Roads less traveled by: Maine food and a so long….
July 29, 2011

OK, is there any scene more Maine than this??

This was at a little restaurant in Naples called Merced's....

And I will admit to overdosing, if there is such a thing…and I don’t think there is…on LOBSTER. Seriously, we ate it at every dinner(even made lobster tacos one night), and more than a few lunches.

One of my fave meals: lobstah, corn, slaw, and Callie's Biscuits....

We were very good customers of the Lobster Pound Restaurant, where they boil up lobsters in big tanks out back, and you haul them away in a sack.

Another way to eat lobstah....the classic lobster roll...tho the bread should be toasted...

And I told you we did heavy duty cooking….it’s our favorite way to eat…at home.

My son and the lovely Jennifer...sous chefs extraordinaire!

Grab the lobsters, whip up some side dishes…have a cool drink(glug, glug, glug) on the dock at sunset…..and then dive in(to the food or the water, take your pick). Heaven.

Where's my glass of wine???

And I mentioned that I had a great recipe for you to try….and I wasn’t foolin’….

Crunchy peanut great for summer....

Here’s the recipe from Apartment Therapy…..and it was perfect with lobster(or fish or steak or whatever)….the only variations we made….we couldn’t find cilantro, so we did without it…I added a little cider vinegar for a bit more zing, and Jennifer sliced a little avocado on top. But it was so fresh and so cool….loved the peanuts in it.

Here's your Friday moment of zen....

And I want to add how much I will miss Marianne Banister here at the station, as will many of you. She and I were buds…sisters even(we were both in the same sorority at college-what’s up Chi O?)and we have both lived the times and troubles of teenaged girls together. She is another road right now, which I hope leads her to wonderful things. Even when your life changes, and even when you don’t want that change…good things can come from it. I’ve had that happen to me, and I’m sure many of you have as well. But MB…we miss you, I miss you..lots.  And I hope all of you find a pretty winding road this weekend….and decide to travel it…and find out where it leads. And cook something cool and crunchy. And come home safe…’cause we miss you.