Wasilla, We Have a Problem….
August 4, 2010

Jerk alert......

OK, I never like to say I told you so…well, sometimes I like it, but not today.  It was just a few weeks ago that Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin reconciled…announced all was forgiven and that they would be marrying soon. There was mostly icy silence from Wasilla and Sarah Palin on this, and I understood then, just  how she felt…I posted about it that day, using Maya Angelou’s wise words, “Baby, when people tell you who they are, believe them“. Do shallow young snakes in the grass change their ways? Sometimes, but mostly, they do not. Or not for long.

Now comes word that alas, the engagement is off…that one night Bristol and her handsome fiancée prone to jerk-like tendencies, were hanging out, and he drops a bombshell….”Oh, did I mention there’s a chance I’ve fathered another baby? Yeah, it’s true“. Just like that. No comforting her, no sorry I didn’t tell you about this BEFORE we announce to the freakin’ world that we are back together, just there it is baby, like it or lump it. She’s crying hysterically(according to Bristol) and he’s…. just sitting there.

And there was the little matter of Levi’s trip to Hollywood, that he said was see some sports show…turns out he was meeting about filming a musical parody of his tortured relationship with his soon-to-be Mother-in-law Sarah Palin. Not cool. Not cool at all.

So, how about this epitaph for this relationship…”once it wasn’t, then it was, now it ain’t again“. I hope for the baby’s sake, Levi will at least still step up to the fatherhood plate…because no matter what he will always be Trip’s Dad.  But husband material for Bristol? Probably not. The Palins must be breathing a huge sigh of relief that Levi showed his true colors so soon…before a marriage could make things much harder(and more expensive)to disentangle. Their daughter will mend…eventually…and hopefully find someone who is not a not a snake in the grass. Buh-bye Levi.