Sometimes it’s the little things….
September 9, 2008

An Insta weather umbrella of my very own!

An Insta weather umbrella of my very own!

Like an umbrella. I lost my favorite umbrella a few weeks ago…classic black with a silver plated handle that came from England….sounds expensive and it looked it(probably why it’s gone)…but the thing only cost 20 bucks…Got it at the shop London in St. Michaels. Come to think of it the last time I was in there, I put my name, on a list to get another one when it came it and they never called me!! But nevertheless, I have been umbrella-less, except for a broken spoke, blue ,dogeared umbrella with a hole in the nylon. Seriously…raggedy.

So, as I was leaving today to get a salad, with the rain pouring outside…I went with a sad …very pitiful…face to our Promotion Manager…they have all kinds of WBAL goodies….cups, hats, shirts…things that are guarded pretty closely. But they do have great umbrellas…big, really sturdy, and pretty..with the vents that keep it from blowing inside out. All you have to do is walk around with WBAL Insta-Weather printed on the outside. Hey, I don’t mind.  Steve told me  he didn’t have any, but a certain person in the building had and I quote, “thousands of them in their office”. Hmmmmm….I’m on my way.

And there they are, in the office of the Operations Manager..oops I’ve just been corrected…Director of News Operations (or Lord of all he surveys, another adds in a witty fashion) ….In addition to all his other responsibilities, and there are many…he is also evidentally in charge of the umbrellas. “You don’t have a WBAL umbrella?”, he says, after I make my request. “No, I never have had one.”

“All anchors and reporters are supposed to have one, to keep in their car”….for shoots I guess…you’ve seen reporters standing around in the rain haven’t you, doing their live shots, no matter the weather? You are supposed to have a standard issue for just such an occasion. He goes to the box and draws one out….”Here. And keep it in your car.” So bossy. But then again, he is a boss. Anyway…it’s the little things, like having an umbrella in your car, on a rainy day. Thanks Stroh!