All you little red monsters out there…..I’m in a red frame of mind…
February 4, 2011

Put on your red dress, baby....

Ok, here’s the thing…I don’t really have a lot of red. Even though my Mother always  told me(and lamented the fact that I liked neutrals) and Marianne Banister tells me that I look good in it, red is just not a color I gravitate to when shopping for clothes. As a result, when I stared into the dark depths of my closet this morningWear Red Day…I found exactly…. none.

Love it!

So here’s what I would be wearing if I owned it….I love this shot of two women in red strolling the city….I want to go to there.

I would also love be wearing these red shoes....

How about a little red dress gossip????

Red in very chic...

Or how about red nails?????

Or Paloma Picasso Red lips???

Or take a nap in a red dress????

I love all those  vintage fashion photographs from Vogue and Glamour (the photos are from  HK Photographs)….and for your information they are all available today(for a fee-$399 to be exact) at One King’s Lane(a great home shopping site but you will have to sign up to view things there) and  a portion of the proceeds from this event  will go directly to the Go Red for Women Campaign.

So, while I’m outfitted in red, I’m in a red frame of mind…and the weekend is upon us! Play nice, book a heart assessment screening with your doctor, go for a nice long walk, and come home safe…’cause we miss you!


Trying to relax…..ohmmmmmmmmmm……
December 23, 2008

Do I really NEED these wine glasses??

Do I really NEED these wine glasses??

On The Today Show this morning , there was some  blonde chick saying with hands primly clasped over the perfect holiday table, all gittery and golden that don’t kid yourself,  took a stylist to put together, saying ….”And you need wine glasses like these from The Conrad Shop.” Seriously? Seriously? I need to go get some wine glasses like that? What else should I do, lady? Oh, and she just said that brocade napkins are recyclable..”wash them and use then again“. Wow, I would never have figured that out.

Relax,that’s what Monica advised me….she wrote, ” Just relax! It will all be over by this time next week. And you can start planning for next year right away! Sure you will. ” So I just say the word that the lovely Jennifer says whenever she is feeling stressed…”Breezy!” So I’m “breezy” today. My sweet daughter and I are having $20 pedis this morning….our toes look awful…and we’re gonna have a girl’s lunch in Hampden…mybe Cafe Hon? Or Golden West Cafe? So many choices there.  And then we have some last food shopping to do….my son is training in from New York this afternoon…so I debated pizza for dinner. That would have been the breezy choice, but I have decided on a less breezy but still pretty simple(ha-ha-my eye is twitching) chicken in wine with mushrooms and little onions, over creamy grits. Sounds more complicated than it is. Not breezy in all honesty, but still not too bad.

The rest of Monica’s advice? ” Now I am just going to have another drink and maybe, just maybe when I am finished everything will be purchased, wrapped, and under the tree. And all of the food will be bought and prepared. Now if only I could find my red shoes and click my heels together.”  Good one, Monica.

That reminds me….I need to stop by the wine store.  And find my red shoes.

Put on your red dress, baby…..
February 1, 2008

0201081134.jpgOk, I am letting everyone down on that score. Yes I know today is Red Dress Day….I even got an invitation to attend the Red Dress Collection 2008 fashion show, as part of Fashion Week in New York….would LOVE to go, but today is the first day of ratings, soooooo, my presence is required here. Wouldn’t it fun though? You could feel for a little bit like you’re in a high fashion episode of Ugly Betty!0201081137.jpg
And here’s the thing… if I owned a red dress I’d wear it, but red is…not my thing, I guess. When I look in my closet it’s a sea of greys, blacks and browns with a spot of color here and there, so today, I donned a red camisole under the black(sorry) blouse.
0201081130.jpg I am, however, wearing my tiny Swaroski crystal Red Dress pin sent to me a few years ago. I drag it out every year this time. But while the fun things are the dress and the pin, and such…the really important thing about today, is to pay some attention to women’s health. When was the last time you….1. had a physical, 2. had a mammogram, 3. had a pap test, 4. worked out, 5. did something healthy for yourself.
I had a little wakeup call not too long ago. Nothing serious, but I called to have a prescription refilled with my gynocologist, and the office said, “we’ll send in a refill, but you really need to come it for a checkup.”
I replied, “It hasn’t been that long…..has it?”
The reply…”Two years”. Yikes!!

0201081133.jpgSo, I’ve had the appointment, all is well….so today, just for yourself, for me…call and schedule your doctor’s appointments….get a physical, you’re worth it. Take care of yourself. And then go buy some red shoes...check mine out!