Candy that won’t pack on the pounds and flowers that never die…..
November 6, 2008

Calorie free gumballs!!

Calorie free gumballs!!

Look at it. Gorgeous  gumballs, and all calorie free!! And there are lollipops and pix stix  and so much more….These colorful images would look so great in  kitchen, or a kid’s room…or anywhere really…are by a very talented  photographer here at WBAL-TV 11. Jenn Lauren loves taking pictures, and her images are so good, that she is now being sold at the Michael Joseph Gallery in Fort Lauderdale.  Jenn came by my desk a couple of weeks ago and exclaimed, “Can you believe it? A gallery is selling my pictures!!” She just couldn’t quite fathom it.
But I could…good is good…the gallery knew that. And Jenn has turned many of her photos into cards…. colorful lights and pine cones would be  fabulous holiday seasonal cards. You might get one from me this winter!! But my favorites are her nature shots… the purple coneflower here….several people at at TV-11 (and you would know their names) have some of her nature photos in larger form, framed on the walls of their homes. They’re gorgeous, and the colors are so intensely vivid.

And on another subject, I was remiss not to post this earlier, with everyone beginning holiday shopping….when I wrote a post about layaway coming back, I got this from Heather…who is a small e-retailer whose beautiful sconces we showed pictures of….

“Thanks for the great feedback on the site. I love those sconces, too. We try to gather items that we would use in our own home. And if anyone is interested…as a thank you, 20% off for you and your readers on a first order. Just type in coupon code WBALTV when prompted. “(Their site at, is an eco-friendly lifestyle website.) Heather does have some cool stuff there…thanks Heather!!