DVR Showdown…Kardashians vs. Olberman
August 10, 2009


The not touch...

The playlist…do not touch…

OK, here’s the problem with three adults living in the same house….there is much that is good about it…always someone to talk to, hang out with, go somewhere with…but 3 willful inhabitants trying to control the dvr list is turning into a little slice of hell, with yours truly stuck smak dab in the middle.(Oh, and I should add, one show Hung , is not porn, but a funny and quite insightful show on HBO)

The latest clash went like this. My daughter…23, newly graduated, looking for a job, bored…you know the type…loves the reality program Keeping Up with the Kardashians  on ETV….oh, you’ve not heard of  it? Let me fill you in, my little cultural ignoramus…The Kardashians, as in Kim Kardashian(who seems to the most prominent of the group, except for Bruce Jenner–yes that Bruce Jenner)…a blended family of Momma Kris (exwife of O. J. attorney Robert Kardashian), Olympic champion Bruce, her 3 Kardashian daughters and one son, and the two kids she has with Bruce.  It basically  follows these people around while they do whatever it is they do…blah, blah, blah. My daughter likes to record the episodes at all hours of the night and day. Saturday she was incensed..”Daddy erased my KUWTK(let’s use this for short, okie dokie?)…just so he could see that boring Keith Olberman! That’s not polite to just delete my recording request!!

The retort from her Father went something like this…”It’s my television and my dvr, and I’m not going to worry about some silly show like KUWTKs!! And by the way, last week, you canceled my recording of Olberman, and that’s not nice either!”

Yeah, but Olberman also comes on at 1 AM and 4 AM…you can record it then!”

So I can watch a current events show the next day? NO thank you, I want to see it that night!
You see what I mean. And the dvr can only accommodate two programs at once. So you can’t record 3 things…only two, and you have to be watching one of the two, if you want to watch television, unless you’re watching something that was already previously recorded on the dvr….Oh heavens to Betsy, it makes me crazy thinking about it. And trying to keep the peace, (being the middle child peace keeper by nature), is not easy. Because I see it as a silly argument over two (arguably) silly shows…and I just try to protect Entourage on HBO…luckily I have no challangers…everyone loves Entourage. There you have it. And no, the answer is not a second dvr…not going there. We’re just gonna have to work it out, old school style. Though more trouble lies ahead….people wanting their K-fix will get to follow the other two sisters, on  Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami(yes those are  their real names), as the sisters spinoff their own show. That’s just Krazy. Too much K.