The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree…Donna’s baby girl blogs too…
January 7, 2011

A girly blog look...for a girly girl...

I’ve told you quite a bit about my daughter(tmi?)…about difficulties she had in school-post here from May 2009-about her moving into her first apartment-post here from Jan. of 2010-(and we’ve made some changes in the apartment since then…I am her official decorator, and I’m cheap). But I’ve always told her, in high school and in college, that she should go to the school paper and offer to write a column about hair and skin care products….because that’s what she loves. She has always been fascinated with hair products and skin care and makeup…she just loves it. And while she never took my advice back then(more’s the pity), she is doing it today in the blogging world.

Her blog is called Recession is the New Blonde-here….and while she may need to change the name when the recession is over(oh, that’s right, everyone keeps telling us it IS over…but),  her focus is on reviewing beauty products that work for her. Hey, I didn’t even know you could get pure hylauronic acid for a moisturizer…and I should know about all that stuff. I love the look of the blog…it is so her…and she is doing something I’ve thought about trying for a while…video blogs.

Doing a blog just out of the shower? That's brave....

And her posts have gotten her some attention…she has been added to the blogging team of Lock and Mane-here, an upscale hair product and hair accessories website. I’ve ordered from them before..they have an extensive collection, and I love the fact that anything over $25 gets free shipping(you know I love that). Here is my girl’s first video blog for them-here reviewing a conditioner called Alterna. Pricey, but she says you only need a little.

If you think I am proud of her…you would be correct. When kids are little, you always wonder what they will be like when they are adults, you know? Will they be funny? Kind? Smart? What? And then when you really start to see the final product, it’s so lovely to be able to breathe a sigh of relief…yeah, she’s wonderful, she never needed braces, and she’s gonna make it on her own(hey MTM). Just wanted to share a little slice of happiness with you on this Friday. Have a great weekend…stay warm, cook something luscious(and eat it), play nice and come home safe…’cause we miss you!

Earth Day Flotsam and Jetsam….
April 22, 2009

Let’s be honest I’ve been a bad blogger this week…very bad, but it has been a busy busy busy week. Last weekend I was in New York to check out wedding stuff…the park , the restaurant, the loft where we are staying AND having a party. And I’m kind of rethinking the “Oh I can do that” mentality. Yeah.  I think I could use some help, so there is another search.

Wet Earth Day....

Wet Earth Day....

But still…it’s earth day, and while it was a soggy drive into work, I ws thinking how appropriate it is that the thing that keeps us all going on this little planet….the rain….is involved in this day. One day I was kind of whining (sorry) about the rain that had been going on for a few days, and Chief Meteorologist Tom Tasselmayer….wouldn’t you know it would be him…said, “Have you ever stopped to think about what  a miracle the rain is?”  So…think about that the next time a rainy day depresses you!

Let’s see…what else….Sandy wrote in about  composting(also appropriate for Earth Day…” For 4 years I’ve composted all the veggie and fruit waste at the Inn and restaurant. To keep fruit flies at bay, I use a large cookie container with a screw top, then every few days we empty it… works wonders!” Thanks Sandy…that’s a good idea….

Erin wrote in about my Puttanesca post saying ” I just wanted to thank you for the recommendation! Immediately after reading your blog on Friday, I clicked on the La Scala website and made reservations. My husband and I aren’t foodies like you, but we thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience and LOVED our meals. ”  Sandy, you are welcome. We do what we can for foodies in training.

And this from Nicole….” Do enjoy reading your blog… One subject I’m curious to hear from you on in your blog… the Susan Boyle thing (British talent lady?). Curious what your feelings and your opinions are on the subject!” Nicole, my thoughts really have been…why is everybody so shocked and amazed that an older woman who is not a beauty can actually sing. Ohmigod!! It’s incredible! Unbelievable!! How can someone so…so…ummm…eyebrow challenged can have a lovely voice????? What a premium we put on beauty in this world….sad really. But for Susan, I am thrilled. And as others have noted, she does indeed have the voice of an angel. Perhaps now others will see for what she has always been, a lovely talented woman, deserving of note.

It’s that crazy-making time of year….
December 18, 2008

Im sorry about what this picture does to my nose...its not that big.....

I'm sorry about what this picture does to my's not that big.....

It’s starting…I’m beginning to have that tight, achy feeling in my back between my shoulder blades….I never get that until I start getting really stressed. Oh yeah, and there’s kind of a crazy look in my eyes…take today, for instance. I’m off after today through xmas week…which is a great thing, but today I need to write a story for air next week, I have recycling in my car that needs to taken to the recycling place, I’m starting to worry about gifts that have not been delivered(where are they and will they come next week?), today is the WBAL party here at the station, and I need to drop by there at lunchtime…which is good…you can schmooze and get lunch all at the same time….I have a ton of calls I need to make, including one to Cover Girl Cosmetics, to let them know a a story featuring them (about why many of us cannot, cannot resist a new product on the makeup aisle) will air tomorrow at five. Oh, and there’s a newscast to edit, makeup to put on, hair to do, and I’m having company over tomorrow night for dinner….what on earth am I serving…I really need to write out a little food plan, so I don’t miss anything. Except my sanity.

It’s time for deep breathing…deep belly yoga breathing. Or my back might do that funny thing it did last Christmas Eve….I was seriously flat on my back and could not move. My family had to cook dinner(they did a great shrimp and butternut risotto). And looking back on it, I’m pretty sure it was just plain old stress, that I totally put on myself, like Dr. John Sarno talks about.  I’m not gonna do that again….my mantra, which I keep repeating…is “things don’t to be perfect , things will NOT be perfect, and that’s ok”. My boss Michelle just stopped by desk, and told me how she actually bakes pecan pies for about 6 neighbors every year. Every freaking year! And she is freaking out because she doesn’t know when she’s gonna do them this year. Hmmmmm. I sense a theme here.

Maybe it just comes with the territory of the holidays that this pervasive sense of duty and tradition and obligation and perfectionism comes out in all of us. Or some of us, anyway. I just took a deep belly yoga breath. It was good. I’ll take another one later. Oh yeah, and even though I will be off….I will also be blogging through the holidays. I’ll just put it on the to-do list.

If I just didn’t have to do my work….
June 19, 2008

You know, I’d blog a lot more often if I were a real blogger. I really wonder what bloggers do all day….But I’m just a kinda-sometimes blogger. When I got in today there was a story from the feeds that the producer wanted me to cut down and put some voiceovers in….technical talk for rework the piece, for the 5:00 newscast. And then something still staring me in the face…an online sexual harassment seminar we all have to complete( I think I’m already past the deadline…whoops..but I was off last week), and a story that airs on Monday needs to be logged (lots of looking at tapes, writing down what is said and what time on the tape it is located), and written today so it can be edited tomorrow, so I can shoot a story tomorrow about…oh, I can’t tell you that because if I did, our competitors might decide to do the story too, and try to get it on before us. Sneaky. Reminds me of a line from the movie Oh Brother Where Art Thou….the radio station manager who discovers the Foggy Bottom Boys, in a chat about the competition, says “Oh, mercy yes…got to beat that competition!” Hilarious line…at least it was in the movie. Seems to lose a little something in print. Sigh.

Sooooooo, if I didn’t have all this stuff to do (for which I get paid, and I do like that), then I could blog my little heart out. That, by the way, is not an invitation to my boss to make that happen for me….No siree…it’s more an explanation, ok rationalization, as to why sometimes I don’t get it done as often as I’d like. 

wronged by a thong?Oh, here’s a little note to the Today Show…which I generally love. Please don’t allot so much time  to a strange woman and her strange attorney who are suing Victoria’s Secret, because a buckle holding her thong underwear together popped and hit her in the eye.  Oh, we’ll have the story, be assured of that. But I thought I detected a bit of annoyance, maybe impatience, from Meredith Viera at having to do such a banal interview for so long, over such a nothing of a story.  It was worth 30 seconds at best…which is probably what we’ll give it tonight at five.