Earth Day Flotsam and Jetsam….
April 22, 2009

Let’s be honest I’ve been a bad blogger this week…very bad, but it has been a busy busy busy week. Last weekend I was in New York to check out wedding stuff…the park , the restaurant, the loft where we are staying AND having a party. And I’m kind of rethinking the “Oh I can do that” mentality. Yeah.  I think I could use some help, so there is another search.

Wet Earth Day....

Wet Earth Day....

But still…it’s earth day, and while it was a soggy drive into work, I ws thinking how appropriate it is that the thing that keeps us all going on this little planet….the rain….is involved in this day. One day I was kind of whining (sorry) about the rain that had been going on for a few days, and Chief Meteorologist Tom Tasselmayer….wouldn’t you know it would be him…said, “Have you ever stopped to think about what  a miracle the rain is?”  So…think about that the next time a rainy day depresses you!

Let’s see…what else….Sandy wrote in about  composting(also appropriate for Earth Day…” For 4 years I’ve composted all the veggie and fruit waste at the Inn and restaurant. To keep fruit flies at bay, I use a large cookie container with a screw top, then every few days we empty it… works wonders!” Thanks Sandy…that’s a good idea….

Erin wrote in about my Puttanesca post saying ” I just wanted to thank you for the recommendation! Immediately after reading your blog on Friday, I clicked on the La Scala website and made reservations. My husband and I aren’t foodies like you, but we thoroughly enjoyed our dining experience and LOVED our meals. ”  Sandy, you are welcome. We do what we can for foodies in training.

And this from Nicole….” Do enjoy reading your blog… One subject I’m curious to hear from you on in your blog… the Susan Boyle thing (British talent lady?). Curious what your feelings and your opinions are on the subject!” Nicole, my thoughts really have been…why is everybody so shocked and amazed that an older woman who is not a beauty can actually sing. Ohmigod!! It’s incredible! Unbelievable!! How can someone so…so…ummm…eyebrow challenged can have a lovely voice????? What a premium we put on beauty in this world….sad really. But for Susan, I am thrilled. And as others have noted, she does indeed have the voice of an angel. Perhaps now others will see for what she has always been, a lovely talented woman, deserving of note.


Going to the movies by yourself….
September 8, 2008

Let’s face it…going to a movie is not a solitary pastime…not really. I mean, you certainly can go to a movie by yourself, and you don’t need someone to talk to during the film…indeed, one should not be talking at all during the movie except to whisper, “I’m going to the snack bar…want something?” But it is, still, something we do as a group activity…or at least two people. This weekend,  I did it! I went for the first time in my life, to a movie… alone. My significant other was in ‘bama visiting his Dad…something we both try to do with each of our aging parents every few months or so…just drop in for a weekend….and no friends were available to go to the movies with me. Sniff.   

Holy cow, thats high....

Holy cow, that's high....

And I’ve been dying to see Man on a Wire at the Charles Theatre…which is nearing the end of it’s run. It’s a documentary (yes, I know the D word), about Phillipe Petit….a French cosmopolite (oooh, good crossword word…someone who drinks cosmos? someone who is polite? a combination?) and wire walker who successfully walked a wire between the two World Trade Towers in 1974….for a couple of hours! The preparations they had to go through to make the unbelievably dangerous and surreptitious crossing is just fascinating. And the film also serves as a lovely elegy to the Twin Towers. Now that they no longer exist, except in our memory, and in pictures and films, it is amazing to see them in all of their magnificent hugeness, and still hard to believe something so immense could just…..cease to exist. But in this film, they serve as the greatest challenge and accomplishment of one man’s life…Phillipe was obsessed  with the towers before they were even finished. If you don’t catch it at The Charles, Netflix it….you won’t be sorry.

ham and gruyere with dijon....whats no to like?

ham and gruyere with dijon....what's no to like?

But back to my lone existence at the movie….there weren’t that many people as anxious to see this film as I was…maybe 10 of us at noon on Sunday?  I bought a lovely warm ham, Gruyere, and Dijon crepe at Sofi’s Crepes next door…very comforting…and managed to drip it all over myself  during the film which I had no idea about until I stepped into the sunshine, chatting with some people I knew there. Still..delicious. And I felt….a bit different, but not awful. Now I know, there are plenty of you who may go to films alone quite often, and wonder why I’m even remarking on it.  I get that. It’s just that, it was a first for me. And it wasn’t bad…I could do it again, and maybe I will. I didn’t feel weird, or odd…it was ….fine. I long ago got over eating alone in restaurants, the product of traveling for work, and sometimes you feel like something other than room service. That is without doubt more difficult, as you don’t have a movie to watch..thus the book that many lone diners often take along.

No swimming? No problem.

No swimming? No problem.

And Saturday, we were all waiting for the big storm that never happend…at least not for Baltimore….this was what the Gwynn’s Falls looked like the day after….pretty angry. No swimmers that day….