What a day…what a day…
January 20, 2009

Are you watching with me right now? Barack Obama just became the 44th President of the United States. What a day my friends, what a day. The sight of all those flags waving on the mall, the beautiful music of composer John Williams and Aretha Franklin….just put a lump in my throat. A good one. OK, got to listen to the speech right now…..more later.

Comment:from 2twentythree3:
this speech is unbelievable, good for him, it’s what we have ALL been waiting to hear……GO Obama!”
Update: I have to say, today Barack Obama remembered who he is. Not that he has ever forgotten, but here’s what I mean. When my kids were growing up, every time they would leave the house, I would say to them….”remember who you are”. By that I meant don’t disgrace yourself or your family. Behave yourself. Play nice. Do what you’re supposed to do. Remember who you are.
And today it was crystal clear that Barack Obama was telling Americans…remember who you are. Be kind to others. Care for the dreams of others, not just your own. Have the courage of your convictions. Be ready to work hard. Be kind. Live your values. Help those who have less than you. Remember who you are. It is a message that will hopefully resonate with all of us as we begin rebuilding this country and embark on a new political era. Let’s remember who we are.

UPDATE TWO: My partner Stan Stovall got choked up tonight on the 6 PM News…explaining what the inauguration of President Barack Obama meant to him…that he never thought he would see this day in his lifetime. That was from the heart, and let me tell you, it’s not a good feeling when you get choked up on the air (I know)….but he simply was taken by the emotion that has been felt by so many today. It was real, and I like that.