Kim Kopies Katie?
August 22, 2011

Kate waving at Kim....who's taking notes: "How to have the best wedding, ever!"

There was some talk this morning on the telly, about the fact that Kim Kardashian…you know… she’s petite, dark-haired, famous but not for anything in particular(wow, she and Kate have more in common than I thought)….was very much taken by the royal wedding earlier this year between Prince William and Kate Middleton. And she wanted hers to be just as fine….and that’s a tall order.

"I want to be just like Kate....she would so love this dress...."

And in the picture above, you can see just how much Kate and Kim really have in common in their style of dress….Kate also adores exposing her ample bosum…oh wait, no, she doesn’t.

Kim and new hubby he a bit tall, or is it just me?

Still, they did both have big, very expensive weddings. Extravagant really. THough Kim outdid Kate in the wedding gown department. Kim wore three…yes, three wedding gowns…(one are the ceremony, 2 more at the reception)all designed by Vera Wang. I could kinda see sharing the glow of the Kardashian wedding with 3 different designers, but having one designer make you three gowns seems….grandiose? Obsessively opulent?

E got to cover the wedding....obvie...quite a production...

The wedding was catered by celeb chef Wolfgang Puck…..and I would love, love, love to know what the cost of the food was. Or the flowers. Or the gown. Because in a production(and it was a production) like this….many things change hands….influence, media coverage, but how much cash ? And Kim and her Mom Kris are cagey at that game….Wolfgang does the food, but because of all the exposure he will get…is it done at cost? Or less?

Royal wedding guests, grabbing for canapes...cartoon from NY Times.

For Kate and Wills…the NY Times said of their wedding reception consisted of… “modest spread of Champagne, wedding cake and two-bite appetizers, or canapes.” And it was prepared by the staff chef, not a celebrity chef.

I would almost put money on Will and Kate still being a couple in a decade…if I were a betting woman. But I’d be cautious about placing that same wager on Kim and Kris being around in, oh,  two years? One never knows, does one?

Take that, Whole Foods…and, a Day in D.C.
August 11, 2010

Delish...and a a Wolfgang Puck restaurant??

OK, it’s been one of those busy weeks where I said, “Holy expletive, it’s already Thursday and I haven’t blogged and there’-so-much-I-want-to-say-how-do-I-get-it-all-in-one-post?”  I won’t try to do that as you might be incredibly bored, but I will cover a couple of things, both food related(apologies to those of you who aren’t interested in food-I feel so sorry for you).

Let’s begin with brunch last weekend, at Wolfgang’s Puck’s restaurant in D.C., The Source. First the look of the place…gorgeous, as you might imagine…multi level, very contemporary and sleek….all big windows and great light. We ordered some Bloody Mary’s (the Shanghai with Szechuan chili paste for those who like it hotter and the classic for those who like things a bit more tame) and a Pear Bellini for me….pear puree with champagne…drinks were $8 each which you may know is not bad for D.C.  The menu had lunch and brunch choices…from a hamburger to omelets….and salads.

Tuna good...

 They have a 3 course which I would have loved to do, but everyone else said, “Oh, no, I can’t eat that much”…..losers. Pleasant surprise for Donna….four unbelieveably good spicy tuna tartar in crunchy little tuille wraps came compliments of the chef, as did tiny espresso cups of cold gazpacho. Nice start, Wolfie. I get my appetizer anyway, so there. And the dim sum platter was luscious. Oh, and it’s located in the Newseum in D.C…..which is an interactive museum that covers the history of news gathering..gobs of video as you can imagine from every big story ever covered, and you can even play reporter and put together a news story. Oh, and you can get in for $7 if you eat at The Source.

Great street bistro sign....

 That seemed like work to me( I get to do that all the time), so we traveled on to street sale, where stores had stuff out on the sidewalk on sale. Great day in D.C., which I don’t do nearly often enough.

OK, next…..let me say up front about this next  item is that I love Whole Foods…big fan, and I shop there a couple of times a week. And one thing I will buy there every single week is their Adobe Black Bean Soup. Seriously, the stuff is addictive, and it provides me an easy, meatless dinner one night every week. I just slice a little avocado and tomato over the top, maybe sour cream….and dinner is good to go.

Donna's Black Bean Soup...take that.

Only over the summer, this soup has disappeared from Whole Foods. Vanished. At first I thought it was just all bought , but after weeks of the same, I asked what was going on. The response…”Maybe it will be back in the fall but it’s off the summer menu.” Whaaaahhhh?? My reply, “You mean to tell me split pea and ham(which they had-puhleeze) is more summery than Black Bean soup? I don’t think so.” The guy shrugged and said he’d pass along the comment, but….the soup has never come back.

 So this week, I broke down and decided to make my own. And I’m not lying when I tell you mine is better than theirs….I was shocked, but it’s true.

Roasted adobo peppers and tomatoes....

Here’s what I did after reading a few recipes….

drained a couple of cans of black beans(but not rinsed)– sautéed some onion and garlic, along with a few slices of  ready cooked bacon– threw in a few small heirloom tomatoes on the verge of decay–cooked it all down for a few minutes–added the beans and some chicken broth to thin it….pureed about 3/4 of the mixture– added salt and pepper. But here are the 3 things I think put it over the top

Piment D'Espelette, from France

 I added some chopped adobe peppers I had roasted over the weekend(also racing decay) which added a nice smokey touch, and two new spices I had just received in the mail as you can’t find them easily….smoked Spanish paprika and Piment d’Espelette…a special pepper raised in the Basque country in France. I got both these two from an online company called My Spice Sage.  What they added is hard for me to describe, but the depth and layers and layers of flavor were just fabulous. Whole Foods….watch out…I might start my own Black Bean label. Oh, and with every order at My Spice Sage, they send a free package of the hottest spice in the world….Bhut Jolokia Pepper Powder….it rings in at over 1,000,000 Scoville heat units…what ever that means. I’ll try to find out for all of us, but in the meantime I’m sending it to my son, who travels with tobasco….loves the hot stuff.

Friday Flowers and Baby Girl update….
August 6, 2010

Isn't this gorgeous??

I got this lovely bouquet yesterday…and let me just say, I am not someone who often receives flowers, so when one arrives on my desk, it’s a big deal for me, ok? And this one fits all the criteria for being outstanding….bright colors that pop, unique arrangement, and a great pot that I can use afterwards. I love it….and I even love the card that came along with it….from A Garden of Earthly Delights. Major props for the giver(who sent it in congrats for being in Baltimore’s Best this year….Rob Roblin and I had a good chuckle about both of us being chosen….we decided that if you wait long enough, you’ll get picked), and kudos for the flower designer, Carole Langraff. You rocked it Carole…

Great card.....

And I even like your business card, though it stands to reason that if someone has the design sense to do such pretty arrangements, you’ll also have a great looking  business card. And this one is waterproof….it won’t get all tatty looking in your wallet like paper ones do.

Oh, and J-Fran and I were talking cats this morning…that’s reporter and weekend anchor Jennifer Franciotti, who sits across from me in our long undulating rows of desks. She and I have shared cat traumas….you know…cats who don’t like the litter box. She asked this morning if Baby Girl was doing ok…and it was a pleasure to tell her, yes indeedie…Baby Girl has not had one of her “deliberate accidents”(that I know of, let me say) in several weeks. And it’s such a pleasure to come home and not have to, ummm… go straight into cleanup mode. J-Fran’s cat Bubba has had similar issues..she went straight to cat Valium….bingo…no problems, just like that. Baby has continued on her Prozac, though I truthfully don’t know if that is a big factor or all the other things I did…or maybe int’s a combination. Who knows? But I will continue all of them, in hopes of a permanent fix. So far, so good.

What’s in store for the weekend? Going for brunch/lunch at The Source tomorrow in D.C. with some friends who used to live in Columbia, but since they both work in D.C., they sold their house and moved into a cozy and very pretty condo there. I’ll take some pictures of how they downsized and show them to you next week….

The master...Wolfgang Puck

Oh, and The Source is a Wolfgang Puck(of Spago fame) restaurant…never been there, full report  coming up. Have a great weekend everyone, be nice, don’t throw rocks and come home safe…’cause we miss you.