More vacation envy…stop it!!
August 5, 2009

 Thought I’d share with you some reader comments and questions….this from Nicole, regarding the post yesterday on the dreaded vacation envy, about a co-worker’s return from Provence…..
My recent vacation (just got back last Tuesday) included a day in Beverly Hills… my best friend and I went to the Jose Eber Atelier salon for a beauty stop. (got my hair cut by Jose himself… ) Then a run to Sprinkles cupcakes. Then a stop at the Panini cafe in Beverly Hills. Finished by a window shopping walk along Rodeo Drive. On another day, I spent some time walking along the beach at Coronado, California, watching a pod of dolphins leaping offshore.”

Does cruelty know no bounds, Nicole? While you were waltzing off to Jose Eber, I was probably cleaning the cat litter. My only come back in that I too, have had my hair done by the glamorous Jose(does he still wear that hat?)….anyway glad you had fun, you dolphin-watching cupcake-eater.

From Paul: “Ah Provence! I was fortunate enough to spend a month and a half in Cheval-Blanc, just outside of Cavillon near Avignon while apprenticing with master-chef Alain Nicolet. It was wonderful! I boarded in a house in town and did everything the French do. I can’t wait to go back.”

“It was wonderful!” OK, that is just piling on….I can hear you making funny/lame American jokes with the master chef Alain….”alors, oh witty Americaine, your weet just ees jus delightfool….ha-ha-ha!”…and no doubt swilling the Cheval-Blanc. That is a fancy white wine, isn’t it? I hope you didn’t drop a pan of beef bourguignon oh his foot while you were there….

The finished result...looks good, oui?

The finished result...looks good, oui?

And this from Elaine about my daughter’s cooking:
Donna, How was the beef stew your daughter made? Would really like to hear if she used an actual pan this time. God bless her for making the attempt.”

Elaine, Elaine, Elaine…God bless her indeed, but if she knew you were calling her Julia Child beef bourguignon… beef stew….even though that is what it is, she would be incensed. Incensed, I tell you! Actually, it was very, very good…excellent really, and I am happy to report she did use a pan…proof in the photo above. The girl is learning. Though she was quite put out that no one had commented on her owl cake from a previous post, that she spent much time and effort on.