So you say you could use a laugh….
January 20, 2011

Funny, ascerbic....ode to Baltimore

Then wow, do I have the show for you! Second City does Baltimore is now at Center Stage, and it is one of the cleverest, funniest, and most biting things I’ve seen in a while. You know Second City, right? It’s a comedy troupe from Chicago that has birthed some of the great comedians of our time…John Belushi, Stephen Colbert and Tina Fey to name a few.

What do they do? Here’s how they put it…”The Second City has always served as a bit of a tonic for times of difficulty and upheaval. It’s our job to laugh at what scares us, to make the unfunny funny, and to provide audiences with a chance to let go for a couple hours and just laugh.”

And that’s exactly what I did. Crime, Ruxton, West Baltimore, Bob Irsay, the demise of the Sunpaper, mayors and governors..nothing is off limits….and some fabulous improv….all first rate. If you live in or around Baltimore…it’s a must see. It’s here through February 20th….if you miss it, you’re the loser.

Toffee Brownie time....

OK, brownie questions. Margie asked, “ I have followed up on so many things you write about on your blog.  I am dying to try the brownies but am having a hard time finding the Hershey’s Symphony bar.  Any suggestions on where I can find it.”

Yes Margie, I do. I picked mine up at the Superfresh on 41st Street. But here’s the thing…you may be looking in the baking chocolate section. No findee. Go to the candy bar aisle….I would think you can Symphony in any major grocery chain. 

And Trish asked about breaking them up. While you can, my friend just puts them on the batter whole. Whatever you like, and to give credit where credit is due, I know think my friend stole the recipe(borrowed it maybe?) from the Food Channel’s Paula Deen. Maybe it was the other way around, I don’t know. But Paula also makes these Toffee Brownies.  And they’re worth every calorie.

Westbound for Southland…..
April 9, 2009

No Ryan no...put down the gun!!

No Ryan no...put down the gun!!

Ok, I really liked Ryan….you know…Ryan? The poor kid from Chino on The O.C. who lucked out and lived with a rich family in a fabulous house and had a fabulous girlfriend(several) in Newport Beach CA? Remember? All I’m saying is that I’m kinda predisposed to like NBC’s new copudrama Southland, because of Ryan…who is now rookie officer Ben Sherman, who from the looks of it, is having a bad first day at work.  And if you have some spare time today, you can see the premiere episode online before it airs tonight…my, how times have changed.


But there’s this one line in a promo that made me laugh, although it wasn’t supposed to be funny. I don’t think. Another older officer says to little Ben with grea intensity…”You’re a police officer because you don’t know how NOT to be one.” Hmmmmm.  Say again? Let’s see how that plays out…”I’m a news anchor because I don’t know how NOT to be one.”  Actually I do know how not to be one…I’ve done it before. I just prefer being one.

Or this…”You’re a real estate agent because you don’t know how  NOT to be one.” Right now some are feeling they know exactly how it feels not to be one….as a friend in the biz told me the other day they now call it the “Show-tell…no-sale” business, cuz people ain’t buying….at least not very much.

You see what I’m saying….it’s just a silly line that doesn’t make any sense, and I’m hoping they have better in the show. Clearly NBC has high hopes for  Southland… will be in E.R.’s time slot….after one of the funniest and best written shows on tv….Tina Fey’s 30 Rock . If you’ve never seen it, shame on you.  It’s a tough act to follow. Oh and another promo that was a little cheesey(no fault of the show)….. when they used the music “Orange Sky” as the background music…it was used on the O.C. and is on one of their cds….so I’m guessing they thought it would subliminally evoke fond memories of The O.C. and Ryan and maybe transfer our feelings of love for him to Southland. Actually…it may have worked. I’m watching tonight….if you’ve never heard Alexi Murdoch’s song…have a listen. It’s pretty.