Snowver…..I’m so over snow…..
February 22, 2011

The woodpile, from my window....sigh...

Yeah,  the snow was pretty falling last night, and lovely and pristine white when I woke up…then I thought about all my compatriots at WBAL who had to be in to work at 3:30 am…or earlier…to go on the air at 4:30. Youza. That must have been some interesting driving, made better only by the fact that there’s almost no one else on the roads at that time.

I started to go outside to bring in another load of wood….this is our secondary woodpile, the first cord of wood(and the closer to the house cord)having been used up maybe a month ago. But the secondary pile is further…and you have to trek through more snow to get there and back….so I just shrugged and made a cup of tea.

One of the producers here who has an early morning call, and lives on Charles Street, said he has never seen Charles(a major thoroughfare) as bad as it was this morning….even in the blizzards last year. I couldn’t figure that out….is the city saving some money by not putting out the plows? Dunno. Luckily the sun is out doing its job….and with warmer temps on the way this week, the meltoff should be rapid. But I’m “snowver“….so over snow. Done. Kaput. Ready for spring. Ready for this….

Smith Lake living....

or this…..

Iced tea on the porch...

or this….

Donna on the beach....

Yeah, that’s the one…


Creeping through the snow…
January 18, 2008

0117081434.jpgPretty isn’t it? But yesterday turned out to be a bigger snow event than I was expecting. I had no snow boots with me, was wearing high heels, and was generally unprepared. The only positive thing I did was fill up my car. The always kind Tom Tasselmayer asked me, “Why were you surprised? We did forecast possibly several inches of snow.”
Ummmmmmm….I know, but it’s surprising how little attention you can pay to forecasts when you hear then constantly all day. As my Mother might say…”Not the sense God gave a goat.” She is blunt that way.
Anyway, I lah-tee-dahed off to a hair appointment yesterday at 1:00…not really thinking anything about it and had no trouble getting there. A quick trim, finished at 2:00, OK now the snow has really been coming down. But I tiptoe through the slush…in heels…to my car, and begin the drive up Charles Street. Again, slow but not terrible. Passing the JFX, it looks suspiciously like a parking lot, so I continue up Charles….so clever…I’ll just cut over on University BLVD, and across the 41st St. bridge.
Sounded good anyway. Took me 45 minutes to get to the turn off University to 41st St., and now there is no action at all. AT ALL. Hello, all my fellow drivers in agony. What the heck is going on up there??
I had plenty of time to take pictures with my cell phone of people waiting, possibly a very long time for the bus. God bless you all. And a happier sight…a little boy strolling along eating the world’s biggest snowball. 0117081503.jpg
BUT THIS REALLY GOT TO ME….. After spending a half hour moving about an inch every 15 minutes or so….the lady in the red SUV pulls past us all in the left hand turn lane.0117081513.jpg I thought, “Lady you BETTER be turning left into the Rotunda, or there will be war!!” And just as I thought, she simply used the clear lane to get as far forward as she could, AND THEN PUT ON HER RIGHT BLINKER!! Oh please, by all that is holy, do not let her in…do not let her in…oh great, someone let her in. And bad behavior is rewarded once again. I know, I know, you’re thinking, just let them in, be a good sport, do your good deed for the day. blah, blah, blah. And on any other day, I’d probably agree with you. But not yesterday my friend, not yesterday.