Aren’t we all missing a bit of our wings?
August 26, 2010

Butterfly that had a narrow escape...from something!

I was out watering the garden this morning, when I spotted this butterfly(an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail…I looked it up!)  on one of my butterfly bushes( they’re not called that for nothing)….and I couldn’t believe my eyes. This beautiful little critter was missing almost half of one of his gorgeous wings, yet was flying around and feeding on the blossoms as if nothing had happened. Obviously, something had…this gorgeous creature had a narrow escape from something…I hope it wasn’t at the paws of my cat Muffy, who I try to keep inside but is very cagey at slipping out around your legs..

This butterfly is also missing a bit of her wings...

 It made me think of many of us(all of us?) who walk around…missing part of our wings in one way or another…lost someone dear to us, going through a divorce(even getting millions of dollars as Elin Nordegren would tell you, doesn’t heal a hole in the heart-though it doesn’t hurt), have a child who’s really sick or really unhappy(as my friend says, you’re only as happy as your least happy child), lost a job, losing your home,  worried about aging parents….the list goes on and on. 

 I doubt you’ll pass anyone today who is totally happy and completely secure…that’s the aura most of us like to transmit…and many of us do it quite well. Yet we all(yes, me too) have that little thorn in our heart about something…a little bit of our wing is missing. Yet my little wounded butterfly does the best it can with what it has….the wing will never magically grow back obviously…but life goes on. The sun is still warm on the butterfly’s wings, and the nectar of the flower still tastes sweet, so life is still good, right? Just a thought for all of us….