Readers share their jury duty doodie…..

OK, I know I’m not the first person in the world to have served jury duty and ended up sitting in a room all day..and hey, there are worse fates, I get that. Here’s what some Habitat readers had to say….from Paul…

Hi Donna, The last time I had jury duty, it was a Monday and they said we would be busy all day. Well, not a single person was called all day long !! So I watched two movies in an uncomfortable, crowded and noisy jury waiting room. Then from the heavens above a voice came to say ,’Thank you for jury service you are excused for the day’. ”

And this from Ryan: “Sounds like a long day.”  Well, yes it was Ryan…succinctly put. But I look at it like I’m going on a long flight…You know you’re gonna be there hours and hours in a pretty small seat and in close proximity to others, who may or may not share your delicate sensibilities. So one must go prepared, with books, earphones, music, snacks, and preferably a laptop to which you have the power cord, and a movie that you can watch alone. Well, not alone exactly…but only you can hear it. And before you know it, your flight is over and you’re somewhere else, or in the case of jury duty, you’re in the same place, but it seems somehow better and fresher than when you went in!

This from Debbie: ” I hear you, Donna.  In my last two jury duty experiences, I was involved in a two day voir dire in an unventilated court room with low lighting, hard benches, etc. etc. etc. In the old courthouse, they have turned off the water fountains and have a water cooler — but alas — no cups! And you have to have a bailiff escort you to the restroom, harkening back to kindergarten days when the teacher had to take you. No Qrs, soft sofas, dvd’s or email for me.  And then you get to come back the next day and do it all over again. Sometimes I think the victims are treated better than jurors, and that’s why so many people are AWOL. Time for a WBAL expose!  PS loved Stan’s video. Tee Hee.”

I only have one question Debbie…what the heck is voir dire????  I will assume that it is some “dire” unpleasant, legal-eagle, lawyery kind of thing I shall hope  never to be involved in. Someone has to escort you to the bathroom? Girl, you neededthe QR! And for those who do not know…my co-anchor Stan Stovall did an introductory video for jurors years ago, and it is still played each and every day, I think. But having served jury duty countless times(ok, I could count them but I don’t want to), I kind of zoned out during the introductory things. So I’m not sure if I saw Stan or not. I did however, see him the following Monday on the set, so…it’s all good. And I shall pass you your suggestion along to the I-Team. Voir dire indeed….


4 Responses

  1. Voir dire is where they ask questions of perspective jurors to see if they are fit to be jurors: Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Is anyone in your immediate family in law enforcement? And so on, ad nauseum.

  2. Hi Donna,

    Voir Dire is where lawyers for each party question potential jurors to determine whether they should be “seatted” on the jury.

  3. In the broadest, simplest definition, voir dire is the questioning of potential jurors by counsel to determine their suitability to judge the matter before the court. Long drawn-out voir dire usually occurs in capital (or high profile) cases.

  4. Ooooooohhhhhhh. I had no idea I’ve been involved in a little voir dire-ing myself!

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