Your new look for spring….hotter hot pants…
April 15, 2010

The look we've all been waiting for...boy short bikini bottoms!

Ok, I was in the salon this week, getting  re-blonded(a little lighter for spring, like it?)and was thumbing through a fashion magazine as usual, and, shazam…discovered what is sure to be THE hot look for spring and summer. Uh-huh…that’s it in the picture above….and I feel confidant that we will all look super in it…can’t wait to wear it to work!  “Boy-short bikini bottoms with prim tops“…Perhaps they assume that putting on a nice jacket, gorgeous necklace and kickin’ heels will make everyone forget/accept that you’re practically nude from the waist down. This is being referred to in fashion speak, as “negative hemlines“. True dat.

"Vintage" look from Marc Jacobs....

Come on design world!!!!!!!!! Boy shorts as outerwear can be successfully worn by I’m guessing a full 2% of the population, and should be worn by 0%.  And in case you’re thinking they’re inexpensive, think again sweetie. Some of these by Balmain, Blumarine and others are high dollah-pricey. And what, you may ask, is the diff between boy shorts and hot pants? Yes, Virginia, there is a distinction…though subtle except to us fashion cognescetti…hot pants expose a little of your….ummm….derrierre, and boy shorts, dear Virginia, are fitted and do not.   

I showed this picture to several women (and these were women in their 20s and 30s….they got a good laugh out of it. Who knows, maybe this look will catch on….I hae no doubt that the NY Times will this summer have an “On the Street” feature with girls and  women who have stepped outside their comfort zone and donned their boy hot shorts…..maybe with heels and a jacket. I look forward to seeing it.