Your new look for spring….hotter hot pants…
April 15, 2010

The look we've all been waiting for...boy short bikini bottoms!

Ok, I was in the salon this week, getting  re-blonded(a little lighter for spring, like it?)and was thumbing through a fashion magazine as usual, and, shazam…discovered what is sure to be THE hot look for spring and summer. Uh-huh…that’s it in the picture above….and I feel confidant that we will all look super in it…can’t wait to wear it to work!  “Boy-short bikini bottoms with prim tops“…Perhaps they assume that putting on a nice jacket, gorgeous necklace and kickin’ heels will make everyone forget/accept that you’re practically nude from the waist down. This is being referred to in fashion speak, as “negative hemlines“. True dat.

"Vintage" look from Marc Jacobs....

Come on design world!!!!!!!!! Boy shorts as outerwear can be successfully worn by I’m guessing a full 2% of the population, and should be worn by 0%.  And in case you’re thinking they’re inexpensive, think again sweetie. Some of these by Balmain, Blumarine and others are high dollah-pricey. And what, you may ask, is the diff between boy shorts and hot pants? Yes, Virginia, there is a distinction…though subtle except to us fashion cognescetti…hot pants expose a little of your….ummm….derrierre, and boy shorts, dear Virginia, are fitted and do not.   

I showed this picture to several women (and these were women in their 20s and 30s….they got a good laugh out of it. Who knows, maybe this look will catch on….I hae no doubt that the NY Times will this summer have an “On the Street” feature with girls and  women who have stepped outside their comfort zone and donned their boy hot shorts…..maybe with heels and a jacket. I look forward to seeing it.

Samurai Umbrella…
March 16, 2010

See? Doesn't it look sharp?(not literally...)

OK, let me say this…I am not really good with umbrellas..I tend to lose them, leave them, forget them…no longer be their owner after a short while. But here’s one even I might not lose, because it’s strapped to my back like a….well, like a samurai sword! My first thought when I saw this was to order one for my son who live in NYC…(if you’re interested, here’s a link). One less thing to carry in his hand, when one has a Jack’s coffee in it and the other your man bag…I mean messenger bag.  But then, just as I was considering pulling out the credit card, a brief startling scene flashed through my mind.

Just reach back, and whip it out....

Picture this….my son leaves his apartment on day that threatens rain…he has strapped on his samurai umbrella and is trudging through the streets of the west village, past Marc Jacobs, past Cynthia Rowley, a quick stop into Jack’s Coffee for a latte to go…..and off he heads for the Washington Square/West 4th subway station….noticing people are looking at his umbrella, admiring glances…aren’t they? Probably wondering where he acquired it(from his Mother who has the best taste, that’s where). And down the stairs he trots, hoping to catch the train just as it comes in..he’s running late. Suddenly the sound of heavy footsteps running behind him….the next thing he knows he is face down on some very dirty cement, voices shouting, all he can see is feet running, a child is crying. The person on top of him yells, “I got him! I got him!”  It is some time before the nice policeman lets him up to explain that the weapon on his back… is… just… an… umbrella. Hmmmm. On second thought….

Now would this actually happen? In a pre-9/11 world, probably not. But New York City? I’m not gonna chance it. I still like the  Samurai umbrella, the way it looks and its convenience, (and you may too so here’s a link to buy it)….but I can hear the disdainful words I’ve heard more than a few times from my son when I do something well intended, yes,  but the results are less than stellar…”Good one, Mom“.

For now I’m sticking with the umbrella that I have loved and managed to keep for some time now(after my son left it at my house)….it’s a Callaway Umbrella, and the beauteous thing about this collapsible, is that it is not just automatic open…almost all of them do that..but when you get in your car and the rain is pouring, you don’t have to reach out and pull the umbrella closed, thereby drenching yourself anyway….this one collapses with another touch of the button. Love it….and no one could mistake it for a weapon.

C-mart…. do-it-yourself version??
October 22, 2008

C-Mart...You bring it and you cart it away?

C-Mart...You bring it and you cart it away?

It caught my eye, yes it did this morning, as I was reading The Baltimore Sun,  that sweet familiar handwritten notice.  Only one place has ads that look like that and smells of….ooohhh, bargains. C-mart!! Kind of.

This is a do-it-yourself  kind of C-Mart….it’s a flea market, ok? I  can rent space and sell all the things I bought at C-Mart that perhaps I shouldn’t have ( the Marc Jacobs Venetia handbag comes to mind). They’re calling it The Big Tarp, and it will be not at the latest C-mart location but at the old Forest Hill one….the one I always got lost trying to get to. Anyway, someone…I’m assuming the original owners of C-Mart as they still own this property….is opening up and is renting table space now…75 cents a square foot. Not bad  I guess.

And here’s the great thing about it it….. in a down economy, when people are hurting, this place will provide a place not just for people to spend money, but also a place to MAKE SOME MONEY…..that can’t be anything but providential.  The Big Tarp will be open every Saturday and Sunday. So, there it is. No, C-Mart isn’t returning, but I’m keeping the door open and the welcome light on. See you there!

In Mourning for C-Mart….
October 7, 2008

See this chair? Got it at C-Mart...

See this chair? Got it at C-Mart...

I’ll be honest…I have wondered about what was going on at C-Mart for a while now, for years one of my all time favorite stores. I know people who furnished their entire (lovely) homes with great buys from C-Mart. So when the company was sold over a year ago, and their idea was to make it an online company, I just thought, “Huh?” I mean, C-Mart was a treasure trove of one of a kind things, remainders, leftovers…and since you probably didn’t have 100 of anything, maybe not even five, how could you possibly turn it into or keep up with an online service? It just didn’t make any sense to me, but I figured that they knew a lot more about business than I did, so I guessed it would work. As I read today in The Baltimore Sun, turns out, not so much. And what a loss.

These too....

These too....

Can I just share some of my favorite memories of C-Mart? And you can share yours. The biggie of all biggies had to be the buyout of the entire Saks Fifth Avenue in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. No one was supposed to know it was Saks, but everyone did. Keith Silberg, then the  owner of C-Mart(come back Keith)…told me it was the most amazing thing he had ever done, wandering through an entire store load of shiny, silky, leather-like-butter designer goods, and having to make a bid on the whole lot. He wanted it and badly…who wouldn’t ? He didn’t want to get outbid, but didn’t want to pay too much either.  And as he pointed out, C-Mart was one of the few places with the capacity to handle such a huge deal. And he got it.

OK, this too....

OK, this too....

Remember the handbag sale that year? Where they had to call the cops and close the store ’cause the ladies got a little out of hand ? It was at the height of the designer handbag mania….shelves and shelves of Isabella Fiore, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Prada, Longchamps and other high end bags… seriously made your heart beat faster just to look at their smooth leathery tasseled, buckled beauty….AND THEY WERE ALL 50 % OFF. Gulp. It was no wonder C-Mart had a near riot. In a kind of fever, I bought the bag you see at the left….it was a $1200 Marc Jacobs Venetia…kind of the “it bag” that year( I know, I know…such craziness)…and it feels rather embarassing saying I paid “only” $600 for it. My Mother looked at it and then at me and said with a touch of shock in her voice…”You paid 600 dollars for a purse?” I think it was in a tiny voice that I replied, “But it was half price…” Sigh. I never carry it and always refer to it as “that ridiculous handbag”. Live and learn, live and learn.

But that bag aside, I have found so many bargains and things I love at C-mart, its demise is horrifying to many people. I remember Dominica Davis, who now lives in NY and works for Fox (still miss you Dominica!), talking about the clothing sale from Saks at C-Mart. She described running around with a shopping cart and piling items in her cart “like I was at K-mart, only these were designer clothes, and even at half price you’re talking about thousands of dollars!” I know. It’s true. I was there too…it really was kind of a manic buying going on that day, and when the cash register told the tale at the end of the spree…there were  many faces that had a touch of the accident victim in shock. Ahhhh, good times, good times.

Hey, maybe someone with vision will swoop in and see that in tougher economic times, people really want a place like C-Mart. I don’t know what happened there…but it is still a viable entity. It was a classic…”See you at C-Mart”…is it really over? And why?