Kitchen Update….blog post from the dustbowl.

I was out of town this weekend for a family holiday party in Birmingham…saw all the cousins and my lone remaining uncle and two aunts…my sisters of course and their kids. It was such a great time…and I really enjoyed being somewhere with no dust, where the furniture is in place, there is running water and a stove in the kitchen! You know…the little luxuries we all take so for granted until we don’t have them anymore. 😦

The kitchen cabinets arrive...wheeeeeeee!!!

The cabinets have arrived….they came last week and have been sitting in the dining room waiting for their time…and I’ve been in the process of picking out a paint color(so many to choose from-yikes) and pendant lighting fixtures(ditto!). Can you guess what color I chose?

 I went to the paint store(Benjamin Moore) to look at paint…wow, there are so many finishes, colors, low VOCs, blah, blah blah. And while I considered a vibrant green…in the end I decided on a more neutral look for the room…and picked out Ben M’s Stonington Gray low voc paint in an eggshell finish, which is the wall color on the picture below.

Like it? The wall color not the room, which is gorgeous...

 One person on Apartment Therapy said, and I agree, “ the BEST grey ever is Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray. It’s a light and neutral grey — not blueish, not greenish, not purplish — very clean, a perfect contrast to bright white. A really great color.” And I’m using high gloss enamel Shell White trim…I do all the house woodwork in it, so there’s no confusion when it’s time to paint. It’s shell white…all of it. One and done.

Granite countertops...finally...

 The granite we picked(after briefly considering concrete countertops-decided they were too much upkeep) is called Silver Supreme…grey with white and black in it…and an interesting pattern in it. And I love  the contrast with the espresso brown cabinets….and the backsplash will be white subway tile.

Wine corks in a frame....

A reader asked what happened to my wine cork wall I had so painstakingly created….that’s long gone,  sadly, lost in the destruction. All that work, down the drain(and all those corks too).  Maybe I will recreate it in a frame fashion, like I saw at a little shop in Alabama last summer. It was kind of like the one above, only a bit smaller….when I get the time anyway.  More tomorrow….and more pictures( I love the pendant lights!)…


5 Responses

  1. Love that you picked gray for the paint…I used a grey in my kitchen in Phila. and my current kitchen/fam room here… I think you will enjoy the effect of the dark cabinets, light granite, white tiles…so crisp and clean! Can’t wait to see the completed project!

  2. Sorry to hear about the corks, should I start saving them? I can’t wait to see what pendants you chose. I have a thing for pendants. When I remodeled I chose three low voltage ones from Tech Lighting. I really like the way they look and the choices in glass/shade suspension systems. Is concrete really involved with upkeep? I didn’t know so once again I learn from your blog. Thanks

  3. Paul I read somewhere that you don’t want to gouge the surface of the finish(which means that you can gouge it)…and nothing scraches granite except granite. Done. I will do pics of the pendants this week…they are from Wisteria. I thought I was going in a totallly differnt direction, but when I saw them, I fell in love, dh

  4. Donna, my home (1st floor) is getting a makeover and my contractor picked out several colors – one of which was a grey that if you added blue nearby, it had a blue hue – but it you added pink, it had a pink hue – but if you added green, you got it, it had a green hue … it’s absolutely beautiful and the entire 1st floor is going to be that color to join and open up the spaces. I love it and I”m usually a neutral/white kinda girl. Hope it’s over soon for you – so much cleaning up – so little time …

  5. I got one of those frames from Wine Enthusiast a few years ago (with the wine themed push pins – natch). It was fun to make, even more fun to collect the corks, and it turned out great!

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