major snag on Valentine’s Day

Icy roads are not quite conducive to Valentine’s Day being celebrated in the usual ways…plenty of restaurants, ready to pack ’em in tonight, must be worrying if they’ll be able to fill their tables…though maybe things will clear up by tonight. I gave up eating out on Valentine’s Day a while ago….it’s just too crowded. One time we were eating and the waiter actually told us there was someone else booked for our table pretty soon. Eat up!!
I am gonna send some Valentine e-cards…Hallmark had some hilarious ones at the ecard website, you might want to check them out.
Hey, I was watching Stan and Mindy make fun of Neal Estano on the air for eating snow….he’s from New England of course. But I’m from Alabama, and my inventive Mother, on the rare occasion that we got a measurable snow(but it does happen), would make what she called snow cream. She would get a pan of (fresh) snow, add sugar, and cream, and a little vanilla, and voila….snow cream. We loved it!
Happy Valentine’s Day everyone….stay home or drive safe…

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