News from the dustbowl…more kitchen progress….

OK, is it a bad thing that I’m getting used to living with everything topsy tervy…and no matter how much I clean, or dust around the place? Is it? have I lost my standards or is it just a testament to human adaptability that I no longer feel too distressed. Just thinking out loud.

This is what they look like...and now they're half price???

Anyway, more is happening at the homestead….the pendant lights came in, and while for a bit I was smitten with some lights at Alluminaire(which I still think is fabulous and their pendants come in all sizes shapes and patterns)…but when I saw these clear glass ones(that is not my kitchen-yet) at Wistera-here…I fell in love. Although I just now looked at them online..they are now HALF OFF today!(I’m on the phone right now with them, and after waiting a little while on hold…I got the discount..hollah and thank you Wisteria!).

Please be a good stove...please?

 The Jenn-Air range is in….I have some mixed emotions about this item… the way it looks appeals to me and I needed a downdraft stove…which really limits your options about what’s available. This is the one that worked for the space…it was more(much more) than I wanted to spend on a range($2500-ouch) and look as I might…NO ONE carried it for any less. No one. And I looked online everywhere. At least I got a $200 rebate. Yeah. 😦

Ok, it never looked this bad...really...

 I’m having some open shelving put in…I love love love the look, plus it provides a bunch of storage compared to what was here before, which you can see in the picture above.

New cabinet below and open shelves above...pre granite.

 Here’s what is there now(not finished, but you get the idea). The granite has yet to be put on top of the cabinet, but I love the look. And so, slowly, the flower unfolds its expensive petals, but as so many of you have reminded me….it will be worth all the blood sweat and dollah bills that have gone into the project. Thanks for the support!!!!!!


8 Responses

  1. Donna, Your kitchen is really shaping up. The color of the wall does go great with your new cabinet colors. I also love the floor tile. We’ve been through the remodeling and know what you are going through. Once they get to this point it goes pretty quickly. I’m sure you will love it. Have a great holiday. Lori

  2. Thanks Lori…so encouraging…and I really do think it’s gonna be good. And soon. Please.

  3. Looks good already. Love love love the pendants. Keep pictures coming. Can’t wait to see the finished room.

  4. Me too Mary, me too….

  5. Oh, Donna, you are so lucky that this is happening so quickly for you—ours took FOREVER between 3 deliveries of damaged cabinets, to the store actually FIREING us as customers with complaints, “Tell them to go shop elsewhere!!!”, to finding a sweet Amish guy in Punxetawney (for a better price than Columbia Kitchens!!) hand-hewn maple beauties of cabinets. Our contractor was here for so many months that we started calling him Eldon from Murphy Brown, and we still love him and are great friends!!

  6. I like the pendants too.I also bought a JennAir range when I did my kitchen too, and I don’t want to irritate a sore spot but I got mine on a deal. I went to a showroom store to “look” at a JennAir and they were remodeling the showroom. They happened to have the exact model I was looking at in a slide in version and it wasn’t going to be part of the new showroom! I was able to hagle them into getting it delivered and installed for $1800.00. That was about 5 years ago and I still love the range.

  7. Sue, I talked to neighbor who had a kitchen remodel that took 6 months…needless to say I did not contact their contractor. No thanks.

  8. Love the pendant lights and the color of the walls – I love everything! So happy for you. It will be so worth it.

    BTW – how many Sue/Susan readers do you have ?!?! 😉

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