All you little red monsters out there…..I’m in a red frame of mind…
February 4, 2011

Put on your red dress, baby....

Ok, here’s the thing…I don’t really have a lot of red. Even though my Mother always  told me(and lamented the fact that I liked neutrals) and Marianne Banister tells me that I look good in it, red is just not a color I gravitate to when shopping for clothes. As a result, when I stared into the dark depths of my closet this morningWear Red Day…I found exactly…. none.

Love it!

So here’s what I would be wearing if I owned it….I love this shot of two women in red strolling the city….I want to go to there.

I would also love be wearing these red shoes....

How about a little red dress gossip????

Red in very chic...

Or how about red nails?????

Or Paloma Picasso Red lips???

Or take a nap in a red dress????

I love all those  vintage fashion photographs from Vogue and Glamour (the photos are from  HK Photographs)….and for your information they are all available today(for a fee-$399 to be exact) at One King’s Lane(a great home shopping site but you will have to sign up to view things there) and  a portion of the proceeds from this event  will go directly to the Go Red for Women Campaign.

So, while I’m outfitted in red, I’m in a red frame of mind…and the weekend is upon us! Play nice, book a heart assessment screening with your doctor, go for a nice long walk, and come home safe…’cause we miss you!

Walnuts Slow Cancer Growth??
September 25, 2008

 I love walnuts, let me just say that right up front.  I eat them every day on cereal, and occasionally sprinkle them on salads with goat cheese and apples…fabulous.

And I love the fact that they’re healthy… in fiber, b vitamins, magnesium, plant sterols, and Omega-3 fatty acids.  Here’s what the FDA finally said about them….

Supportive but not conclusive research shows that eating 1.5 oz of walnuts per day, as part of a low saturated fat and low cholesterol diet, and not resulting in increased caloric intake may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.”

 How about that? And now a new study from Marshall University that was published in Nutrition and Cancer, says wait, there’s more! They took mice with breast cancer, and fed one group a diet in which 18.5 % of the calories , the equivalent of two servings for humans, came from walnuts. The other nice ate a more typical American diet(not sure what that consisted of…pizza and burgers, maybe?). Anyway the tumors in the  walnut-fed group took twice as long to double in size  as those in the control group. They say more research needs to be done….but my thought is, I like, walnuts, why not eat them every day?  Oh and here’s an idea I saw on one website that I had never thought of…..sprinkle walnuts on pizza instead of say, pepperoni. You know, it might be good…especially on a pesto, fresh mozzarella pizza….yum. Or, here’s a recipe for Grilled Pizza with Pears, Pecorina and Walnuts…..from Bon Appetit. What’s not to like?

And I found a good place to gets walnuts for less, if you have some room in the freezer to store them….believe it or not, at Amazon Grocery! I ordered some a couple months ago, after the prices had gone through the roof (or so it seemed) at the regular supermarket, and they were fresh and wonderful.  Here you’re getting 6 pounds of walnuts for just a little over 6 bucks a pound…check the per pound price at the store? Let me save you the time…it’s about $12 a pound. So just store the rest in the frig or freezer, and that’s where you should keep nuts anyway, to preserve their freshness….and use as needed….and from the above article…eat a couple of handfuls a day…in place of that unhealthy snack you used to have!

The Cat/Heart Connection….
March 6, 2008

OK did you see the same article I saw? The one in the Baltimore Sun, (but originally came from the L.A. Times), about the effect a cat has on your health. Get this….cat owners have a lower risk of dying from a heart attack!! Seriously, I’m not making this up, non-cat owners have a 40 % greater risk have dying from a heart attack than cat owners do.

Why? No clue. No clue at all.  Personally, I think cat owners are more discerning and intelligent than everyone else….oh, did I just say that? OK, not really…but cats are very intelligent animals, and often quite picky. muffyMuffy, my lovely calico cat, likes her cat food the chunky kind, not ground. I have to vary the flavors…she likes it warmed for 9 seconds in the microwave, then sprinkled with dry cat food over the top. Now some of you will say, “You don’t know she wants her food warmed, that’s just some strange thought in your own head.” Maybe there is bit of projection there, I won’t deny it.  But she eats delicately, a nibbler and often…that’s healthy, I think.

baby girlNow Baby Girl…there’s a different story. I don’t know if she was starved as a kitten…hope not…but when I put her food down, and it could be anything really, (haven’t found something she doesn’t like), she scarfs it uplike a vaccum cleaner. More like a dog eats. Now you see it , now you don’t. Seriously, when I put down dry cat food, she grabs for the box as I take it away. I don’t think she even chews . That can’t be good for her, but I don’t know how to slow the process.

The lead researcher said about their study, “There isn’t enough evidence to recommend [getting a cat] as a standard practice. ” Yeah, but it can’t hurt! Save yourself a heart attack, and save a cat at the same time!!

Cats rule!

P.S. I thought later, it must also be said that cats do have the power to break your heart. For those of you who have lost a beloved pet, you know what I mean. I still miss Wild Kitty. Oh, and the only reason dogs weren’t included in this study, was there were too few people in this particular population who owned them. I would guess they have the same heart-healthy effect. So….dogs rule too.

Unitas lives on…..
December 18, 2006

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Sandy Unitas, the widow of Number 19, the Golden Arm…..Johnny U. of course. She lives in a beautifully decorated for Christmas home, north of Baltimore….Cozy….warm…scented candles, flowers….so pretty and clearly a home that is loved, punctuated by an incredible protrait of #19, his back to you standing perhaps on the sidelines. It hung in the Golden Arm restaurant..Sandy had it cleaned and restored, and it was rehung the night before John Unitas suffered a heart attack and died….but he saw it and loved it.
We were talking about her health troubles that happened this summer, heart trouble…just like Johnny…only hers was caught in time. It’s quite a tale, how she was called by Sister to Sister…a program that will happen in February, encouraging women to have their blood pressure, cholesterol and other things checked, because most women will die from heart disease. Great program, and they called Sandy to see if she would speak in front of a breakfast they were having, since her life has greatly been profoundly affected by heart disease, losing her husband who was her life love and best friend, to a heart attack in 2002. Sure she said, if they would help hok her up with some help because she wasn’t feeling too well…tired, depressed. Well what happened after that is just amazing…..suffice it to say she is still here because of that phone call.
It’s always such a pleasure meeting a woman like that (or man)…who’s really been thrown lots of loops by life, and yet they have the grace and strength to do what needs to be done, and keep moving forward. Sandy…You’re my hero! Keep up the good work……