Not as clever as I thought….darn Google alerts!

You may remember a few days ago, I told you about our little “wine club” here at WBAL-TV…a group of winos…I mean wine connisseurs. We each have a month that is ours, to pick a wine and get a case for the club. All the other months, you receive a bottle of wine. Our sports director Gerry Sandusky is our founder, and without a doubt, is the most picky of the group. Is he a wine snob? He would say no.

cheap Spanish plonk?Well, to find out, I planted a little trap for him that has since backfired. I wrote last week that I had bought a bottle of Spanish red, a tempranillo, that had been rated 91 by the Wine Advocate, 91 for crikey’s sake, and it cost just under ten bucks! Right in my price range. And I bestowed said bottle on Gerry, saying, see what you think of it. (Keep in mind he tends toward wines that I would never consider in a million years, because of their price tag.) Let’ just see. Enter Google Alerts.

Google alertsIf you sign up for Google Alerts, about which I knew nothing but should have because I do have something of a high profile job, you get a report each morning in your email about where your name has popped on the net. Mostly, you get a stuff that has nothing to do with you, (like Sandusky, Ohio or Hamilton, Ontario)….but there his name was in his email, directing him to Hamilton’s Habitat. “Hey Ger, they’re talking about you over at the habitat. And it’s not good my friend, not good. Alert. Alert.” So he was forewarned, drank the wine, and of course, wasn’t impressed by it at all. But really, it never stood a chance. It was from first sip, some cheap Spanish plonk in Gerry’s mind. Done. Over. I had the same wine over the weekend, and liked it very much, thank you.


4 Responses

  1. Funny story!

    On a side note I am looking forward to seeing your report on Chronic Back Pain. I am only 17 years old and have been in chronic pain for a year now.

  2. Wow, Ryan…what happened ? Hurt yourself, or what? And have you seen a doctor? And yes I think you will find the story very, very interesting…..

  3. Donna, please tell me it’s not acupuncture. I can’t wait to see the story tonight. I had a sciatica flare up after working with a new personal trainer who apparently didn’t have a clue what she was doing. I couldn’t bathe or dress myself it was so bad; thank goodness for my husband. I’ve had a lot of relief through physical therapy, but still have some lower back pain that I can’t seem to get rid of.

  4. I go to the chief orthopedic surgeon at Johns Hopkins, and a few other orthopedic surgeons as well. They just want to take a conservative approach. I did accupuncture, used topical creams, and exercises, and I take medicine.

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