Suri and the binky….how old is too old??
March 10, 2011


How many of you have seen this picture of  Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri…who at five, is obviously still attached to her paci? When I saw it, I, like many of you thought….come on TomKat! But let me say up front, I am not anti-pacifier….those things  are lifesavers when your kids are babies and even toddlers….we loved the paci at our house…BUT.

 It’s time to donate the binky to Santa’s baby reindeer!! That’s what my Mom did when my little sister didn’t want to relinquish her beloved pacifier….and the baby reindeer story seemed to do the trick.  I got some funny replies when I posted this picture on Facebook…and I’ll share for those of you who are FB free(and blissfully so).

happy baby....happy binky..

From Carolyn…”sometimes i think i should get one for myself.” This fromRobin…” Can you imagine the world if every 5 year old walked around with a pacifier in their mouth?”  Baltimore Beatdown said, “Being Tom Cruise’s daughter is way more scary than still chomping on a pacifier at 5!”  And from Lester… “goo-goo-gaa-gaa!”

You get the idea.  TomKat,  time to get real about parenting…which is about way more than buying your kid designer duds( want to bet that cute little coat Suri has on cost more than many people make in a week?). But there is something about her eyes that just looks so sad. A kid with too many clothes, too much pressure( from many sources), and too little time to grow up. Perhaps Suri’s world is more stressful than we can comprehend, and thus…the paci.

And health experts say once kids start getting their adult teeth(by age 5)…it really can change the shape of the mouth, and the child may end up needing braces later on because of it. But I’m sure some of you have had kids who sucked a binky later than you wanted, because, let’s face it, sometimes it’s just easier to give the kid what they want. Thoughts?