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Kitty on Prozac!
June 28, 2007

Katrina is 25 and a regular reader. I laughed out loud when I read it so I thought I’d pass it along….enjoy…

I loved your cutest kitty blog. I think I have the cutest cat in my house!! Not as cute as my two childhood cats. (My mom had to put Handsome Boy down a few days after you had to do the same. I was literally sobbing at my desk when I read it. Baby Girl is still going strong, but losing childhood pets is a huge reality check that I am no longer a kid anymore.)
ANYWAYS….I adopted Dolce from the Defenders of Animals Rights four years ago, and she is my little diva.

She only drinks cold running water, soft treats, Cat Chow food and if we don’t clean the TWO litter boxes EVERY day, she will pee right outside of it. BRAT! She has been “acting out” lately since I moved her into a new home, with two new people, and two cats that are mother and son. She lost all the hair under her armpit due to “stress.” $500 later the is on Prozac and we have Feliway ($50 each) plugged in all over the house to release calming smells for her. Honestly!!! What cat needs Prozac?? Little blue pills that I cut in half and twice a day and to somehow get her to swallow. I pick it up at the Safeway in Canton, and I start sweating thinking the pharmacist will says, “C********, your Prozac is ready.” I would say, “Oh this?? It’s not mine…it for my cat.” Everyone in line would say, “Ya right.”

Oh, Katrina, that is funny. But for those of you like me who had never heard of Feliway, I looked it up, it is a cat product that comes in a diffuser and a spray…and it does supposedly calm you cat and keep them from acting territorial. The reviews people gave on Amazon were pretty amazing. And I almost hate to tell Katrina this…I did find Feliway there for a little over 20 bucks!
And the pill business…From the top picture it apppears the Prozac is working…. Dolce looks….well…quite relaxed!

Jailhouse Beauty Secrets
June 27, 2007

OK, everyone agrees, that Paris looked pretty darn good, strolling the catwalk out of jail….smiling and slapping hands with fans. Photogs going crazy following their car down the freeway….what a scene!!Who couldn’t watch it?
The Sheriff tried to explain Paris’ radiance, by saying that any inmate being released can slip into the bathroom and professionally apply makeup. OK.
But were Cheeetos involved?? I thought I’d heard it all, but on Inside Edition, they revealed Jailhouse Beauty secrets, and I can’t wait to try them out!

Cheek color from Cheetos…who knew they had red dye all over them. And my other favorite, mixing Vaseline with pink Crystal Light…they put it on a model saying breathlessly, “Oh, that’s pretty.” Actually, it did look good, and I would guess it’s tasty, too. File that away for when I’m out of lip gloss.
And I discovered something….remember the Dream Catchers Hair Extensions van that pulled through Paris’s gate? Clearly the girl needed some extensions pronto, but what I didn’t know was that Paris, ever the consummate self-promoter was doing just that.

Take a look at this ad I saw yesterday in Modern Salon Magazine, at a salon, where I was getting a much needed pedi….Dream Catchers Extensions BY PARIS HILTON!!
Talk about product placement…..

Catty Replies…Meow!!
June 25, 2007

From Sue….
To Donna Hamilton–I love reading your blog. Your comments are so interesting and down to earth. I feel like I really know you. Yes, you can find a kitten by the side of the road. My daughter’s roomate’s mother found a very tiny little orange kitten who was very worse for the wear. She rescued him. Several thousand dollars later he is the king of the house for 2 twenty-four year old girls. He really rules the roost. He seems to be very grateful for the fact that he was rescued and came to a home where he is truly loved. Keep up the good work on WBAL. We love you.

Dear Sue, I love you too. And while I may seem down to earth, in truth I am wildly flighty. And maybe the fact Wild Kitty is so good is that he too is grateful, though it must be said, he’s a little less grateful than he used to be. And speaking of cats with personality, check out the ones on youtube!

This from Mary…
I read Donna Hamilton’s blog on the Cutest Cat with great interest. I need to point out to her; however, that the question of who is the cutest cat was resolved recently by the Howard County Cat Club, a no-kill cat shelter, with its Kitty Idol contest. Nice try though, Donna.

Hey, Mary….I don’t mean to “dis” either of the “winners”…they’re nice cats, but nowhere close to Wild Kitty…..I mean look at this picture! The dignity, the compassion, the raggedy right ear…..he has it all!
Oh, and the webmaster here at WBAL says his cats are cuter than mine. Puh-leez. I have challanged him to a Cute Cat-off. We’ll let you guys be the judge.

I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE!! (I knew it)
June 25, 2007

In response to the embarassing losing of my car ina parking garage….Clearly I am not the only absent-minded, forgetful, sad creature in the world. We’re starting a club, in case you want to join….

This from Joanne…..
Loved your blog about you missing car. I went to Macy’s to try on a blouse. Upon returning to the fitting room, my blouse was missing. After causing quite a stir in that department, a very nice saleslady quietly led me back to the fitting room and found my blouse. I had gone into the wrong fitting room. My husband was laughing so hard. I did buy the blouse I had tried on.
(I mean, Joanne, you kinda had to after that….)

And this from Susan….

Yes, It has happened to me before. My sister lived in Vt for about 30 years. After my parents died, I always traveled with them with my 2 children, I decided that it would be easier to take the train to Randolph, VT and have my sister pick me up. So, I made reservations from BWI Station to Randolph Station. I parked in the BWI Station’s parking garage, huge! I made note of where I was parked and we boarded the train never to think about Bessie again. Well, 10 days later, I’m returning to BWI Station at midnight with an 8 year old and a 12 year old. We pay the parking tab at the machine and proceed to locate the car, ha ha ha! Midnight, in a parking garage, with luggage, with 2 young children and 30 minutes to find your car or be charged for another x amt of hrs. No Car! Okay lets start over, No Car! Okay, I know I wrote this down correctly, lets start over! No Car! I can’t believe I did this but I did, okay kids, you go this way, I’ll go that way and whoever finds the car gives a holler … Now I can’t find my kids! Midnight, in a parking garage, with the clock ticking and I can’t find my car or my kids!!! Yes, Panic does set in … now I can’t go home even if I do find my car because I’ve lost my kids and my husband will absolutely kill me … oh my, did someone take them … ??? … a taxi driver sees my distress and asks if he can help me … yeah, can you drive me around to find my car & my kids, he pulls off, no response, just gone … What I didn’t know was that there are several parts to this huge garage and my children had somehow gotten to the other part of the garage … they couldn’t hear me and I couldn’t hear them … I had just about given into my anxiety and tears when I heard a whispered shout … MOMMY! … Oh thank you God … keep hollering till I get to you please … then they were in another part of the garage that I couldn’t get to … how? Where? … my son, 12 years old, said wait there mom, I’ll come get you … and he was going to leave my daughter … NO … just tell me how and I”ll get there … we found the car within a minute or two of the 30 minute limit … and pulled out to come home and the heavens opened up so badly that you couldn’t see to drive … but drove I did … I wanted to get as far away from that train station as I could … back to White Marsh … where I don’t have to deal with a parking garage …
So you see, Donna, you’re not the only one to misplace your car (I even lost my children in the search!) … people do it every day … you just got caught! LOL …

Oh, Susan, quite the laugh out loud email…..thanks a bunch!!

My Cat’s Cuter than Your Cat…really…
June 24, 2007

I know all of you probably have pets you share similar sentiments about….but these are the two that live in my world…..
Muffy is a slight calico…seriously she couldn’t weight more than six pounds. A finicky eater with a high metabolism(oh how I envy her), Muffy was brought home as kitten by my daughter several years ago, who claimed she found her by the side of the road.
“By the side of road, seriously, a lone kitten just sitting there?”, I asked incredulously, and suspiciously it must be said. I mean come on, can you imagine a kitten doing such a thing? Wouldn’t they just run away? But that was her story and she stuck to it, knowing full well I couldn’t turn away a found kitten!
We later came to learn Muffy was a barn kitten, born into a large litter at a the house of a friend of hers in the country. By then, it was too late. We loved Muffy.

then there’s Wild Kitty. A cat truly in a class by himself, WK came too us several years ago….we thought he was a feral cat, I mean really, a wild kitty.
But I always feel so sorry for these cats…it’s not easy surviving through a Maryland winter as a wild cat, foraging for something to eat. So, I started feeding him. And then I noticed he rubbed against my legs as I put him food down, he was soooo grateful. It startled me at first, but finally I scrounged the courage to try to pet his head. Out burst the rustiest, biggest purr you’ve ever heard. After the necessary neutering which stopped his spraying(yech), he has become the house favorite, a big lap cat that just loves to be loved. And he has a certain dignity about him don’t you think….like he’s seen some stuff to be sure, but he’s come out ON the other side and is a better cat for it
We tried calling him Boo, but it didn’t stick. His name for better or worse was, and is Wild Kitty.
And for Pete’s sake, please neuter your pets….there are so many animals put down each year because they have no homes! What a tragedy.

Dangerously Delicious…..
June 23, 2007

I was looking for an extraordinary dessert….something homey yet special..really really good but not snow-offey…not easy. And then I heard about Dangerously Delicious Pies.
Hmmmmm, now that sounds interesting. Went to the website, and found seemingly endless list of pies that they will happily make for you, in Federal Hill on Light Street, or in Bethany Beach….though that’s bit far.
A few of us perused the website, and someone who was looking over my shoulder said, “Dangerously Delicious? I’d call it Dangerously Expensive.”
And they had a point. I’ve never, ever paid anything close to $25 for a pie. $15, yes, but $25, no. That’s the price for a fruit pie like blueberry, (which I chose), or rhubarb, or raspberry, $20 for non-fruit pies like pumpkin, key lime, banana creme, lemon chess.
So I went into the store, picked up my ordered blueberry pie, which was still hot from the oven, thought seriously about getting a slice of the chocolate chess pie for the road…it looked dangerously chocolate, but resisted.

We cut it last night…..the consensus? We studied it critically, as none of us had ever eaten a 25 dollar pie….it sliced easily and well, the crust was yummy, didn’t crumble, the filling stayed put in the pie without any sign of gooey stuff to hold it together(how do they do that?), and the filling was made from tiny sweet, wild blueberries…where do they get them? OK, it was delicious.
As Scooter said, (a man never given to overstatement), “Well, if you’re gonna pay that kinda money for a pie, I reckon that’s the one.” Nuff said.

Has this Embarassment Ever Happened to You??
June 21, 2007

I’m betting it has not. Because I’ve lived all these years without it happening to me…but, here’s what happened.
I was shopping at Towsontown Centre…for graduation gifts, not that that is pertinent to the situation, but you might be curious(got some Crate and Barrel gift cards).
I had duly noted where I was parked, just in case. Blue….C4…no prob. But when I come out, my car IS NOT THERE. I walk up and down and up and down the aisles where I am SURE I have parked,(don’t they all blend together) and I can’t even call anyone, because like an idiot, I left my cell phone in my car, which I’ve lost.

After roaming around for a while, I am thinking, somebody interested in saving money no gas has stolen my car!! (I drive a hybrid…I know I know, sainthood.) And then, come on you are insane, no one steals a hybrid. But on the other hand, it’s not there.
So I go to the emergency call box…and a guy answers on the other end.
“Yes, can I help you?” You sure can, buddy, you guys have let my car get stolen….of course I don’t SAY that, but instead, ” Ummm, I think my car has been stolen…I’ve been looking for a while and it is not here.”
He actually sighs….sighs! Then as I try to tell him where I am, he says “We see you. We have a car on the way to help you find it.”
“I know where I parked”, I insist….”Really, I took note of the letters and number..C-4.”
“Someone is on their way, ma’am”.
And in no time at all, there he is…with a little smirk on his face. “I know you think I’m crazy”, I say as I climb in, “but I really do know where I parked my car!”
I am more than a little indignant.
“Ummmm, it’s easy to get confused here”, he replies, as though he is talking to someone who is more than just a little unstable.
He drives me to C-4 West….where the thing more horrible than my car being stolen happens…the guy is right. There is my little car, waiting for me, wondering where I have been all this time. Or maybe it didn’t care, just happy for a rest.
There’s nothing to say but mumble something like “Oh, I must have confused the east and west and come up an exit early…I’m so sorry…gee whiz…blah, blah blah.”
He of course, doesn’t care a flying fig for whatever sorry I’m mumbling…..he’s done his part of the play..delivered the crazy woman to her car. He does this every day. Every day!

There he goes….he’s already forgotten me, but I won’t forget him soon. And I’ll be more careful about where I park.

June 19, 2007

Oprah touched a nerve today….hair. It is all about the hair. You do a great story, a great newscast, a great show….but if there’s something about your hair that’s off, it’s all for nothing. Nothing I tell you! Oprah had to address her flat hair issue that cropped up earlier in the season….yes, it was a rerun.

And sometimes, a hairstyle that looks fabulous in person, just doesn’t cut it in the studio. (Wow, did she just get out of bed? What happened to her hair?) So I knew that when I pulled my hair back into a bun, you’re tempting the fates. First thing viewers think when they see you, “Oh she cut her hair!” But then, they look a little longer and see, no, it’s not cut, it’s pulled back. By this time, you’ve missed the first couple of stories in the newscast and… see how it is.
But it has been soooooo hot, and with this heat and humidity, it’s not easy to have your hair looking its best. Any woman will tell you that, no matter what she does for a living.

And while I may get some negatory comments too, there was one waiting in my inbox before I even got off the air….

“Donna Hamilton’s new hairdo is absolutely wonderful. She looks stunning and much younger. Keep up the good work Donna. “

I appreciate that, I do….but as I pointed out to someone, older than what? I know, I know, I’m being too sensitive and I really like the stunning part…but we tend to parse compliments…actually, all women do. Someone tries to say something nice and all they get is, what did you mean by that?
Which…. gets me into another subject that I swore to myself I would not write about.
Which is…. IN PERSON YOU LOOK BETTER/THINNER/YOUNGER/PRETTIER. It’s too much to write about here….my next post.

June 19, 2007

Nickki writes in sympathy about the Blue Screen of Death…..

If you want a nice browser which is close to Safari go with Mozilla’s Firefox ( It is great and much better then Internet Explorer. People don’t try to create as many things for Firefox as they do Internet Explorer to make your life miserable for a few hours, such as getting rid of the blue screen. I have many browsers to test web pages on and I like the Firefox the best. I’ve learned don’t download new things until it has been out for a little. To make sure all the kinks are out. Nothing worse then the Blue Screen of Death.

I’m glad to see you got rid of the blue screen.

Hmmmmm, Nikki, I have heard nice tales from a few others of Mozilla’s Firefox…..and may give it a try, but I’m afraid until I get the Safari
un-downloaded, I don’t want to surprise my laptop, Zippy, with anything new. She’s very sensitive, and a little hurt right now over my recent callous, cavallier behavior.

BLue Screen of Death
June 19, 2007

The blue screen of death is what I had gotten, according to the webmaster at….a good hyperlink I think…

I showed it to you in my last post, and clearly I’m not the only one who’s seen this ominous and kinda threatening screen. It came to me again last night, when we were trying to uninstall the Safari browser from Apple, newly released onto the Windows public.
Safari no likee being uninstalled. At all.
Pulling it’s thin lips back into an approximation of a smile, it said something like, “So you blithely summon me forth, only to think you can dismiss me the next day? That I’m just a cheap one night stand that didn’t go so well? Not so fast, my pretty.” Well, it was free.
And it proceeded to drag it’s talons across my hard drive….or at least I think that’s what went on. It all happened so fast.
OK, that’s a lie. This all took hours last night. However, after a night of being shut down, my laptop tells me this morning in a tired little voice, that it had recovered…again…from a serious error. I think that error was mine, and I feel bad about what I’ve put my Inspiron, Zippy, through.

Zippy has never been anything but good to me, and then I go and expose her to forces more powerful than both of us. To Zippy…I’m sorry….I was a careless, naive downloader, without knowing how much space I had left, or how you felt about it. And it’s not all about me….Can we start again? Can we??