TV Roundup….and an ungrateful reader…

Flipping OUT!Ok, let’s take a little look-see at television shows…a little tv roundup. Here’s what I’m watching right now, AND what I’m looking forward to. I think there’s no use pretending you don’t watch tv when you work in tv…so here we go. (And for those of you who feel compelled to tell me when we meet, that you don’t watch tv, please don’t bother, I don’t believe you even though I say I do.)

A. Top of my list right now: Flipping Out…Bravo. And bravo to Bravo. I love Jeff Lewis, a real estate redesigner/flipper/investor. My daughter says I love him because I am like him, but that’s not true. I am particular about some things but a lot of it I keep inside (be grateful) and he lets it all out.

All things Tori....B. Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood….Oxygen. Hey, it’s fun and gossipy.  OK, I also admit I’ve been fascinated about what happened to Tori Spelling since years ago, I read an article about her Mother, the famous Candy Spelling, sending her assistant ahead on beach walks when Tori was a little girl, to plant beautiful exotic shells for her to find. Hmmmm. That can’t be healthy. But here Tori is raising a kid and expecting another, in a somewhat normal fashion, and writing a book about her tortured relationship with the very blonde Candy. Sure they may be exploiting their kid Liam, but at least he’s their kid! (See Baby Borrower’s  below)

It\'s hot in the kitchen...C. Shows I’ll miss until next season: Hell’s Kitchen….Fox. I don’t think Chef Ramsey is as mean as he seems…in fact  I believe he may in fact, be a meringue. Crusty on the outside, soft and sweet on the inside. Cooking get it. Anyway, I wasn’t surprised he chose Christina even though I was secretly rooting for Petrozza. She was the girl of the moment, and does seem to have some talent. Would have been very fun to eat in the restaurant and watch the yelling….

Waiting for: The Closer…TNT. I have loved this show for a couple of years now, and I cannot wait for it to be back…next week btw. Everyone has something to confess.A Southern woman of a certain age with an attitude, and she puts away the bad guys and says thank yew all the time…what’s not to like?

Waiting for: Project Runway…Bravo. Again, bravo. After fierce Christian Siriano from Baltie won last year, I became a devoted fan…and I await the new season with great anticipation. And  Tim Gunn is hands down, the best dressed man on tv. Work it. And all that leads me to…

Playing now, alas: Baby Borrowers…NBC. Crap. Baby crap. OK, I’m sure there must be other people really taking care of these babies and toddlers, but WHO DO THESE POOR KIDS BELONG TO? I mean, come on, these poor little tikes are subjected to, for the most part, the worst kind of neglect. You’d think these were teen parents or something. Oh wait, they are teenagers, and there is a reason we all try to keep teens from having babies. They’re not good parents. Nothing personal, but they’re not adults yet! Sure, there are exceptions to every rule, but teens are for the most part, pretty crappy parents, which is why, while it is a little fun watching them change baby poop for ten minutes or so, I’m wondering who on earth is gonna pay these kids therapy bills when they’re older. “Hey Mommy, remember when you left me with those people who never talked to me and yelled a lot?” Come on NBC. You can do better. The before mentioned programs don’t even pretend to be about something important, and this one does….but it isn’t. Take that. (though I see on NBC’s online “poll”, 69 % of people who voted thought they were helping teach teens a valuable lesson…only 11 percent thought it was irresponsible.)

Last but not least….the ungrateful reader…this is for Heidi (my daughter’s college friend),  who supposedly reads my blog and has relayed through said daughter, that I’ve had three bad blogs in a row, and enough is enough. Three…really? Really? Heidi, Heidi, Heidi. I thought that after I sent you  the Sex and the City  makeup bag (I got two-one for daughter the other for Heidi)…very cute, fun map on NY printed on the bag, I thought you would be nicer to me. But I never even got a thank you note. What would your Mother think?


4 Responses

  1. Hello Donna, I would just like to say that while I respect Chef Ramsay and have been watching his shows on BBC for years, I cannot watch Hell’s Kitchen. It brings back to many memories of tyranical chefs I’ve know in the past, including me! While such behavior may be entertaining for an hour in your home being subjected to this abuse ten hours a day, five six or even seven days a week is possible in the real kitchens of America. I have changed my ways in rescent years and have great results. Unfortunately I have seen the Ramsay effect on others and it’s just ugly.
    Please excuse my rant, sorry. I did have my bottle of cats amongst the pidgeons on monday. Very nice in deed, thanks for the tip and I think your blogs have been great lately!

  2. Thank you Paul… I seriously cannot imagine working under such conditions…I always assumed that Ramsey was putting on a show for the camera. I’ve heard of and seen tempermental chefs/surgeons/anchors…you name it. And you’re right, that kind of temper tantrum has a detrimental effect on everyone….no likee. Can’t you just say it without yelling? But that wouldn’t be such a great show….

  3. I love Tori & Dean. They are so funny and so in love. Even though they went about it the wrong way…they are great together and I hope they last forever. Hell’s Kitchen…while it can be entertaining…I have to give ALL the chef’s credit. If that were me and Chef Ramsay was being like that toward’s me…I would throw the food in his face. While my mom and dad have taught me to respect other people…Chef Ramsay I would NOT deal with! Teenage moms…I have to give you the exception…one of my best friend’s was a teenage mom (now 21 years old) and I have to say…she did a terrific job. She worked 2 jobs and graduated high school while being pregnant than raising a child. I do agree with you for the most part…most teenage parents let THEIR parents raise THEIR child. But on the other hand…I have met MANY MANY adults that should never have become parents. & for what’s her face…oh Heidi…DO NOT WORRY ABOUT HER! You’re blogs are great. I love them and so do millions of other people. If she doesn’t like them…SHE CAN STOP READING THEM! Keep blogging Donna!

  4. Donna, You are so right about Chef Ramsey…I know someone who won on that show and she said he is in fact….a very kind person off camera….what you see on camera is not what you see off……..

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