Weekend Wrapup….Beeswax and BOP
October 25, 2010

Beeswax wood finish....smells good too...

What a gorgeous weekend it was…too bad I can barely move today. I got a little, ummm, ambitious…this weekend with a can of Skidmore’s Beeswax Wood Finish. The hardwood floor entryway to my house has been a source of great consternation to me for a long time. The floors have lost their finish, but the only thing to do about it really, is to re-finish them, which would mean also refinishing the living and dining rooms too. THAT means, moving all the furniture out(where?) and sanding and staining and dust and polyurethaning and argh!! So, I’ve never done it. But this weekend I got down on my hands and knees and rubbed the beeswax finish into the areas that are neediest. And I have to say…they look a lot better. Not like new floors, more like floors with patina…you know…that show a little living(that’s an understatement). And I can live with that for now. But wow, am I sore.

Beeswax for everyone...in Laramie Wyoming...

Interesting company in Laramie WY….and they make other products too…like furniture cream, and leather care products…even stuff for bikers!

The Whole Foods oven looked kinda like this...

Went to Whole Foods on Saturday where they had a brick oven on wheels baking delicious looking pizzas(I’d show you my pictures but my BB email is down…again). The guys told me they designed the contraption special….for portable BOP(brick oven pizza) . I didn’t eat one, but they looked unbelievably good.  Hey, all pizza is good and BOP is the best. Yum.

And saw RED (as in the movie…I wasn’t angry)at the newly re-opened Senator theatre…it looked pretty much the same inside…same big screen, great sound, great popcorn…loved watching a flick there again. And the movie was fun…nothing to worry about or think about later…just a fun and funny 2 hour ride. RED stands for “retired, extremely dangerous”….sooooo, you get the idea. Here’s a trailer….Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman…what’s not to like?

It’s Friday , baby….
April 9, 2010

Where are you going this weekend, handsome??

It’s Friday, which means it’s almost time to get the hell out of Dodge…if you know what I mean, and I think you do. This particular weekend has great appeal for me…because…I have nothing planned. Don’t you love weekends where there are really no commitments, like people coming over to your house to have lunch on your porch? I mean, that’s very nice(and I loved seeing anyone reading this who was there last weekend), but the thought that anything is possible this weekend…I can do a lot or a little, is tantalizing.

I think that’s because most of us live our weekday lives so scheduled, that there’s little room for error, much less experimentation, or wandering about. Like an afternoon wandering through the shops of Hampden…you never know what you’re gonna find. Or taking a bike ride somewhere you’ve never been….ditto.

Ok, I have one plan…tonight, to see Phantom of the Opera. It’s at the Hippodrome  downtown through April 25th. I may be one of the last people on earth who has never seen it…onstage or in the movie theatre…so I’m a Phantom newbie.  Everyone tells me this production is “fabulous”, so I’m excited to see it. Though someone who works here (who you would know), said she did not like Phantom.. “It’s just a show about a stalker!” And I guess from what I know of it, that’s true. But the music is lovely, and well…it’s Phantom of the Opera, dammit!

And from this blog to the airwaves….I write about the new Grilled Cheese and Company restaurant in Catonsville, and presto…it’s on our air tonight! 11 News Rob Roblin will be taste testing the goods….and he brought me their menu…does sound killer. Maybe I’ll check it out this weekend…let’s face it, I don’t have anything better to do. Play nice, be kind to others and come safe….and have a great weekend!