DVR Showdown…Kardashians vs. Olberman
August 10, 2009


The not touch...

The playlist…do not touch…

OK, here’s the problem with three adults living in the same house….there is much that is good about it…always someone to talk to, hang out with, go somewhere with…but 3 willful inhabitants trying to control the dvr list is turning into a little slice of hell, with yours truly stuck smak dab in the middle.(Oh, and I should add, one show Hung , is not porn, but a funny and quite insightful show on HBO)

The latest clash went like this. My daughter…23, newly graduated, looking for a job, bored…you know the type…loves the reality program Keeping Up with the Kardashians  on ETV….oh, you’ve not heard of  it? Let me fill you in, my little cultural ignoramus…The Kardashians, as in Kim Kardashian(who seems to the most prominent of the group, except for Bruce Jenner–yes that Bruce Jenner)…a blended family of Momma Kris (exwife of O. J. attorney Robert Kardashian), Olympic champion Bruce, her 3 Kardashian daughters and one son, and the two kids she has with Bruce.  It basically  follows these people around while they do whatever it is they do…blah, blah, blah. My daughter likes to record the episodes at all hours of the night and day. Saturday she was incensed..”Daddy erased my KUWTK(let’s use this for short, okie dokie?)…just so he could see that boring Keith Olberman! That’s not polite to just delete my recording request!!

The retort from her Father went something like this…”It’s my television and my dvr, and I’m not going to worry about some silly show like KUWTKs!! And by the way, last week, you canceled my recording of Olberman, and that’s not nice either!”

Yeah, but Olberman also comes on at 1 AM and 4 AM…you can record it then!”

So I can watch a current events show the next day? NO thank you, I want to see it that night!
You see what I mean. And the dvr can only accommodate two programs at once. So you can’t record 3 things…only two, and you have to be watching one of the two, if you want to watch television, unless you’re watching something that was already previously recorded on the dvr….Oh heavens to Betsy, it makes me crazy thinking about it. And trying to keep the peace, (being the middle child peace keeper by nature), is not easy. Because I see it as a silly argument over two (arguably) silly shows…and I just try to protect Entourage on HBO…luckily I have no challangers…everyone loves Entourage. There you have it. And no, the answer is not a second dvr…not going there. We’re just gonna have to work it out, old school style. Though more trouble lies ahead….people wanting their K-fix will get to follow the other two sisters, on  Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami(yes those are  their real names), as the sisters spinoff their own show. That’s just Krazy. Too much K.

What Donna’s watching this summer….
June 19, 2009

While television watching seasons have changed a lots in the past few years…summer , which used to the land of reruns(or encore presentations as the networks like to call them), now quite a few really great series air or make their debut in the summer. Before any more time goes by…her are my favorites so far. There are some good ones.


So beautiful, so compassionate...

So beautiful, so compassionate...

HawthoRNe/TNT…..starring the truly gorgous Jada Pickett Smith(and there are plenty of closeups for big fans), this medical series centers more on the nursing staff, instead of the doctors. I really liked one scene, where a doctor who made a mistake is trying to blame if on one of her nurses(Jada is the head honcho nurse), and she says, “Oh that’s right…doctors don’t get fired, do they?” Good acting, good writing…and if I am to believe what I’ve read about the series, Jada’s very famous spouse is like an unpaid and constant consultant on the show. While that’s probably good for her and the show, I’ll bet the producers would love for him to take  a hike. Nobody likes somebody from the outside throwing their weight around(especially if they know what they’re doing,and Will Smith does).

Look how the sun glints on his chiseled cheekbones!!

Look how the sun glints on his chiseled cheekbones!!

Royal Pains /USA….eye candy alert! “Dr. Hank”(Mark Feuerstein) is a top notch ER doc from NYC, where he’s been a bad boy, for saving the life of a poor kid over a big hospital donor.Awwwww, that’s sweet.  And now he’s blacklisted from other hospitals!  Sooooo, he winds up in the Hamptons(the rich part) where they need…wait for it…a good doctor…a concierge doctor! Even the rich on  need medical care, right? Funny brother, pretty cars, big houses, beaches, fancy parties….Don’t be a cidiot(Hamptons local term for city people who come out on the weekend)…what’s not to like? 

I’m a Celebrity Get Me Outta Here/NBC….ok, let me say, this is one I have to watch alone. The other people who live in my house think this show is ridiculous, so I’ve been driven underground, to watch it in secret.  It feels so dirty. But the Baldwin brothers and the skeletal Janice Dickenson duking it out…and Speidi? I know it’ s awful, but that’s what makes it good.

And I asked some guys here at work about what they’re watching and got these two suggestions: Fourth and Long/Spike TV…..a reality tv football show with Michael Irvin. Once I went to the website…I could see why I had never watched anything on Spike.  It’s not my…ummmm….. cup of tea. Cup of beer is more like it. Also suggested…Raising the Bar/TNTa lawyer show, but it is by producer Steven Bochco, so that’s something…I’ve never seen it.

Ok, share…have any of you found some great…ok, at least interesting new series you’d like enough to suggest for the rest of us? Let me know. Have a fantastic weekend…be good, and come home safe. DH out.

It’s easy to lose them, and hard to get them back…
August 6, 2008

I was listening to a report this morning on The Today Show about GM, really shaking it up(and shaking up their employees), to try and get their customers back. It used to be that one of every two cars sold in the U.S. was made by GM….wow, it couldn’t get any better!! True that, but what they learned is that it could get worse…much worse. Now their market share has fallen into the cellar…now below 20%. That’s the lowest it’s been since the company started in 1908. They started a few years back really trying to get a handle on quality control…I mean, after all, if you can buy a better made and more dependable car, and often for less from Toyota…most people are gonna buy it. The people like my Dad and yours are gone…the people who buy GM…they buy American. Gone.  An expert on Today said even though GM had gotten a grip on  quality, the perception is still there that quality is bad. Perception is reality. And once you’ve lost people’s loyalty, it is very very very hard to get it back.

TV is much the same. I tell youngsters coming along in the business …”it’s all in the details”. And really, no detail is too small. The stories have to be well written, well edited, well shot, the graphics have to be right, the right buttons have to be pushed at the right time…oh, there are sooooooo many things that can go wrong, even with the best intentions, including an anchor messup.  Yeah, it happens. But there’s no room in our business for sloppiness, and once you lose a viewer they are tough to get back. And if I can brag  just a little bit , we are the news leaders in town, and the only station to show growth in each newscast from year to year. And good old commercial tv took back some market share from cable in the last book. But you have to keep doing it every day, not just when you feel like it. Or perhaps I should say, you better feel like doing your best every single day, because that’s what viewers deserve and what they expect.

Now the Olympics juggernaut is rolling into town…and we think most of you will want to watch it, or at least parts of it. NBC is offering a record 3600 hoursof coverage from Beijing starting this Friday.  (And if you didn’t get to see Matt Lauer’s look inside the Imperial City, watch it here. Made me wish I was gonna be in Beijing, but alas…..I was in China in 1995…not in Beijing, but in the more cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. Even then, the construction that was going on was AMAZING….and it was clear that China was about to explode growth wise…I wondered if they had any idea…but I loved my trip there. I remember walking down a street by a sidewalk restaurant with a giant wok where your dinner was stir fried. Someone had evidently ordered eel…one was taken from a tank, and beheaded it with a machete right there on the curb…yes, blood spurted out. Talk about fresh.

  If you want to get an idea of the crazy building going on in China, take a look at this video from Danwei tv, on youtube, of course. Gives you a pretty good idea of what’s going on.

See how cute I am? Sweet too?

See how cute I am? Sweet too?

And before I go….I still have a kitty that needs a home (please?). Oh, and I know most of you probably don’t read comments posted to my blog, and if you don’t, you missed one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen on youtube…all about…yes, cats. Thanks to Kit for that. Hilarious. So watch it now, if your boss isn’t watching you. Be careful you don’t laugh out loud.

Wicked Shoe Torture Doesn’t Pay Off….
July 17, 2008

Bad shoe, Bad!

Bad shoe, Bad!

WICKED SHOE TORTURE DOESN’T PAY OFF“…..That would be my headline about the Olympic Zone promo that is currently running on WBAL-TV….it’s a program that will begin August 8th at 7:30 PM, with everything Olympics leading into NBC’s Olympic coverage at 8:00. Sooooooo, promos have to be shot for this.

Now, this wasn’t scheduled to shoot until 11 PM….they wanted the Clipper Mill condo pool just down the hill from the station, which is just across the street from Woodberry Kitchen restaurant. If you’ve never seen the pool…it is really gorgeous. And we have to wait for Gerry Sandusky who doesn’t get off until 11:30.  So I arrive around 10:30 PM….we’re doing some solo shots of me first….and I’ve decided to wear the pair of shoes I blogged about earlier this year….killer shoes, but not in a good way, in a bad they-torture-you way….If you’ve ever worn extremely painful high heels, you’ll know what I mean.

I know you’re thinking, “Well idiot, if they hurt, why on earth wear them?”…..good point, but here was my logic.  They may hurt to walk in, but maybe they’ll be just find to simply stand around in. And there’s no denying they look good….Makes sense, right? Alas, it made no sense at all. None whatsoever. Because they hurt just as bad standing in them.

a frame of shoe

a frame of shoe

And to add insult to injury….they barely show in the promo….you really can’t see them except in a frame or two, a brief millisecond on the screen. What a waste of foot pain.

Let that be a lesson to me. Never, ever wear these shoes again. Even though I took them off at every opportunity, each time I put them back on was increasingly awful. When the shoot was over around maybe 12:30 or 1 AM, I limped off into the night in my flip-flops….sadder but wiser. And my daughter is following  in my (limping) footsteps. Last spring she wore a pair of painful high heels all day at rush parties at school…and the ball of her foot was numb for a long time…as in weeks, not hours.  I told her never to wear those shoes again.  Though my Mom tells me that she used to do housework in high heels! Seriously, at least I never do that….but perhaps the high heel thing is genetic..who knows?

TV Roundup….and an ungrateful reader…
July 10, 2008

Flipping OUT!Ok, let’s take a little look-see at television shows…a little tv roundup. Here’s what I’m watching right now, AND what I’m looking forward to. I think there’s no use pretending you don’t watch tv when you work in tv…so here we go. (And for those of you who feel compelled to tell me when we meet, that you don’t watch tv, please don’t bother, I don’t believe you even though I say I do.)

A. Top of my list right now: Flipping Out…Bravo. And bravo to Bravo. I love Jeff Lewis, a real estate redesigner/flipper/investor. My daughter says I love him because I am like him, but that’s not true. I am particular about some things but a lot of it I keep inside (be grateful) and he lets it all out.

All things Tori....B. Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood….Oxygen. Hey, it’s fun and gossipy.  OK, I also admit I’ve been fascinated about what happened to Tori Spelling since years ago, I read an article about her Mother, the famous Candy Spelling, sending her assistant ahead on beach walks when Tori was a little girl, to plant beautiful exotic shells for her to find. Hmmmm. That can’t be healthy. But here Tori is raising a kid and expecting another, in a somewhat normal fashion, and writing a book about her tortured relationship with the very blonde Candy. Sure they may be exploiting their kid Liam, but at least he’s their kid! (See Baby Borrower’s  below)

It\'s hot in the kitchen...C. Shows I’ll miss until next season: Hell’s Kitchen….Fox. I don’t think Chef Ramsey is as mean as he seems…in fact  I believe he may in fact, be a meringue. Crusty on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside. Cooking get it. Anyway, I wasn’t surprised he chose Christina even though I was secretly rooting for Petrozza. She was the girl of the moment, and does seem to have some talent. Would have been very fun to eat in the restaurant and watch the yelling….

Waiting for: The Closer…TNT. I have loved this show for a couple of years now, and I cannot wait for it to be back…next week btw. Everyone has something to confess.A Southern woman of a certain age with an attitude, and she puts away the bad guys and says thank yew all the time…what’s not to like?

Waiting for: Project Runway…Bravo. Again, bravo. After fierce Christian Siriano from Baltie won last year, I became a devoted fan…and I await the new season with great anticipation. And  Tim Gunn is hands down, the best dressed man on tv. Work it. And all that leads me to…

Playing now, alas: Baby Borrowers…NBC. Crap. Baby crap. OK, I’m sure there must be other people really taking care of these babies and toddlers, but WHO DO THESE POOR KIDS BELONG TO? I mean, come on, these poor little tikes are subjected to, for the most part, the worst kind of neglect. You’d think these were teen parents or something. Oh wait, they are teenagers, and there is a reason we all try to keep teens from having babies. They’re not good parents. Nothing personal, but they’re not adults yet! Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, but teens are for the most part, pretty crappy parents, which is why, while it is a little fun watching them change baby poop for ten minutes or so, I’m wondering who on earth is gonna pay these kids therapy bills when they’re older. “Hey Mommy, remember when you left me with those people who never talked to me and yelled a lot?” Come on NBC. You can do better. The before mentioned programs don’t even pretend to be about something important, and this one does….but it isn’t. Take that. (though I see on NBC’s online “poll”, 69 % of people who voted thought they were helping teach teens a valuable lesson…only 11 percent thought it was irresponsible.)

Last but not least….the ungrateful reader…this is for Heidi (my daughter’s college friend),  who supposedly reads my blog and has relayed through said daughter, that I’ve had three bad blogs in a row, and enough is enough. Three…really? Really? Heidi, Heidi, Heidi. I thought that after I sent you  the Sex and the City  makeup bag (I got two-one for daughter the other for Heidi)…very cute, fun map on NY printed on the bag, I thought you would be nicer to me. But I never even got a thank you note. What would your Mother think?