Sex, Catfish and Videotapes…the weekend wrapup..
March 7, 2011

Just one box of two...full of movies...

Ok, that was a dirty, rotten come on…there’s nothing about sex until the very last paragraph. But there are catfish..and there are videotapes….so here we go.

See? Good movies!!

What the heck do I do with all the VHS movies that we collected back in the day? And not crap, either… classics, like To Kill a Mockingbird, My Fair Lady, Little Women, Father of the Bride, Miracle on 34th Street, The Piano, The Sound of Music, Gettysburg, Kung Fu Fighter(ok a little crap)….but for the most part, movies I’ve really loved. But all good things must come to an end, and that’s what happened to VHS. We’re all dvd now(how long until that goes the way of the dinosaur?). Anyway, if anyone out there would have use for these, I’d love not to add them to a landfill. Anyone? Anyone? Free to a good home. (And don’t say the library, they’ve already laughed me off the phone when I called to see if they wanted them.) simple and delicious...

Made some fabulous catfish this weekend…and so quick. Let the filets marinate a little while in buttermilk, dredge in cornmeal and pan fry in a little olive oil. And what gave it a kick was couple of teaspoons of pimenton(Spanish smoked paprika-one of my new fav spices)added to the cornmeal….gave it a nice smokey taste.

Is anything better than cheese grits?

And what goes better with catfish than cheese grits…classic southern combo? Here’s how I do mine…First start with good stone ground grits if you can find them…yellow or white, doesn’t matter( and for heaven’s sake whatever you do, no quick or instant grits). Cook them in chicken broth, not water, and at the end, add some shredded cheddar cheese  and stir it until it melts( I actually used some pimento cheese I made a week ago, and it was great), and then while you’re getting everything together, pour some heavy cream over the top of the grits and let it sit for a few minutes. When you’re ready to serve, stir in the cream.

Roasted asparagus...ridiculously easy

And I roasted some asparagus to snuggle alongside…one of the best ways to prepare it, I think. Just coat the spears in olive, salt and pepper, after peeling the end of the stalks, and pop it in 400 degrees for about 20 minutes….no more. That’s it. 

Anson Mills coarse ground grits....

I’m now on a quest for a place that carries Anson Mills stone ground grits…this Charleston company offers heirloom corn, coarse ground grits that you should ideally soak overnight, but I haven’t located a local source yet. You can mail order, but I may just wait until I’m in Charleston in April(no, I can’t wait for that week to get here), and load up them and bring them home(you know how I love to fly and drive food all over the country). Famous chefs all over the country rave about Anson Mills grits….this is from their website about what they do “To date Anson Mills has provided grants to resuscitate roughly a dozen types of threatened antebellum mill corn, and has offered its research growers heirloom seed, seed selection expertise and management advice. Glenn works with thirty organic growers in six states.” No too shabby. Will let you know if I find a place locally. Ok, I’m just gonna say it…grits are sexy. 🙂