Smoothing out a dreary, chilly day….
March 27, 2008

It really is just one of those days…..after another tease of spring, back to drizzle, and much worse, the cold. I’m just sooooooo ready for spring. Tired of coats, tired of scarves, tired of having to wear tights….I’m just ready for some warmth.

picBut here’s something that makes me feel a little better….SomaFM. It’s an on-line commercial free radio station that has lots of channels with funny names. Like The Drone Zone (Served best chilled, safe with most medications), Boot Liquor(Americana roots music with a bit of attitude ), and my favorite, Groove Salad (a┬ánicely chilled plate of ambient beats and grooves). I wish you could listen with me right now…..oh wait, you can!!

grooveListening to a song right now called My Friend by Richard Dorfmeister vs. Madrid de la Austrias. Yeah, I know. I’ve never heard of them either. But kinda cool though.