My Big Fat Pork Butt…..Perfected
January 20, 2012

See the raven head?? See it???

Ok, I ran out of purple pretty quickly in my closest…it’s just not a color I seek out, for some reason. So now the Ravens have made it another week in the playoffs, and I wore my best purple dress LAST Friday, sooooo….the bottom half of my dress is purple. I don’t know if anyone can see it on the news, but trust me, it is. And I have on the Ravens earring s you see above…and that’s just gonna have to do it this purple Friday.

All coated in herbs, salt and pepper, ready for searing..

Though for good luck, I think I may again make the pork butt in apple cider….but I did something different last week, that’s worth repeating. Instead of apple cider, I used fresh sqeezed orange juice.

OK, NOW they're ready for the compost pail....

Not that I’m a fresh squeezed snob, but I had some oranges and tangerines that were starting to harden on the outside, but inside, they were perfection. Fished them out of the compost bin(where the hubby had put them), cut them in half and squeezed out the juice. Ta-da!

Pour this in around the roast....or heck, mix with vodka...

A nice comfy bed of veges for the butt to cook in...

And I used a different recipe in the end…(not wildly different)…and this one called for deglazing the pan after searing the meat and the veges, with a little bourbon. That just can’t be wrong. Here is the recipe for My Big Fat Pork Butt Perfected, that I found on a blog called Bootnik.Oh, and it calls for brining the roast(which I did for 12 hours) so start a day ahead….remember you still need a good 4 hours of cooking time.

 I leave you this Friday with some words from the late Ron Smith, whose memorial service knocked me out this week…really, it was amazing.

What is a mere individual to do? Live as sane and decent a life as you can, love your family and friends, and understand that everybody is in this together.”

Here, here. Have a great weekend everyone, do something nice for someone, be sane and decent, and because Ron would want me to say it…Go Ravens!

What I’m using right now….hair, lips and legs..
November 4, 2011

Applying my fav shade of lip gloss....fav right now...

Thought I’d share some of the products I’m using and loving right now….one of them is the least expensive, too….it’s the CoverGirl Nature Luxe line….I’m using their mascara,  and I love their gloss/balm with shea butter.

And it has SPF 15 sunscreen...cost about $6...

Goes on really easy, soft colors, you can slip it on without looking in a mirror even. A new shade I’m loving right now is “hibiscus hibiscus“…soft rosey pink that goes really nice on a purple Friday!(Go Ravens…)

I found a new hair conditioner that I really like.. Hey, not every conditioner is “serious” enough for my tangly locks. I’ve tried  some products, and when I try to comb out later, it’s like I only used shampoo. NO likee.  Evolveh organic conditioner is a product I picked from a bag…..4 times a year they send out product pick 10 of them(many are full size), and they ship to you. It’s a nice way to try new thing without paying full price. And this one I really love. Leaves your hair super-silky, but I wouldn’t suggest it for someone with oily hair.

Love, love, love this IS Genius

Next up, Janet Waddell Genius Hair Balm….and it is Genius. Another Beauty Bag find…whenever I use this stuff after shampooing and conditioner, my hair is more manageable that any other product I use,(including the much beloved Moroccan Oil). OK, I just went to the Janet Waddell website above, and found out it uses Emu oil! Who knew?) I see it is $28 for 6 ounces, but you only use a little dab….lasts a long time.

Don't let those legs go pale.....keep summer around!

Last but not least….all us fair skinned girls are in the dog days of legs…as in no color. So I use Yves Rocher Bronze Nature Summer Legs….and while I don’t see this exact product on their website the link above looks like the same stuff in a different container. Goes on golden so you get a nice quick hit of color, and the rest develops over several hours. Good stuff. And only $8.

It’s Almost Game Time…what to wear, what to cook???
January 14, 2011

Purple Friday indeed...rock on, my friend...

Ok, I was on my way from Prive’ Salon off Fort Avenue(after a much-needed trim) to WBAL-TV…and I ran across(not over) this guy on the corner at Harborplace….he was just too cute not to take the picture. And game time is almost here….I want you to know,  I have very little purple in my wardrobe, and what I do have, has been worn ad nauseum…

Something borrowed, something new.....

I saw this cute purple felt pin on Joyce’s coat here in the newsroom. I stopped dead in my tracks and begged to borrow it. She kindly relented, and so you may see it on the air tonight.

Are the stones purple...or pink? Hmmmm?

 I wore this necklace today, in hopes that it looked some distant relative of purple…Joyce assured me it was really pink. Hmmmmm.Well, one of them will be on top of my Flacco Blacko (and yes that is a Raven’s color even tho I made it up)sweater tonight….I think both would be too much, yes?

Short ribs...they'll look better after they're cooked.....

And what are you preparing for the game? Short ribs? Chili? Pork Belly(more on cooking pork belly here)? Oh, and does anyone have a great recipe for Meyer Lemons? (I think I’ve decided on lemon curd-a big fave and so easy-here) My sister brought me several BIG ones fresh off a lemon tree in Gulf Shores, that I flew home( I flew tamales down to ‘ husband always thinks it’s hilarious that I “fly food all over the country” like there won’t be any where I’m going…who knows maybe there won’t be one day and he’ll be sorry.) At any rate, I’d be up for a good lemony recipe….At my house, short ribs sound too fabulous not to have…I really love them this time of year with a nice bottle of hearty red wine……ok, now I’m getting hungry.

Have a great weekend everyone…play nice no matter who wins, don’t throw rocks and come home safe…’cause we miss you!

Magenta Friday……
January 15, 2010

Purple? I'm not sure....

Ok, let me just say this up front….I’m not really into “Purple Friday“.  I realize that’s a semi-heretical thing to say here in Baltimore, especially the Friday before a playoff game. “How awful….she doesn’t want to wear purple on Friday..shameless!” Here’s the thing. I don’t really like purple….I have ONE thing that’s kinda purple….you see it in the picture, and it’s really more of a magenta, but I’m wearing it tonight on 11 News at Five. You can judge its degree of purpleness for yourself.

Purple  is a lovely color in it’s place….it was the favorite of Cleopatra I’m given to understand…it’s also the color for widows in Thailand(hey, at least it’s not black)…and purple has always been the color of royalty. In Feng  Shui circles, purple belongs to the element of fire and is known as a strong vibration color…one that should be used in moderation. But if you simply cannot get enough purple, especially in football season, do I have the website for youThe Purple Store.  And here is a must have bumper sticker for the back of your car!

I hope to be seeing more of these around town....soon.

 If I had to pick a favorite shade, it would be eggplant, or aubergine, as the French would say….I can hear it now….  “And the Ravens come onto the field,  in aubergine and black!!”  Hey, don’t think this reflects in any way,  my feelings about the Ravens. I think they’re a perfectly fine football team, and I wish them well Saturday night, and I will watch the game and indeed, cheer them on. But when it comes to wearing purple every single Friday in football season….it just seems a little…I don’t know…cheerleader-esque?  And that’s just not my thing. Plus there’s none in my closet. But today I have reluctantly caved to pressure and will sport a magenta/purple on the air. So there. Enjoy your weekend…play nice and come home safe. And yes, go Ravens.