Do what you wanna do, this weekend…
June 12, 2009

Will you be wearing a wineglass necklace this weekend??

Will you be wearing a wineglass necklace this weekend??

What are you doing this weekend? here’s my plan….sleep as late as possible tomorrow morning, something crazy like 8:30 am… Maybe 9 if Muffy the cat doesn’t walk all over me. Next, something  fun and something I’m really looking forward to.  Not. Cleaning all my clothing out of my daughters closet and finding a place(?) to put them. Here’s what’s happened. As she as been at school(for years), and my closet is kinda small(miniscule)…not one of those palatial walk-ins…I have “expanded into her closet. And the guest room closet. Yeah. And now that she will be home next week for…ummm…until she finds a job, an apartment and starts her grownup life…the girl needs her closet. So, that will take some time.

I’m having dinner at a friends house Saturday(yipee no cooking), and while I will offer(sincerely) to bring a dessert, they may decline that offer…and then, what can I do? Insist on bringing something? That would be rude. Anyway, Marianne Banister gave me a lovely bottle of wine for my birthday…I found it on my desk yesterday,…with the funniest card. The front reads “I read about a woman who makes ice cubes from leftover wine…I didn’t know that was possible! (open the card)“..have leftover wine, that is.” I love it MB…maybe I’ll take the wine to dinner.

Ok, let’s see…what else. I also hope to get to a movie…maybe Pelham 123?  Didn’t get great reviews..from anyone… but still want to check it out. Maybe barbecue on Father’s Day…that is Sunday right?(I have subsequently learned it is not this Sunday but next) Which means the Father gets to show off their grill-skills(they can still be shown off). And less cooking for me. Just kidding…the side dishes are the hard part anyway.

And Sunday afternoon….a wine festival?  It’s called the  Great Grapes Wine Art and Food Festival, at Oregon Ridge…and you may not know there are quite a few wineries in the state these days making some very good wines. The most famous being Boordy Vineyards with Rob DeFord at the helm…he does  a lovely job on the seyval blanc there…and Basignani wines have gotten some great reviews. What’s not to like really, wandering around tasting wine and sampling food Sunday afternoon for a while, with a wine glass as your necklace for the day? Odd, but hey, it works. Oh, and they can make ice cubes from the leftover wine. Have a lovely weekend…play nice, and come home safe.

P.S. late add for weekend: in Leakin Park Saturday June 13th….Maryland jazz flutist Trey Eley and his band will perform FOR FREE  from 6:30 to 7:30 . It’s near the mansion at 1901 Eagle Drive, 21207  off 4800 Windsor Mill Road. Park in the tennis courts parking lot and walk to the center meadow…then enjoy.( you might want to take a blanket or lawn chairs…and a picnic.). The next day on Sunday from 11- 3, also at Leakin Park, if your kids have never ridden the model steam trains  run by retired engineers…it’s a real treat. My kids have gone on board many times when they were little..and the engineers still do it!!