What price silky straight locks? Bad news on the Brazilian…
October 14, 2010

Jennifer reportedly uses the Brazilian...

It’s one of the most popular hair “procedures” out there right now….I even considered(briefly) getting the Brazilian hair straightening myself…and I know several women who get them regularly for around $350 a pop..and love it.  What the Brazilian does for you is give you silky straight hair for several months(people call it life changing)….You might need to round brush it a little, but the time it takes you to do your hair and get that straight silky look goes from a lot, to a little. If you’ve never seen it…. Once you watch it you’ll see why women love it.

Now news from Oregon that the Brazilian Blowout treatment which  says it is “formaldehyde free“….may still contain formaldehyde at well above what is considered safe levels(news flash…it’s the formaldehyde that actually makes the process work). That’s not great for the person exposed once every few months…but definitely bad for a stylist who may do several a week.

The CDC says  low levels of exposure can cause irritation of the skin, eyes, nose and throat, and High levels may cause some kinds of cancers. Yikes! The company that makes the product says they stand by their product being formaldehyde free…and say OSHA’s testing was flawed. 

And there are salons who don’t even bother with the no formaldehyde products because they don’t work as well. So are those salons taking precautions(masks and ventilation) or just doing them? And if you’d like to read the entire article in the Oregonian newspaper…here it is. The stylists there had some definite health issues from the product. Word to the wise….