Oh the fob of it all….
December 19, 2012


My keys, after being overnighted from NC….don’t they look happy to be home?

I was down in North Carolina this past weekend, a place I love to visit…and on my way back home as the Southwest pilot announces we are getting ready to land, I start packing up and checking where my keys are. Not in my handbag. My keys…the only working fob set to my Toyota…is in…that’s right, North Carolina. Ouch.

That meant renting a car at the airport to get home…chi-ching…leaving the car at the airport..chi-ching…but the real cash register sound came the next day, when the very nice lady at Toyota gave me the news that the smart fob that opens the doors to and starts my car…will cost $500 smackeroos to replace…CHI-CHING!  Um, no thanks.

But she also advise me to try inserting the non-working fob…that you never can tell, they might communicate. So we drive to the airport, turn in the rental, fully prepared to one-car it for a day or two until the keys can be sent to us…find the car, open it with the laser key in the side of the fob, stick it in the (fob hole?), say a little prayer and it starts. Who says there aren’t little miracles?

But like the rest of you, my heart has been heavy with the horror in Connecticut. In North Carolina Saturday morning, I got up and made some tea, and then thought…this morning those parents woke up…if they slept at all…and the horrible reality came crashing back that sleep relieves for a little while. That it really did happen. That their child, or sister, or mother…was gone, for good. It was real.

There are no words to capture the terrible nature of that day…we in the news business have struggled with that all week..at least I have. There are no words. So we just try to pass along the information we have in the most tasteful way we know…but know, it breaks our hearts too. We are also parents who send children to school, assuming we will see them at the day’s end. I only hope that something good can come from the heartbreak….surely something will. Won’t it? Otherwise how can anyone bear it?

I’m off work next week like many of you to celebrate Christmas…I wish for all of you a safe family around you, some good food, some laughs, and a nice present or two. And lots of love…hold them close. I think we will all hold our families closer this Christmas.


Sometimes you just need some caveman….
February 5, 2010

This is how I'm rolling tomorrow...note the superwinch...

Ok, this isn’t to pile on Toyota a little more….but there are have been a few rare times in the perfectly nice relationship between me and my hybrid, that it looks a little…well…wimpy. Most of the time I feel pretty cool in it(I’m sorry, but it’s true)…but there are times when a sensitive car for the new millenium won’t cut it…when you need some caveman.  A guy who works here(and wears shorts to work no matter what the weather) has the biggest monster truck you’ve ever seen(have no idea what brand it is, but it ain’t no hybrid)…with what sounds like  a gazillion horse power. Seriously, I would hate to see his Exxon bill. But it must be said, there is no car I’d rather be coming to work in on Saturday(and yes, I will be here)…than his car. Love it!! He is picking up both Mindy Basara and myself….and hauling us to and from work. We heart you John!!

I hope her family appreciates the expensive chili.....

Made a last minute trip to the grocery store….I know, what a fool….and it was just the madness and empty shelves you would expect. The woman behind me in line with packs of meat(in the picture) said, “This will be the world’s most expensive chili…but that’s the only ground meat they had on the shelves…all the regular hamburger was gone.” Ah yes….procrastinaters can’t be choosers.

My haul this morning....croissant bread pudding, anyone?

And I was kinda in the same boat. I decided (last minute of course) to make a New Orleans bread pudding for a NOLA Superbowl gathering I’m going to Sunday( and yes, I can walk there)…but was there a loaf of French bread in the market? Was there?? Why no there was not…but I figured you can make a pretty mean bread pudding with croissants, right?

mmmm...nutella and cookies...I'm going to his house!

So I grabbed a couple of packs of those, some kitty litter(can you ever have too much?), some carrots(just because), milk(I’m almost out), half and half(for the bread pudding)…..and that was about it. No salad bar was set up( waah!) because it was all hands on deck at checkout! Wasn’t too bad really. Except now I’m wondering if I have any actual sugar at home….plenty of fake stuff, but any real sugar? I honestly don’t know. So perhaps I’ll see you at the grocery store, clawing for that last small sack of sugar!