Over the knee boots…Are you in or out??

I really like both these boots...a lot...

OK, these have been around for a while, though I have never dabbled in over the knee boots….until now. I am reassured by fashion experts everywhere that these are a must buy for fall….that they work with skirts, leggings…even your pajamas(no, not really your jammies, that’s just silly). And while I know some of  you will say…for Pete’s sake, why would I want a layer of  leather slithering up my thigh…or something like that, let us just consider the options. Maybe you’ll find something that is just too fabulous to resist…

Seriously, these puppies could hurt you....

If you’re looking to drop some serious change and go for the edgy look, there’s Elizabeth and James version…with a 51/4 inch heel…ouch. I can see myself limping along at the end of the day….these are heels in which you sit , not walk. Oh, and they’re $625…. Too much heel and too much moola for most of us(though you can pay more-much more-I found some Burberry Thigh-high Python boots for $2495…yeah, you heard me).

Steve Madden riding boots...and they're on sale!!

You could go totally flat….the riding boot look is also popular  this fall.  I like these Steve Madden boots(on sale from $299 to $199), but I already have a couple of pair of  Bernado flat boots(that Kate Amara and I are both obsessed with-best boots ever, you can walk in them all day long and feel like you just put them on…they have tennis shoe technology in the footbed- so I got them in black and brown a couple of years ago). 

Nine West...love the bow at the ankle...

Or you could kick it up a notch with  the Nine West suede version… a cute little 2 inch kitten heel, so you’d still be standing at the end of the day…and the kitten heel is hot hot hot this fall, I’m given to understand. And imagine being able to walk in great boots all day, pain free(presumably).  I remember some years back, I bought some knee high Coach boots  on sale at Nordstrom’s. Great buy, and really great looking boots. But here’s the thing…they hurt so bad that after I wore them a few times, I couldn’t stand the idea of putting them on. That’s no bargain at all. Lisa Robinson said,  “Take them back.”…to which I replied..”I’ve already worn them…several times!”  She said(and correctly as it turned out), “Nordstrom’s will take back anything.” And they did take them back, no questions asked…I love that about Nordie’s. But I digress. OK, here’s my pick so far… 

I'm getting these for fall...love them...

I love grey anything(you may have noticed) and these Enzo  Angiolini ‘Irinna’ boots have it all….they have a 3-1/2 inch heel-wearable….and you can cuff the top down if you want…versatile. Price tag $179…not cheap but relatively affordable….all subject to a try-on of course. Done and done…too bad you never get to see my shoes on tv!


6 Responses

  1. I am personally “out” with the over the knee boots. 1.) I have really big muscular legs and can’t even get 1/2 boots zippered over my calves. let alone to the beginning of my thighs. 2.) I’m really short…5″ 1 1/2″ and have short legs. I don’t think these boots would work for me.

    However, your 2 faves are also my 2 faves. & I’m sure you will look gorgeous in the boots. just take a pic the 1st time you wear them.

    & I LOVE the new background & pic heading for the blog 😉

  2. I LOVE the over the knee boots!!! How comfortable!!! OMG!! GET ALL OF THEM!!!

  3. As a man I would choose over the knee, for fishing or pirate work. I once saw a co worker with over the knee boots and long kulat-ey shorts. A-hoy mate! Not good. I did also see that ” Poppycock Prince” on America’s got talent is a fan of the severe heel, over the knee boot but that is completely different. You could start showing you shoes on air but that could drive you to start a shoe blog by itself all together, and I’m sure that you would have plenty of readers. Please take my comments with the humor intended and enjoy your below the knee boots..

  4. Oh Paul…over the knee boots on a man…ahoy matey indeed. A shoe blog….hmmm…that’s a thought. And Robyn, I will get all the boots if you help me pay for them….:)

  5. Angiolini’s all the way-they make a fabulous shoe that is affordable. I miss my sky high heel days-some of my favs were from them.

  6. I like the suede ones. When are you going to model them ?

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