Have a piece(or mice) of the Zuckerberg wedding..
May 23, 2012

Credit:Allyson Magda Photography

Ok I cannot for the life of me remember where I read about this…Facebook maybe? Twitter? An article?

Chocolate Shop on Harvard Square in Cambridge

But the story was that at the super hush-hush Mark(aka Facebook)Zuckerberg wedding…they ditched the wedding cake and  served some cunning little chocolate mice made by a confectioner on Harvard Square, which Mark and his bride had on their first date. So romantic.

First thought, I want some. And I knew you would want me to try them. I did it for you, OK? Went online to L.A Burdick Chocolates…which said: “CONGRATULATIONS to Priscilla and Mark!  We are thrilled to have been a part of your special day. We want to extend the celebration to your wide circle of friends with a celebratory 9 mouse wood box wrapped with blue and white ribbons, stamped with a heart-shaped wax seal.”

Here they are….with cold packs inside…

Now I reallywant some…and for $20(plus shipping), I did it, and they arrived two days later.

And underneath the neatly wrapped tissue paper…

And inside the box, six dear little mice!

Aren’t they precious?

And there they are…six little mice with blue and white silk tails. The dark chocolate has an orange flavor interior, the milk chocolate is mocha , and the white chocolate has cinnamon. I haven’t eaten one yet…they’re just too darn cute. And these aren’t poured in a mold…no way…they’re all piped and decorated by hand. As it says on the Burdick website, “bon gout ne peut mentir”…which in English means “good taste cannot lie”. I suspect it can, and often does, but perhaps not this time. I have a piece of the Zuckerberg wedding!

Good News and Bad News….first the bad…
June 29, 2011

yes, I know.... I should have gotten a case...

This is possibly one of the saddest sights in the world…a new iPhone 4…with a shattered screen. My daughter kept telling me…”You’d better get a case for it.”…”You don’t have a case for it yet??” And last night I paid the price…dropped it on a stone patio at just the right angle and….shattered. The phone still works…all the functions seem fine(except the audio for the video camera seems crackly to nonexistent). I will go to Apple and see what they can do for me(besides selling me a full price new phone-no thanks)…and after that, will call Mac Medics and home for a happy ending.  Someone on Facebook told me they washed their husband’s iPhone in the laundry. 😦

Not as colorful as her mate, but still beautiful

Much sadder than the iPhone screen is the loss of one of my momma cardinals this morning….I had been out watering plants, and came upon Muffy with its little body. Broke my heart…we have two pair of cardinals that seem to live around our garden….and then to see the male cardinal later, obviously looking for her…calling cheep, cheep, cheep…I wish I could tell him, that she wasn’t coming back, not this time buddy. I really hated that, but there it is…

Shady licking his chops after some food....

Now on to some better news…I need it after writing that last paragraph….Shady(that’s what we call him because he loves to sleep in the shade) is a male tabby cat that has taken up here at WBAL for the past week or so. He’s neutered, and super friendly…loves to be petted, but very skinny. We started feeding him…hey, I couldn’t let him starve…and then set about trying to find him a proper home. Lots of people like him but already have pets(including me)….so we’ve been updating everyone on Facebook about Shady’s situation(this cat needs his own Facebook page).

Elizabeth Silber, of the Baltimore Humane Society

And here’s the great thing about Facebook…my daughter posted my picture of Shady on her page, and a young woman she used to know in high school, Elizabeth Silber(her friends call her Lizzy), is now PR director at the Baltimore Humane Society(it’s a small world after all…)saw Shady and  called WBAL morning, and said they would come and get Shady, and make sure he got medical care and a home! How great is that?  In case you’re wondering, they are a no-kill shelter.

Shady enjoying the shade...

And if he is not adopted by next Thursday(which I think he will be)…Shady will be on 11 News at Noon….the star he was born to be. Here’s a video of Shady leaving the building..sorry about the audio…but…refer to paragraph 1. Get a case. And thanks Baltimore Humane Society!

Et tu, U 2?? Donna heads to the concert….and meets Santa!
June 22, 2011

Picky, picky....hope my iPhone isn't considered off-llimits?

Yes I am going to the much talked about U2 360 Tour tonight, at M and T Bank Stadium…I got quite a lot of questions from people on Facebook this morning….to answer some of them: Yes I bought them, no I’m not selling them, yes I know it is VERY hot and muggy tonight, and yes, I know there may be storms. And yes, I am looking forward to the concert. I will rush from the set at 6(do not get in my way), run home, change, stuff down a sandwich-in the car-on the way to the stadium-park far, far away and hike it. That’s living.

Looking at Bono, from faaaarrrrr away....

But the assignment desk now tells me that umbrellas are also verboten tonight…makes sense I guess…if it rains, you can’t pop your umbrella up in a crowd like that, so attendees had better pop a plastic poncho in their pocket, if they can’t stand the idea of getting wet(from rain…sweat will be a different issue)….and you can see from the sign above posted outside the stadium, other items are also off-limits. And I really wanted to take my beach ball!

Hi Santa...whatcha doing this summer??

I met the cutest man at Mercy Medical Center this morning-click here….he has been Santa Claus for 15 years at a local mall…and you can see why…he has the most perfect, fluffy white whiskers. Mrs. Claus was upstairs getting a mammogram while he waited in the lobby, so I had a little chat with him…about his interesting tattoo!….enjoy….And as you hear that first roll of thunder tonight, remember me sitting in the elements, unprotected…but as my Mother always reminded me….”You’re not made of sugar, you won’t melt.” 🙂

It’s the weekend baby! Ballroom update, egg whites and a new dish to try..
May 27, 2011

The motto I have yet to live up to.....I'm just sayin'

This is the sign I see every day I go to the Arthur Murray Studio on York Road….Hmmm…”Dance like no one is watching“…..easier said than done I’ve found. One, because I’m not a good dancer, and two, because people ARE watching…or they will be on June 3rd. But I’m trying to put aside all that and just march forward( I mean dance forward)…if you haven’t seen the little snippets of my lesson on-line  you can watch it here.  Though I have to tell you it’s not all like that..being corrected, there is some “Very good” thrown in….really.

Herbal tea, egg white concoction, vitamins and my Jambox start the day...

Ok, this morning I shared on Facebook my breakfast for today….an egg white-blueberry concoction, vitamins and herbal tea…as one person commented, “Yech…that would make me want to go back to bed.” I get that(and for a moment I wanted to)….but for another week I’m trying the Perricone Metabolic Diet….in which you eat the concoction for breakfast and lunch, with the vitamins, and then for dinner you get salmon(6 0z) a cup of steamed brocoli and a watercress(try finding that in most supermarkets) salad with lemon juice and a little olive oil. I’ve been on it since Tuesday, and I can already tell I’ve lost some weight….but can I say I will be sooooooo glad when it’s over? I’ll tell you how it was at the end of it. Luckily grilled salmon and salad isn’t too hard to find in restaurants.

The ingredients for a very fine dinner.....

And for those of you NOT on a prescribed diet….here’s a dish I made a few weeks back that was delish. Saute some onion, garlic, fresh basil(added at the last minute) and grape tomatoes in olive oil…and toss with fresh pasta….add a little cream if you like, and be transported to heaven!! Loves it. But whatever you cook, do with love, and care, and I’m sure it will fine. Have a fab weekend, don’t throw rocks, cook with love and come home safe, ’cause we miss you!

Lady in Waiting?….Pippa serving Kate could be great or a royal sister catfight…
May 11, 2011

Pippa almost stole the show on wedding day...

Ok, now that Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate, now Duchess of Cambridge, one day much more…has made such a huge splash around the world….and become a celebrity in her own right(the Facebook page Pippa Middleton Arse Appreciation Society  pops to mind)….comes (unofficial)word that big sister has asked little sister to be her Lady in Waiting. Yes, that’s a real job.

some say Wills married the wrong sister...I disagree..

And while it’s nice for Kate to ask her sister to take the position, I can imagine some issues…after all, they ARE sisters. Know everything about the other, weaknesses, frailties, soft spots….and some sisters don’t hesitate to use those knives, if provoked. Keep in mind, being a lady-in-waiting today, isn’t like the old days, when they helped the royal get dressed, put out their clothes, etc., …today it is really more of a confidant that one trusts absolutely not to blab, and maybe help with a little correspondence or travel with her or  entertaining. Not a bad gig.

Pippa, striding toward a new job??

Can you imagine if it was otherwise? “Pippa, I simply must have some undies washed by hand tonight…you know how delicate they are, and I cannot trust anyone else not to put them on Ebay!” 

But Kate, It’s one am and I just got in from a party…”

Pippa, YOU are my lady-in-waiting. Wash the damn knickers!”

You see what I mean. And there is no blood badder than bad sister blood. It can get nasty. Which is difficult for me to understand, because my two sisters and I have always(for the most part) gotten along so well. So if Kate(the now royal one) and Pippa( the fun sister, rumor has it), really are good friends and get on together, it could be a dream Lady in Waiting-ship. I can only imagine some of the perks(clothes, invitations, etc,) could be killer. “What kind of detergent did you want on those knickers?”

Pork Two Ways….and Culinary Sins…
January 21, 2011

Why do people leave these all over the newsroom????? WHY?

I know it’s Restaurant Week in Baltimore-check it out here…great deals at wonderful dining establishments( and trust me I’ll be checking them out next week), so it feels it a little Grinch-like to be eating at home this weekend. And it doubly shaming, after admitting in a post yesterday on Facebook, about my crumbling Nacho Cheese Doritos on top of  my healthy salmon lunch…that amused people(one person commented “Take heart, this is but a minor gastronomical infraction–a culinary misdemeanor rather than a felony.”  Funny….if co-workers would just stop bringing them into the newsroom! They’re so addicting. I had one and…you know.

But we have some friends coming over this weekend from the Eastern Shore to pick up Maryland honey that I bought for them at the Farmer’s Market this summer….(we got together one night at a restaurant and who forgot to bring the honey? you guessed it…). She says local honey got rid of her allergies, believe it or not.

Pork Shoulder...an under-appreciated cut...

So I feel like I owe them some good  grub…and we’re eating in. I think I will do Pork Two Ways from  Highlands Bar and Grill in Birmingham…it’s a slow cooked pork shoulder and pork belly, with some turnips, carrots and onions thrown in for good measure(and maybe some bourbon, I can’t remember). But let me tell you it is fabulous eating.

Love love love beets and cheese in a salad!

I’ll roast some beets for a beet and blue cheese salad…made some orange marmalade vinaigrette this morning(it’s really good too)….maybe some risotto to snuggle alongside the pork and we’ll call it dinner. Yes?

On the meantime, I have to get a new ice scraper…I found my self using a WBAL baseball cap to scrape the snow off my windshield this morning, and a couple of weeks ago, I used a coat hanger. I know, I know. Anyway, have a lovely weekend, stay warm, do something nice for a friend, and come home safe…’cause we miss you!

To Facebook or not to Facebook? And the Blue Screen of Death….
July 18, 2008

Lowells Facebook page...

Lowell's Facebook page...

Yesterday, WBAL-TV reporter Lowell Melser said to me, pretty much out of the blue…”Are you on Facebook? (and when I shook my head)…”You should be on Facebook“. And then then went on to list all the people  in the newsroom who are. It was a pretty good list, though many people are not, and a few(babies) are on My Space.

“Well, uhm…Why should I? What’s in is for me?”, I politely inquired.

Reporter Josh Davidsburg piped up, “It’s social networking”, as though he was speaking someone who was a little Facebook impaired…true enough I guess.

“Josh, I know what Facebook is, but still the question, what’s in it for me? I mean why should I?”

And here’s the thing. No one ever really fully answered that question. My son and daughter are on Facebook, that I know. And I know there are plenty of actual adults, not just teens and 20-somethings, who are also on Facebook. But can anyone explain to me what one actually does there? I mean, is it an easy way to keep up with people that you’d otherwise not see or communicate with? That would be pretty cool, though it also assumes the idea that people you know and want to communicate with, are also on Facebook. Would it enable me to stay in better contact with my taciturn emailer son? I don’t know, maybe. I hear he’d have to “friend” me….. I might really enjoy it…I mean, I heard a lady in the grocery line ahead of me say, “All this computer stuff, I just don’t fool with it.” I wanted to tell her that she was missing out on some things that might make her life better, that she really could do it, and should become computer literate. I remained mute, of course. Nothing worse than a tv person telling you should be doing. The audacity.

Sooooooo, I put it to you. Are you on Facebook? Do you like it? What do you get out of it, and is it worth my time and trouble? Take a lot of time?

Blue Screen of Death!

Blue Screen of Death!

And on to the blue screen of death….it’s started showing up more and more often when I turn on my laptop at home. So far, I’ve been able to restart her (a Dell), and it goes away, but the fatal error thingie is kinda scary. And I didn’t do anything…..just closed all the windows I had opened and then gently closed it. Is my computer starting to breathe very shallowly….you know what I’m saying…is it…dying? Noooooooooo….I love it, and though it’s a few years old, surely it has some life left in it. Any ideas on what I should do to it?

  Anyway, it’s Friday()….there’s Artscape this weekend..always fun…and sweaty. Stay cool, be nice and come home safe. Cause we miss you….