.