Donna plays designer….and, a few more things…

Ok….what do you think? I’m talking about the new look of this blog. For those of you who are saying, what the$#^$^ is she talking about…the original one (which is like everyone else’s blog on this site….) had a blue header, and my picture and the title. So, as I was poking about through the site, I stumble on ALL KINDS OF DESIGN TEMPLATES! I wasted far more time than I should have trying on all the outfits….it was kind of like shopping at Nordstroms….but not nearly as expensive. In fact, it didn’t cost a dime. So, I’m just throwing it out there to see what you think…(and keep in mind I may hear from the powers that be that they want it changed back and pronto…we’ll see.)

I’m feeling kind of ill right now, because I just found out that the audio for Gerry’s back pain story was messed up last night…I didn’t know last night because….well, I usually don’t stay up that late. It’s just as well now that I think about it…it would have given me an even worse night’s sleep, having bad conversations with imaginary people. You know what I’m talkin’ about.  But after a lot of work on a really interesting story, to have it out of sync is just…..maddening. Arrrghhhhhhh!!! There. I feel a little better. But on behalf of everyone here, to all of you who might have watched it…our apologies. 

Anyway, it’s Friday, right? And the sun is shining, and it will no doubt come up again tomorrow, on schedule, and that’s pretty neat in itself. Let me know what you think of the new blog look…if everyone hates it, I’ll change it back. OR, maybe I’ll change it every week to something new!! Have a good weekend everybody…be nice… and come home safe.  Cause we miss you.

10 Responses

  1. I’m not too sure I’m digging the look on this blog. But…it is YOUR blog so if you like it…stick with it. I definitely think you should change it every week and see what people think! Have a good weekend.

  2. Mrs. Hamilton,

    I actually like the idea of changing site themes. I’m really liking this one. I think you should change it every week or according to your mood that day.

    And don’t worry about the story, I got the gist of it. We all know little gremlins exist and work feverishly to cause technical problems. Speaking of which, I need to go fish out a remedy for my computer’s technical problems… hmmm where did I put that hammer 🙂

    HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND.. see you tonight at 5!

  3. I like the colors a lot. But I am not sure I really like the things on the side (tags, calendar, etc.) – makes it look cluttered. But the brown/green combination works for me.

  4. Ummmmmm….I see what you mean about the busy-ness of it…but I kinda dig it. Let’s let it marinate a little…..

  5. Donna,
    I have been reading your blog for a while now. I think it is interesting. Like you say, a little bit about you and your life (not so very different from ours … weekends, dinners, kids, work). This new format is nice. I like it. But I really like the idea of changing it every so often. As your mood strikes you. Makes it interesting to learn a new format and move around and see what you are saying about: behind the scenes at work or with Baby Girl and your daughter and son (not much about your husband, though) at home. I enjoy and look forward to your next installment. Keep up the good work.

  6. Donna,
    I have also read your blog from the beginning. I don’t particularly like the colors. I like brighter, more cheery color. I like the archive list for easy access to past blogs. I don’t like the tags and neutral on the month. Just my opinion, let see what others think. Have an outstanding weekend, I’ll see you Monday at 5. Paul K

  7. I have a photoblog which is on a WordPress template. Early on i changed the template a couple of times. I have left it alone for several months now, because I guess I think it just works. When I talk to people who are regular visitors they only talk about content, so the design becomes just wallpaper and the focus is on the discussion in the room (in my case the photo in the room). Btw I agree with your enjoyment of The Onion and George Hamilton – good sense of humor, Donna. Keep the design, its yours even if THE MAN suggests changing to the ‘WBAL look’.

  8. Colors are fine, but it’s too busy for me.

  9. It’s ok, but not great. Tags too busy. Otherwise I enjoy your blog. Thanks.

  10. I like the new! Especially the bigger print!

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