Wow I dread driving home!!

You know, it’s funny in my line of work. You must attend. Often when the weather is just awful…snow, ice, blizzard, my Mother who lives in Alabama, will say plaintively, “Do you have to go to work? Can’t you just stay home?”
And of course the answer is….NO, I cannot.
In the news business, the worse things are outside, the MORE you must go in. Not like working in other businesses where things just close down if it gets rough. Nope. If it is really, really really really bad outside, just get out those boots, and gloves and hats and head on in.
Now, I don’t currently own a 4-wheel drive. So if it is really really really bad, then someone may have to fetch me, but make no mistake about it, I’ll be there, along with everyone else. It’s just the way it is. One time I missed my own bad weather/chili party, because the weather was so bad, we stayed on on the air late. But everyone else had a nice time…I think.
And with ice heading our way tonight, I really do dread driving home….wish me luck…


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