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You Don’t Know Jacques….
September 29, 2010

My new nail polish shade....

Like many of you, I am a creature of habit…I keep my hair the same color, I love things in grey, I have a yoga routine that I stick to…and I’ve been wearing the same shade of nail polish on my toes for years…a nice basic off-white. It goes with everything and I love it…not red, not orange, not pink…just…off white.

So my nail technician( do they call them that?) at my walk-in ($20 pedi-hollah!) nail place was kinda surprised when I stepped off the path and picked …You Don’t Know Jacques..a taupe/eggplant/gray shade. Seriously, that’s what it’s called. OPI…the nail polish company…must have someone in a back room with a sense of humor(I’m Not Really a Waitress) and who knows a little about history(remember Melon of Troy, anyone?), whose sole job is to creatively name polish colors.

Try it on...on longer nails than I'll ever have...

And OPI has a fun little feature I stumbled across on their website…a “Try it on” page-here’s a link, where you can pick the color of your skin and the length of nails(kinda-the shortest you could pick still looked pretty long to me)..but still, it’s fun to see what the different colors look like.

My daughter, who has loved the darker colors for a long time, had one thing to say about You Don’t Know Jacques…”Welcome to the 21st century, Mom“.

Spotted in Mt Vernon….Donna’s adventures at the Book Festival
September 28, 2010

Me and Ree..just chillin'...

Loved meeting Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond on Sunday…she was super nice and lots of fun…not that that’s a shocker. I was a little suprised that she wasn’t planning to speak first and then do some questions and answers….an hour is a long time to fill, but in the end it was easy, really. I asked everything I wanted to know, and then the audience had plenty of their own(great) questions.  Then Ree was off to the airport and back to Oklahoma and the ranch. We both agreed on one thing…when a woman travels for work occasionally, the best thing about it is a hotel room to yourself, a long bath and room service. Definitely. Also spotted in Mt. Vernon

Ham and eggs, potato pancakes and spiced apples...

Had a nice brunch at City Cafe  pre-book festival…hip spot that had quite a following(and there were two tv screens for one of us to follow football).

Hello pretty orange thing...

This is a Mimosa City Cafe style(huge)…and a cranberry something or other…reading glasses for perusing the menu.


Interesting footgear on the guy sitting in front of me at a food demonstration…I wonder if they’re comfortable…isn’t it hard to get your toes in the little toe thingies?

Isn't the carving gorgeous?

Beautiful doorway at a house on Mt. Vernon place….love the detail on the door and look closer at the ceiling light….

So delicate...soooo pretty...

Totally charming…and a guy had a big moving sale going on…but just as I was about to trip trop upstairs to look at his wares(rhymes, get it?)…someone grabbed me, and hustled me off, saying  it was time to interview Ree…foiled again.

Now That’s a rock….ever tried on a $600,000 diamond ring?
September 24, 2010

Wow….now that’s an engagement ring….

It really was amazing,  just the overall glitter, and sparkle, and sheer hunkiness of the thing….a gorgeous 5 and half carat diamond solitaire….at Tiffany’s, of course. I’m  not at all sure how I ended up on the invitation list for a little soiree last night at Tiffany’s…I knew all of 2 people there….the rest, complete strangers. But whatever, sure, I’d love to go to a party, so…. my daughter and I trotted over the check out the new Tiffany’s in Towson . And yes, they were checking names at the door, so you couldn’t just wander in….please.

Tiffany's party goers...well dressed, of course..

The place is, as you would expect…lovely. All done in silver and Tiffany blue…I would have taken more pictures, but my daughter was quite embarrassed at my doing so…”Mom, stop it…you’re acting like one else is taking pictures, and you’re making the sales people nervous.” I’m not really sure that last part is true…surely someone was snapping shots with cell phones….but I acquiesced to her need.

White wine AND jewelry? I'd love to...

We were gaping at the solitaires, and the one you see in the first pic in particular….a lovely woman came over and asked if we’d like to try it on.  My mouth was open to say, no…that’s ok…but my daughter beat me to it with a , “Yes, yes yes!!”  So in the end we both tried on a piece of jewelry that costs more than…my house… and our cars… and…. just about everything we own. Seriously, think about it….600 grand ON YOUR FINGER. That my friend, sets the rich apart from you and me. But Tiffany’s has something for almost every price range….you can get a key ring for about $50.

I’m heading off to Whole Foods right now…they have catfish on sale for $4.99 a pound today(someone who wears a big-ass diamond ring 1. doesn’t eat catfish and 2. doesn’t care if it’s on sale)…not sure what I’m doing with it…maybe a cornmeal-pecan coating and pan-fried?

Oh, and for those of you following my little war with SC Gamecocks fan Chris Dachille(if that’s his real name)….I had the IT guy here put the Auburn logo as his screen saver, and the fight song will play when he logs in….I mention it at the end of this blog, because I know Chris will NEVER read to the end of a blog about Tiffany’s jewelry! I hope he won’t see it until Monday…revenge is a dish best served cold. And thanks to all of you for your great ideas .

Anyway, it’s Friday…hope to see you at the Book Festival this weekend, and don’t forget Monday to bring your walking shoes to city hall (12:30) for a walk to the harbor with me and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake as a start to kick off Healthy City Days. Too much obesity, diabetes and heart disease in Baltimore…time to do something about it…join us!  Ne nice, don’t throw rocks, and come home safe…’cause we miss you!

Interview with the Pioneer Woman!!
September 22, 2010

Ree Drummond, no doubt contemplating our time together...

Sometimes I love my job, and then sometimes I really love my job…when I get to meet interesting people from different walks of life, and am allowed to ask them nosy questions that they would normally never stick around for, in the guise of an interview, of course.

 This weekend, I get that opportunity, to interview Ree Drummond, the creator of the Pioneer Woman blog!!  If you’ve never seen her webite and blog, click here..I guarantee you it will blow your mind, and you’ll never waste your time reading my little blog again. Seriously, it’s that good.

She cooks food that looks like this.....

She takes pictures that look like this...

And honestly, I don’t know how she does it all…cook… help run a ranch, homeschool her kids… write a kickass(sorry but it’s true) blog and website….take gorgeous pictures, and seem self-deprecating…. all at the same time.

Oh, and she’s really pretty too and married to the handsome Marlboro Man, the love of her life. I know…it seems that all this perfection would turn you off, but it’s just the opposite. You love her.

Ree's new cookbook...

And she has a new cookbook coming out(it is also drop dead gorgeous, obvie), so Ree is appearing at the Baltimore Book Festival, click here for more info this Sunday, and yours truly will get to introduce her, and then interview her on stage. Is she terribly nervous about this? Doubtful…but I can’t wait to meet the Pioneer Woman in person, and find out just how she does it all….maybe I can learn something about multi-tasking(trust me, I have much to learn). See you Sunday, Ree!

Vandalism? Or team decide....

Oh, and this is the sad sight that awaited me this morning as I entered the newsroom…Chris Dachille, sports producer and unfortunately, a fan of the South Carolina gamecocks, had papered(and ballooned) my desk in the  lamentable red and black colors of the team.

Subliminal tiger envy...poor Chris...

Alas, he himself  wore an orange shirt today….the color of the Auburn Tigers, who will probably devour the Gamecocks this Saturday(tigers eat chickens, don’t they?) Upping the ante C.D.?  Oh and readers…any ideas to get back at him that are 1. easy and 2. cheap. and 3. legal, would be welcome!!

Bad Muffy!…or, whose feathers are those?
September 21, 2010

Muffy, captured on a, what green eyes you have!

Many of you know Muffy…my lithe, snarky(complains if I pet her more than 20 seconds) little calico cat. She’s about 8 years old now… a truly finicky eater…when I put down her wet cat food, she sniffs it and waits expectantly for the topping that’s not really good for her…a sprinkle of dry food.

B to the G, watching tv...

 She gets it(of course) and will then eat… only a few bites. If I’m home with Muffy on a Saturday, I feed her  little spoonfuls all day long…it’s really the only way to get some food  into her, because whatever she leaves, Baby Girl, who’s furry body is as solid and round as Muffy’s is long and lean, eats whatever she leaves.

This morning, Muffy gets out. I really try to avoid this, as we have lots of birds around our yard, and Muff is quick as lightning, and moves on little silent feet.  But she is fast and can dart around your legs quicker than you can yell, “ Muffy, no!” And all my usual tricks to lure her in are to no avail.

Here, kitty, kitty, kitty......

 Usually shaking the dry cat food container will do it, or clicking my nails on a window or calling her name(ok, that almost never works)but none did it this morning…Muffy had birds on the brain. So I chase her around the yard for a while…she coyly lies on her back and rolls around but as soon as I get close….whish…she’s gone.

GET over slippery

She runs about 10 feet away and commences the seductive come-on sequence…repeat.  Finally I give up, because I have to go to work so I can afford to buy you nice cat food, you little….

Meow...let me in...and then clean the window...

I come down later, and sure enough, she’s at the back door, wailing as though I was the one who put her out in the cold(emotionally speaking). Please.

 And then… the worst of all, I find feathers in the yard. Muffy, what have you done?

Evidence of Muffy's perfidy....

No lifeless body, so I’m hoping …hoping hoping… this one escaped…. a few feathers lighter, but a wiser bird. Oh, Muffy…I can’t be mad at her, because it’s just what a cat does, you know? And you’re right, I have to be even more careful not to let her out…but, there it is.

Nothing like an old rusty gate…and a little college football…
September 20, 2010

Look out South Carolina....

Ok, the weekend was fab…the Auburn tigers pulled it out(it being the game) in the last half against a very tough Clemson tigers….all’s well that ends well, as the saying goes. Oh, and the bison burgers were also fab…with Roquefort topping for  blue cheese lovers, and pimento cheese topping for the pimento cheese lovers(and who doesn’t love homemade pimento cheese, y’all). And there are, let me tell you, quite a few South Carolina Gamecock fans in the newsroom, and as Auburn hosts them this weekend, how do they say…oh yeah….”Jimmy, it’s oooooonnnnn!!! “

I love the heart shapes on sweet...

The project of the weekend was putting up an antique metal gate I found at C-MArt( which I missed so badly while they were gone). There was a little green picket gate here before, which was falling apart, and I’ve always wanted an iron gate. The trouble with this one(and probably any old gate) is that it wasn’t really straight, and there was no easy way to connect the gate to the wall, since it came with absolutely no parts or hardware… just here’s you gate Ma’am,…good luck.

painting still to be done of the brick and the wood....

So we ordered old rusty hinges from the “ye olde rusty hinge catalogue“, and someone who’s way better than me at stuff like that attached it to another piece of wood and then  attached that piece of wood to the wall. It’s not finished yet, as you can see.  But overall, I like the look of it, and it functions well. Now just some painting to be done of the wood strip, and the brick where the wood that used to hold the wooden gate was. That’s probably my department….and next weekend’s project.

OVERHEARD IN THE NEWSROOM: “When Alabama plays Arkansas this weekend, if they win by one or they win by one-hundred, they’re the number one team in the country, and anyone who says differently is freakin’ wrong.”

Rescue from a nightmare “rescue farm”…and it’s Friday people!
September 17, 2010

This horse weighed 900 pounds in July, now down to 700..

Ok, this is a story you must see tonight on 11 News at Five….about horses that were given to a “horse rescue”  place in West Virginia….because the owners couldn’t care for them anymore, but here’s the catch. The woman who runs the “rescue” place….puts these horses out to pasture with no feed and no water. They were slowly dying from hunger and dehydration. What a terrible cruelty…and worse because the place accepted healthy animals and starved them. Who would do such a thing? Collect money to care for animals and then deny them any sustenance? 

This vet said, "He's just bones covered by skin."

Luckily an investigation led to their true rescue…those in worst shape were taken to Day’s End Farm (here’s a link)in Howard County…where the horses are being rehydrated and fed, and hopefully, brought back to health.  As the vet in the story said about these horses…”They’re just bones covered by skin“.  Even these people at Days End who are used to seeing malnourished and abused animals, were shocked. 

Worker at Day's End Farm....

Honestly, it just makes me very very sad…and then very very mad. There’s just no excuse at all…I hope you’ll watch Rob Roblin’s story at five. Rob asked me  if we should warn viewers that the video might be disturbing….I told him people should be disturbed. That if you can see something like that and NOT be disturbed something is wrong with you.  So if you’re disturbed tonight, you can blame me.  Here’s a link for more details about Rob’s story

OK, enough about that,,,happy thoughts, happy thoughts…it’s Friday people!! Friday after a somewhat stressful week. I’m gonna have dinner with my sweet daughter tonight(135% Wine Bar in Hampden), and Auburn plays Clemson Saturday night…hollah!! We’re doing bison burgers with a choice of toppings(tba toppings)…sweet potato fries and a black bean salad. And, something for dessert(hello, Sugarbakers?)…so all is well. Hope all of you have a great weekend…play nice, don’t throw rocks, and come home safe(that all takes on special significance to me after this week)…’cause we miss you.

Did she “ask for it”?…and those #^*#* jeans….
September 15, 2010

Yowza....those jeans are...fitted...

Ok, it’s no crime to be pretty. In fact, in this business, it is a definite asset,  if not a requirement(these days).  So when Azteca sports reporter Ines Sainz… wore a pair of  skin tight jeans and a fitted  white shirt into the NY Jets locker room…was she “asking for it” ? You know…the cat calls, comments and whistles that followed?  Ummmm, yes…and no. 

Hey, when the ladies get dressed in the morning, whether you’re in your 20s or your(ahem) 50s….most of us are dressing for others. We wear clothing that makes us look our best, our most attractive…well,…packages the assets and  minimizes the flaws, ok? How many outfits end up on the closet floor, because we take a look in the mirror and say….”NO !” And move on in search of…something else.  It’s just the way most of us are, you know?  And I can tell you, I’ve seen some college interns in our newsroom that look they were headed for a day at the beach…bare shoulders and backs, skirts that barely covered the essentials….yeah. But that doesn’t mean the guys in the newsroom get to comment or whistle or cat call them. The guys may think some things(probably do..come on), but there is a level of decorum that is required in a business, even if the woman involved doesn’t seem to get that(or doesn’t care). 

It's no crime to be it?

So I’m just gonna put it out there that Ines knew exactly how she looked in her GD jeans. What are GD jeans, you may ask?  A very curvy reporter who once worked at WBAL(and shall remain anonymous)told me about hers…(you do know what GD stands for right)?  She said that whenever she wore these jeans that caressed her curves, some guy would inevitably exclaim… with feeling, “G**  d#*^, girl !”  So Ines put on her GD jeans and sashayed forth to high def tv, knowing she would also get a “GD, girl!”….and she did. Dying of embarrassmentt? Please. 

But that said, football players in locker rooms  need to know they need to keep their GD mouths shut.  Look all you want my friend….it’s free…but comments are gonna cost you. That’s just the way it is. And shouldn’t that always be true? A woman should not have to wear a burka or a mid calf skirt and sweatshirt in there to avoid male attention. In fact, the coach needs to say, “Guys, I don’t care if she comes in here wearing  pasties and a g-string, keep your big, testosterone-laden, entitled mouths shutterinsky. Get Me? Got me? Good.” 

Women sports reporters deserve the same respect that anyone gets….I would guess it’s not easy covering male sports like football, and while looking like a hottie may have helped get the job, you have to work even harder to truly be taken seriously by the guys. So hats off to them. But maybe button one more button? I’m just sayin’.

What’s new on my prioritizer….get your tv life in order!
September 13, 2010

Fringe…one of the best series on Fox…

 Don’t you wish life had a prioritizer…so that all the things that you thought were so important…like organizing your tea towels and scrubbing the deck with a toothbrush…you find are not important after all, because you spend no time doing them. The prioritizer on my tv, is a list of 50 shows that are recorded when they come on, because I presumably want to watch them. But every so often the prioritizer(can we  just call it the PR-it’s so much work to type) has to be told what is and what is not important, because  if a show isn’t on the list, it isn’t recorded…it’s like it never existed, or existed only in a parallel universe! And speaking of that,  Fringe, the show about a parallel universe that exists right along side us, though we don’t know it(yes, there’s another you)…is #1 on my prioritizer. I love this show and I adore Walter! Oooh, is it Olivia or Nolivia? The season 3(I think) premiere is Sept. 23rd…be there. 

The Event....are you ready?

Also in this genre is a newbie that I’m recording…The Event…much ballyhooed by NBC( who lets face it, is likely to promo the hell out of a show and then cancel it unceremoniously if it doesn’t take off like a shot…remember The Nine, anyone? Or Kidnapped or Mercy? I’m just sayin’)….so I’m taking a chance getting emotionally invested in The Event. Anonymous here at work said, “Watch the first episode, and then look at the ratings. If they’re terrible, give it up because you know it’s gonna get canceled.” Good advice. The Event…here’s a clip…. premiere’s  on NBC(which means a lot of people in Maryland won’t watch because of the Ravens game-dvr alert!!). Tonight, Sept, 13th(oops-I mean the 20th), 9pm. Sorry.

Ooooh, the waves, the music, the big guns!










Hawaii Five-O, CBS…I’ll give this one a try. You know the song, you know the title, you know the setting….a nice re-boot, and who knows, it might be good.  

Terriers…here’s the week one replaythis one has already premiered last week, and I liked the first episode. Unlikely heroes, and funny. Will I keep watching? Ask the PR….FX–Wednesdays at 10pm. 

Raising Hope…Fox must like this one because it got the time slot after  GLEEwhich I’m also obsessed with. The first episode trailer which you can see here..…made me laugh out loud, because my first car seat for my son looked just like the one you see in the promo(hey it was years ago)….and what happens to the baby in the car,tumbling over, also happened to me, kinda, because I too, didn’t have the seat secured properly(what did I know??).  I should point out no one was injured and my son was laughing…he thought it was a great trick, though I almost had a heart attack). FOX-Sept,. 21st, 9pm

Oh, Jimmy, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, Hey Jimmy...

Outlaw….NBC. I don’t really expect to be carried away, but I do ♥♥ me some Jimmy Smits, sooooo, I’m recording it, but like every new show, it’s on probation. Sept. 24th, 10pm.  

Outsourced-NBC. It could be funny though I didn’t really like the trailer…especially the grits line(Lordie, I am unduly irritated by fake southern accents-can’t stand it)…but I truly loved the movie of the same name(you should Netflix it if you’ve never seen it)…we’ll see if tv does a decent job.  Sept. 23rd-9:30pm. 

Still the smartest, funniest show on tv....

Shows coming back that I love and have a place on my PR….Parenthood-Sept. 14th NBC….Glee-Fox, Sept, 21st, Brothers and Sisters-ABC, Sept. 26th,…Gossip Girl(you know you love me)-Fox, Sept. 13th…The Good Wife/CBS…Sept. 28th, 8 pm….30 Rock/NBC (hall of fame category and they’re doing a live broadcast on Oct. 14th!), Sept. 23rd…. and of course, Mad Men(obvie)….season already in progress.

Ok enough…. if none of this has inspired you…find your own shows. Here’s TV Guide’s Premiere calendar.  Now get out there and find a show you love! They have to be good, because let’s face it, there’s only so much time for tv….

Remembrance….looking back on 9-11
September 11, 2010

I woke up early this pretty, sunny morning thinking…it happened today, nine years ago. I had been walking our beloved dog Scout, later than usual, and when I strolled through the front door, my husband told me that a plane had flown into the World Trade Tower. And thus began, like for so many of you, a day of  watching things you didn’t think were even possible…things more terrible than we shall ever hope to see in again in our lifetimes. Scout was alive then, so was my little Mother, so were so many  who do not walk the earth today.

And what lessons do we take away from the horror of that day? Honestly, I’m not sure. That sometimes terrible things that you could never foresee happen. That sometimes those terrible things happen to good people who do not deserve it. I do not believe that it was meant for any of those who died to have been where they were, not do I believe that those who went to work late, or called in sick, or were away on vacation, were saved for some reason. They were simply lucky..fortunate my Mother would say, not lucky. Lucky is when you find a five dollar bill on the  street…fortunate is when you escape death while others did not.

The only lesson I know for sure is that life is fragile and fleeting, never made more clear to us than on that day. When we walk out our front doors, none of us knows for sure if we will return to our families that evening. We operate under the assumption that we will…but one never knows. So savor the sunshine today and hope for some rain… kiss your children and call your Mother, as they will not always be here. As Robert Herrick wrote in the 1600s….Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
Old Time is still a-flying:…And this same flower that smiles to-day, To-morrow will be dying
.  He wrote the poem about fleeting beauty, but it is also about the fleeting nature of life in general. So we all go forth today remembering those who are no longer with us, thankful that we have another day, hopefully to put to good use. Savor it, there won’t be another day just like it…ever. Isnt’ that an astonishing thought?