What’s new on my prioritizer….get your tv life in order!
September 13, 2010

Fringe…one of the best series on Fox…

 Don’t you wish life had a prioritizer…so that all the things that you thought were so important…like organizing your tea towels and scrubbing the deck with a toothbrush…you find are not important after all, because you spend no time doing them. The prioritizer on my tv, is a list of 50 shows that are recorded when they come on, because I presumably want to watch them. But every so often the prioritizer(can we  just call it the PR-it’s so much work to type) has to be told what is and what is not important, because  if a show isn’t on the list, it isn’t recorded…it’s like it never existed, or existed only in a parallel universe! And speaking of that,  Fringe, the show about a parallel universe that exists right along side us, though we don’t know it(yes, there’s another you)…is #1 on my prioritizer. I love this show and I adore Walter! Oooh, is it Olivia or Nolivia? The season 3(I think) premiere is Sept. 23rd…be there. 

The Event....are you ready?

Also in this genre is a newbie that I’m recording…The Event…much ballyhooed by NBC( who lets face it, is likely to promo the hell out of a show and then cancel it unceremoniously if it doesn’t take off like a shot…remember The Nine, anyone? Or Kidnapped or Mercy? I’m just sayin’)….so I’m taking a chance getting emotionally invested in The Event. Anonymous here at work said, “Watch the first episode, and then look at the ratings. If they’re terrible, give it up because you know it’s gonna get canceled.” Good advice. The Event…here’s a clip…. premiere’s  on NBC(which means a lot of people in Maryland won’t watch because of the Ravens game-dvr alert!!). Tonight, Sept, 13th(oops-I mean the 20th), 9pm. Sorry.

Ooooh, the waves, the music, the big guns!










Hawaii Five-O, CBS…I’ll give this one a try. You know the song, you know the title, you know the setting….a nice re-boot, and who knows, it might be good.  

Terriers…here’s the week one replaythis one has already premiered last week, and I liked the first episode. Unlikely heroes, and funny. Will I keep watching? Ask the PR….FX–Wednesdays at 10pm. 

Raising Hope…Fox must like this one because it got the time slot after  GLEEwhich I’m also obsessed with. The first episode trailer which you can see here..…made me laugh out loud, because my first car seat for my son looked just like the one you see in the promo(hey it was years ago)….and what happens to the baby in the car,tumbling over, also happened to me, kinda, because I too, didn’t have the seat secured properly(what did I know??).  I should point out no one was injured and my son was laughing…he thought it was a great trick, though I almost had a heart attack). FOX-Sept,. 21st, 9pm

Oh, Jimmy, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind, Hey Jimmy...

Outlaw….NBC. I don’t really expect to be carried away, but I do ♥♥ me some Jimmy Smits, sooooo, I’m recording it, but like every new show, it’s on probation. Sept. 24th, 10pm.  

Outsourced-NBC. It could be funny though I didn’t really like the trailer…especially the grits line(Lordie, I am unduly irritated by fake southern accents-can’t stand it)…but I truly loved the movie of the same name(you should Netflix it if you’ve never seen it)…we’ll see if tv does a decent job.  Sept. 23rd-9:30pm. 

Still the smartest, funniest show on tv....

Shows coming back that I love and have a place on my PR….Parenthood-Sept. 14th NBC….Glee-Fox, Sept, 21st, Brothers and Sisters-ABC, Sept. 26th,…Gossip Girl(you know you love me)-Fox, Sept. 13th…The Good Wife/CBS…Sept. 28th, 8 pm….30 Rock/NBC (hall of fame category and they’re doing a live broadcast on Oct. 14th!), Sept. 23rd…. and of course, Mad Men(obvie)….season already in progress.

Ok enough…. if none of this has inspired you…find your own shows. Here’s TV Guide’s Premiere calendar.  Now get out there and find a show you love! They have to be good, because let’s face it, there’s only so much time for tv….

Sunday Night Dinners…..
August 23, 2010

Sunday evening dinner...supper as my Mom would say...

I adore Sunday evening dinners….or suppers, as my late Mother would have called them. She rarely used the word dinner…in the south, especially on Sunday, dinner was served around 1:00 after church let out….and later that evening, you had supper. But however you refer to it….I adore the meal. It’s a lovely, informal time to have friends or family over. You can respectably and without comment,  start early…5 or six, no later. After all, people have to get up and go to work the next day(and let’s be honest…secretly want to watch Mad Men and the fabulousness of Don Draper when they get home-or after their guests leave). And my daughter is fond of trip-tropping over to hang out a little on Sunday, get some free food, and do her laundry without having to pay her weight in quarters to the machines at her apartment…you know the drill. We of course, adore seeing her, and figure good food and free laundry is a small price for her company.

Tomato risotto....cooking away....

This past Sunday evening, as promised, I made the tomato risotto, complete with roasted tomatoes and garlic, served with some sautéed shrimp on the side and roasted green beans. The risotto wasn’t difficult…or not any more than any risotto is. It does require some attention at the stove, stirring and stirring and stirring as the rice absorbs the wine and then the hot broth….but that’s about it. I don’t really measure the amount I put in…I just keep adding liquid and cooking until the rice is just cooked(not too much!).

The finished result.....dinnertime...

Shrimp sauteing...and I boiled the shells in the broth for flavor...

 One does want a little  protein, and Whole Foods had these lovely wild shrimp, which  I sauteed with some olive oil and spices…simple. Needed something green(besides sprigs of thyme)….roasted green beans filled the bill…you know how I love Roasted Veges of all varities. Loved it all.

Oh, and Saturday night, I made a Vegetable Gratin that I hadn’t prepared in a long time. Only this time I used an OXO Mandoline that my  Mom gave me a couple of years ago. It is definitely a keeper of a gadget to have around…

My OXO mandoline!!

 Here’s the terrible part….it was the first time I ever used it.  It’s shameful, really. Mother always loved buying her “girls”,  things she thought they needed or might want, and I so wish I had used it more while she was alive and told her how much I liked it, but….there it is. Some things can’t be undone. And what a shame from a cooking point of view too…because it created the nicest, most even slices of potato and zucchini I’ve ever seen…several passes and it’s done.

Let the layering begin...don't forget the tomatoes...

Layer the potatoes on the bottom of your oiled pan, drizzle with salt and pepper and olive oil….some spices if you like, then zuchini…drizzle…then sliced tomatoes…drizzle…baked at 350 for 45 minutes or so, uncovered. Simple, but delicious. Bon appetit!

Thanksgiving Karma…..
November 25, 2009

It's not Thanksgiving without a big plate of Wonder Bread!

Ah, yes…tomorrow is the really big day….the family gathers together at a beautifully decorated table (oh my, where did you get those big pine cones?) with the house smelling deliciously like roasted turkey and dressing. The children are well-behaved(and well-dressed…no tee shirts) and appreciative of your efforts(“This is delicious Mom“), no one is tipsy…or mouthy…or late…no one say, “I usually put marshmallows on top of my sweet potatoes.” I’ve never actually attended the above feast, mind you, and maybe it exists only in movies or in my mind.

Truth is, tomorrow is a work day for many people…police officers, firemen(or women), doctors and nurses, and yes…news people have to work. So that already puts a little kink in the quest for perfection. In the perfect Thanksgiving no one ever says, “Will you shake a leg on the pie  honey, I’ve got to get to the hospital/police station/BGE/newsroom!”…whatever.

But even though yours truly will put in some hours at work, I’m all good with it. Tomorrow morning I will enjoy the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade, and begin what for me, is the arduous process of transforming butter, flour salt and ice water into pastry dough…where are you Optimus Prime? The one think I’ve been asked to make for the dinner I’m attending, is apple pie. And against my better judgement, I’m doing it from scratch this year. No Pillsbury-already-flatttened pie dough(how do they get it so round? that’s one of my big problems..asymmetrical pie dough), no canned apples-yech-it will be done by my very own hands, though I’m pretty certain….no, make that 100%… Stone Mill Bakery can make a better one.

I did buy an extra dessert, a banana cream pie from Atwater’s…I know, I know, nothing about banana cream pie screams Thanksgiving, but I think it’s nice option for those who might like something different from pumpkin or apple. At least I know that pie will be delicious.

After I make my apple creation, I may try to catch up on Mad Men episodes…as someone was describing the finale this morning, I realized I never saw it! Oh, Don Draper…you never disappoint. There’s a guy who truly does “live in the bubble”.(Ever see that 30 Rock? Hilarious…)

We’ll head over for dinner about 5…eat some fabulous food, talk, relax a little, and then I’ll head on to TV Hill to do the 11 PM news. And be thankful for a good job…and for someone who graciously feeds me Thanksgiving dinner…and for a warm home…all that stuff. While Thanksgiving won’t be perfect, it never is really, and that’s ok too. It’s Thanksgiving! Try to have a lovely day, no matter what it’s like…do something nice for yourself…let a couple of irritating things a family member says to you just  ROOOOOLL off. And smile. And if you have some leftover good karma…send it the way of my pastry dough.

August 5, 2008

May be addictive!

Caution: May be addictive!

OK, ….I’m a big fan of one of the smartest shows on television (AMC). I just so like Mad Men, and I feel bad  I didn’t tell you about it last year when I started watching the first season, really I do, but better late than never? But here’s the thing…if you want to watch this season, see if you can rent(or buy-I see the first season is available on AMC website) because if you just plunge in now you won’t get all the nuances and story lines in the first season , which are crucial to enigmatic piece of eye candy like Don Draper.

He’s a fascinating guy…on the last episode, one of his underlings in the ad agency comes to him after he discovers his Father was on board an American Airlines flight that has crashed…everyone is aghast at the catastrophe…the guy enter’s Draper’s office and says, “What should I do? What do people do under these circumstances?” Draper replies, “Go home. Be with your family.  The guy asks, “Would you? Go home?” Draper answers without a pause but you see the pause in his eyes. “Yes, I would. There’s life….and there’s work.”

Interesting line, for a man who really does live at workfor the most part…isn’t all that interested in his kids or his gorgeous wife, who is starting to show the strain.  And the sets and ambiance are soooooo 1960s New York…or at least what I would imagine them to be.

Back to the line…”there’s life and there’s work”. Some of us know the difference and others don’t…and sometimes the people who don’t…don’t even know who they are. I’ve known people who would spend every waking hour at work if people didn’t talk. And others who can’t wait for the work day to be over…counting the clock. Both are places you don’t want to be….dreading to go home because all you fulfillment is here at work..or in the long, dreary wait for your real life to begin. I had one of those jobs when I first graduated and didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do. I answered the phone for a real estate development, and there weren’t many calls. Everybody else was downstairs, and I was all alone upstairs at the front desk(in the days before internet-shudder). Oh……..my………goodness. Tick…..tick…….tick…….tick…….tick….you’ve probably been there too, I know. And today and for many years I have found a happy in between. While I’m at work I’m happy to be there. I enjoy what I do almost every day…everybody has bad days…but when it’s time to go home, I’m also happy to get home and live that life. I think only by enjoying both can you truly lead a balanced, contented life. And if give everything to work emotionally, there ain’t nuthin left for the homefolks. And then, you just….burn out.  So remember, “there’s life and there’s work.” I’m enjoying Don Draper’s tv struggle to figure out just what that means.