Comfort food in a cozy setting….
December 5, 2008

The parlor...warm and cozy...

The parlor...warm and cozy...

I wish I could say I discovered Feast @ 4 East Madison, but that would be fibbing. I read about the place this week in Elizabeth Large’s column in the Baltimore Sun.  Sounded intriguing…like dining in someones home, good food, b.y.o.b….all things I like. And since last night I was at the Washington Monument Lighting…in the rain…it sounded like a good idea to try out a new place that was just a block away, knowing I would need sustenance…quickly.

Bottom line? I loved Feast…everything I needed last night. Welcoming staff who took all my drippy wet bags(I had hauled a lot to the lighting) without any bad looks, sat us promptly at a pretty table right by the parlor, put down menus, poured water, and opened the wine. Good start. Our waiter was urbane and funny…just the right touch of friendly. When we observed the tealight candle had burned out, he whisked it away and brought  a new one…..happily.

Red beans and rice with Louisiana sausage..sensational, dark complex flavors…yummy. Basque organic chicken….very good, and I brought half of it home…it was an entire half chicken! The pate’ starter was just so cute, served in a china teacup. The server mentioned it would be slightly sweet, made with Marsala wine, and it was….but it was fabulous. A field green salad with warm goat cheese, beets and pecans with a pecan vinaigrette(how do they do that?) was just perfect. All in all, a lovely dinner, and there are several vegan options for those so inclined. The owner (and chief chef) Sandy, came out to chat with the different tables as dinner was ending…she said she was looking forward to making some gumbo, after hearing how much we loved the red beans and rice. I’m looking forward to it too.

These days, when people do eat out…they’re looking for value….and comfort. I found that  and more at Feast…try it.