Oh the fob of it all….
December 19, 2012


My keys, after being overnighted from NC….don’t they look happy to be home?

I was down in North Carolina this past weekend, a place I love to visit…and on my way back home as the Southwest pilot announces we are getting ready to land, I start packing up and checking where my keys are. Not in my handbag. My keys…the only working fob set to my Toyota…is in…that’s right, North Carolina. Ouch.

That meant renting a car at the airport to get home…chi-ching…leaving the car at the airport..chi-ching…but the real cash register sound came the next day, when the very nice lady at Toyota gave me the news that the smart fob that opens the doors to and starts my car…will cost $500 smackeroos to replace…CHI-CHING!  Um, no thanks.

But she also advise me to try inserting the non-working fob…that you never can tell, they might communicate. So we drive to the airport, turn in the rental, fully prepared to one-car it for a day or two until the keys can be sent to us…find the car, open it with the laser key in the side of the fob, stick it in the (fob hole?), say a little prayer and it starts. Who says there aren’t little miracles?

But like the rest of you, my heart has been heavy with the horror in Connecticut. In North Carolina Saturday morning, I got up and made some tea, and then thought…this morning those parents woke up…if they slept at all…and the horrible reality came crashing back that sleep relieves for a little while. That it really did happen. That their child, or sister, or mother…was gone, for good. It was real.

There are no words to capture the terrible nature of that day…we in the news business have struggled with that all week..at least I have. There are no words. So we just try to pass along the information we have in the most tasteful way we know…but know, it breaks our hearts too. We are also parents who send children to school, assuming we will see them at the day’s end. I only hope that something good can come from the heartbreak….surely something will. Won’t it? Otherwise how can anyone bear it?

I’m off work next week like many of you to celebrate Christmas…I wish for all of you a safe family around you, some good food, some laughs, and a nice present or two. And lots of love…hold them close. I think we will all hold our families closer this Christmas.


Home from ‘bama…poorer but happy….
January 12, 2011

Parking lot lost and found......

We were a little uncertain about getting out of  Birmingham yesterday…but the ice and snow that paralyzed Atlanta(and canceled by bro-in-law’s flight to Boston) was not nearly as horrifying in Bham….so I was able to fly out pretty much on time, on a nonstop Southwest flight(God bless them) from there to Baltimore.

I was a few miles down the road from my sister’s house on the way to the airport when she called and said, “You left your coat and gloves!”(I still don’t know how I did this)…and since I really did want them/need them, we whipped around and hot-footed it back to meet her at a gas station in between. But when we all got there, she had dropped the gloves somewhere, in the mad dash for the car….so my other sister calls and says, “I have the gloves and I’m on my way!” Her husband said dryly, “It runs in the in the family“…..Thanks George. But we had such a good time together.

Cook that duck....

And I was not kidding about having duck for dinner…..though we also had Fat Mama’s tamales and roast pork tenderloin. (See the hoodie on Jan on the right? One day a man in line in front of her admired it and asked, “Is that vintage or just old?”…hilarious. Is there a difference?)

It wasn't all meat...

 As you can see vegetables and fruit did at least make a token appearance. And to keep it interesting(as if we needed that)…we had a little something  on the game. Everybody put in 20 bucks…and we each got a certain number of squares in which we put our initials.

Here's my $20....I'm in....

And every time the score changed…. the initials  in the square that coincided with the last numbers in the score, won 5 bucks. I managed to get back 15 of  my $20….but my sister Audrey’s husband got most of it.( thanks again George). We all thought about how much Mom would have loved the fact that we were all together, AND that Auburn was in a national championship game….she was a big fan of both. I just wanted to share a little of the fun with you…..happy Wednesday everyone!

Ways to get your baby to stop crying….
August 18, 2010

Southwest against slapping babies!!

Ok, here’s what always worked for me to stop a baby from crying….to give the baby a swift slap in the face. No, no, no…that wasn’t it….that would only make the baby cry MORE wouldn’t it??!!  With the whole brouhaha over the Southwest Airlines attendant removing a 13 month old from the arms of a mom who just slapped it in the face…I say, bravo lady. Well done.

And there’s been some controversy over whether the airlines should have called the police to be waiting at the gate for this family….why should they not have? The mother said she was upset because the baby kicked her…I’m sorry..a 13 month? Kicked her? Chances are this baby can’t even walk well yet…much less kick her. Here’s  a better scenario…the baby is unhappy over any number of things…wants down, is hungry, needs to be changed…is tired…could be anything. And what do babies do when they are unhappy? They cry. I know this is frustrating and embarrassing when you are that baby’s parent and you are in a confined space where you know your kid’s noise is bothering other people. Been there, got the t-shirt. But news flash….I’ve never seen a baby stop crying because you hit it….hey, that’s when they really let loose.

Hmmmm...where's that crying baby?

And I think all too often, if any of us had passed by this scene ourselves…we would have winced…I would have, because I don’t believe in spanking, and slapping a child in the face is, in my opinion, child abuse. Pure and simple. Because who knows what a parent who will slap a child… in the face…. in public…will do in the privacy of their home. A home in which that child is at the mercy of  his or her parents. But would we have stopped and said something?  Done something? Or just gone on with our day, hoping things got better for the little one?  I can only hope that this altercation will perhaps make these parents think more carefully about how they treat their kids…and while it’s probably too much to ask for, maybe take some parenting classes? Anger management classes? Bravo Southwest flight attendant…you’re my hero of the day.

I got an A!! The all important boarding pass….
October 22, 2009

I got and A, I got an A!!!

I got and A, I got an A!!!

I’m headed to the heart of Dixie this weekend…that’s right, Buhminham, Alabama honey. I never got down this summer as I thought I would, and I need to spend some time with my little 89 year old Mommy, while I still have her. Bless her heart, she is starting to have trouble talking,. as there is something going on with her vocal cords, so that it’s really difficult to understand what she’s saying over the phone. And if she loses her voice…it’s her last lifeline to the outside world. We’re hoping a specialist can help her.

But when you fly on Southwest Airlines, as I do 100 % of the time when I go to B’ham….as it is the only airlineto go there nonstop. And for those of you who also are Southwestaphiles….you know getting the all important A boarding pass, has become more of a contest than ever. Nowadays, most people are computer literate, and plugged into how the system works…you can go online 24 hours before your flight leaves, and not one second before. Now, it used to be that if you got online within a couple of hours, it was all good….but no longer.

Today I tried to log in, got there a couple of minutes early, (you get a message-sorry you’re too early, idiot) went to get something, came back I swear, two minutes later…and bang. Yes, you’re in the A group, but at the back of the pack with 59. 59!! That means that 58 other people cleverer than I, quicker than I am, maybe smarter than I am will board before me….possibly filling all the overhead compartments with their junk, this creating a problem for my junk

Whatever….I’ll make it. But I always feel sorry for people with truly lousy C boarding passes…then you really have no chance at any overhead space at all. Don’t they know the system? Don’t they care? No computer? Not as competitive as me? Sometimes I want to whisper to them the secret of the A boarding pass, but that would only add to the onslaught when the witching hour comes….24 hours to the second before your flight leaves. Oh, Southwest will take care of it for you….for $10. No thanks….I can do it my self. For free. I’ll say hi to Mommy for you!