How do you walk in them shoes??

shoesThat’s what a nice man at the SuperFresh asked me today, as I was leaving with my daily salad…..”How do you walk in them shoes?” My reply…”Barely.”

And it’s true. It’s the first day I’ve worn these suckers…knew I wouldn’t have to walk around tons today…these are no walking shoes….as Oprah would call them, they’re sitting on the set shoes. However, I did have to walk from the car to Superfresh and back to the car, …ok, actually I wasn’t walking so much as limping. I felt like someone whose feet had been bound…only able to to take tiny mincing steps…and I found it was easiest to step with my knees always slightly bent. If you think it looked odd, I’m sure you are correct. 

shoesThey’re sitting on my desk right now, innocently thinking I will soon pop them on again. Not so fast, my little masochistic friends. Honestly I’m not sure I can. Anyone wear size 8?


2 Responses

  1. Donna,

    You should never take shoes like that off if you know you will have to put them back on shortly. If you think your feet hurt while the shoes are on, it’s even worse when you have to put them back on after having them off for a few minutes! Yes, that’s the voice of experience. No matter how much pain a pair of heels may cause, I’m always on the lookout for that next gotta have pair of shoes. Once a shoe lover, always a shoe lover! They are cute shoes. Hopefully you will give them another chance.


  2. Donna, I know of a great song about shoes, I think you’ll like it. Its called “in these shoes” it’s available on itunes. I like Bette Midler’s version best. Props to you and your shoes

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